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Tendersniper profile dated October 2022.pdf

  1. Profile and System Functionality October 2022
  2. Overview Introduction System Features Tender Alert Service • Inception, Coverage and Usage
  3. Introduction ⚫ Launched in January 2016 Inception ⚫ Good coverage. Cover almost all e-Tenders published by State goverment, Central government and PSUs ⚫ ~ 4000 websites are routinely scouted to identify manual tenders ⚫ ~ 12000 new tenders are inserted into the portal on a daily basis ⚫ Our team constantly is in the look out for new data sources Coverage
  4. Introduction ⚫ Many reputed corporate entities have subscribed to our services and renewed their subscription for consecutive years ⚫ The Tendersniper portal is actively used by thousands of users on a daily basis Usage
  5. System Features
  6. System Features •8000+ govt agencies are categorized under 100+ sectors •Sector-wise view of the advertised tender is displayed •Bleaching powder (Top sectors) •Police and Defense (19/77) - ~25% •Power (9/77) - ~12% •Urban development (8/77) – ~10% •Our customers can plan their marketing using such market intelligence Sector-wise break-up for Market Intelligence 2 of 2 Artificial Intelligence Based Tender Alert Requirements •The system makes recommendations for related tender alerts based on Artificial Intelligence
  7. System Features – Graphical Analysis Tender results presented as graphs, for better understanding of the market
  8. System Features – Graphical Analysis • Graphical Analysis is easily accessible from semantic search • Different types of graphical analysis provided
  9. System Features – AI Based Suggestions • Auto generated list of related notifications based on Artificial Intelligence
  10. System Features • No restriction on searching Award of contract details • Latest award of contract details pertaining to the configured tender notifications sent by mail, periodically • Customized tender notifications sent by mail, specifically addressing customer’s requirements • Periodicity of the mails can be configured as per customer requirements (e.g. daily, alternate days or weekly) • Semantic search – Relevance based • Plain search – Word based • Unlimited search access – No restrictions on the search keywords Search functionality Email notifications Tender results 1 of 2
  11. System Features • Provision to filter search results based on Purchasing agency, Districts, States, PSUs, Estimate price and Earnest Money Deposit • The user can mark a tender as favorite and view all the favorite tenders at one place • In the favorite tender's page, the user can view the tender results as and when available • A provision to search both live and expired tenders based on Tender ID Individual Tender Search Favorite Tenders Search Filters 2 of 2
  12. System Features Tender ID search Plain, Semantic and Results Search Dept / District filter Estimate filter
  13. System Features Sector Filter AI suggestions
  14. System Features State selection Value and State filters applied Tender published link Mark as Favourite
  15. System Features Snapshot view of the tender information displayed
  16. System Features File and Web view of the mailed notifications
  17. System Features Sample email notification
  18. System Features Manual / e-Tender filter GEM (Include / Exclude) filter
  19. System Features Favourite Tenders
  20. Tender Notification Service
  21. Tender Notification Service • Unlimited access to use the Tendersniper portal within the subscribed States, during the subscription period • Email notification configured as per customer requirements • Notification configured up to 3 email addresses • One-time demonstration of the system features using remote access Includes • Bid submission support is not covered • Tender document downloading support is provided only under exceptional circumstances • The service is governed by Terms and Conditions specified at: Remarks
  22. +91 9148706565