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  2. 1. In gunshot wounds, when there is evident burning of tissues and blackening of the skin, it maybe ascertained that it is at near contact fire meaning that the distance of the body to the gun is approximately, a. 6 inches b. 12 inches c. 18 inches d. 24 inches Ans. A
  3. 2. When there is a choice between several deltas and one of which is a bifurcation, the one to be selected should be the ________. a. Arch b. Core c. Bifurcation d. Eyelet Ans.C
  4. 3. Can all physicians allowed to conduct Autopsy? a. Yes b. no c. never d. False Ans. B
  5. 4. The test used in textile fibers. a. photography b. lie detection c. burning and solubility test d. comparison microscope Ans. C
  6. 5. Branch of Metallurgy that involves the microstructures of metals and alloys. a. Metallography b. alloygraphy c. macro etching d. micro etching Ans. A
  7. 6. Three (3) types of poisons. a. Organic, Inorganic, Biological b. Hypnotic, Sedatives, Laxatives c. Emetics, Biological, Inorganic d. Organic, Sedatives, Biological Ans. A
  8. 7. Antidote for Arsenic Poisoning. a. Thiamine b. Pyridoxine c. Succimer d. Fabahistine Ans. C
  9. 8. “ Did you ever steal anything?” is what kind of questions. a. Relevant b. Irrelevant c. Control d. General question Ans. C
  10. 10. Two (2) persons who tried to destroy there fingerprints a. John Dillenger and Robert James Pitt b. Tom Dillenger and Brad Pitt c. John Denver and Robert James Pitt d. John Denver and Brad Pitt Ans. A
  11. 11. How many fingerprint classification are used internationally? a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5 Ans. B
  12. 12. The Three (3) fingerprint classifications are; Arch, Loops, and ________. a. Tented Arch b. Accidental Whorl c. Whorls d. Ulnar Loop Ans. C
  13. 9. Breaking down of complex proteins into simpler components associated with foul smelling gasses and accompanied by chance in color of the body. a. Putrefaction b. Maceration c. Mummification d. Marbolization Ans. A
  14. 13. In criminal investigation, when we say “bullet”, does it includes pellets? a. Yes b. No c. Never d. Maybe Ans. A
  15. 14. Muzzle velocity of Military firearms. a. 1,850 fps b. 1,925 fps c. 2,500 fps d. 3,500 – 4,000 fps Ans. C
  16. 15. It refers to the actual curve path of projectile from the moment it leaves the gun barrel until it hits the target. (2x question) a. Trajectory b. Velocity c. Stability d. Ricochet Ans. A
  17. 16. If smokeless powder was made from gelatinize nitrocellulose mixed with ether and alcohol, does Black powder contains charcoal and sulfur? a. Yes b. No c. Never d. Maybe Ans. A
  18. 17. These are guns designed to fire only one shot for every loading. (2x question) a. Single-shot firearm b. Bolt action type c. Repeating firearms d. Slide action type Ans. A
  19. 18. In gunshot wounds, which is always greater in appearance? a. Entrance b. Exit c. Contact d. Close Ans. B
  20. 19. In photography, when we say tripod, how many stands are there? a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5 Ans. B
  21. 20. Can rigor mortis determine the time of death? a. Yes b. No c. Never d. Maybe Ans. A
  22. 21. In robbery case. Which is the focus of close up photography? a. valuable materials b. forcible entry c. disarray furniture’s d. broken glass Ans. B
  23. 22. In post-mortem lividity, the blood cannot be transferred even if the body has been moved to another position when the blood is defused in the ____________. a. tissues b. plasma c. Outer skin d. Veins Ans. A
  24. 23. Most common form of asphyxia. a. Strangulation b. hanging c. lynching d. Garroting Ans. A
  25. 24. A condition in which the supply of oxygen to the blood has been reduced below working levels. (5x question) a. Asphyxia b. homicide c.syncope d. Coma Ans. A
  26. 25. Involuntary divergence of the pen line from the natural direction in the formation of letters. a. Tremor b. Hiatus c. Shading d. loose writing Ans. B
  27. 26. First police surgeon or forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy of Julius Caesar. a. Paul Zacchias b. Antistius c. Landsteiner d. Hipocrates Ans. B
  28. 27. How many percent of alcohol is needed to be considered that a person is intoxicated? a.0.05% b. 0.15% c. 0.15% d. 1.05% Ans. A
  29. 28. Used to see stains on clothes that are invisible to a normal light. a. X-ray b. Infrared light c. UV light d. visible lights Ans. B
  30. 29. A little bit better than idiots. a. Imbecile b. Moron c. Moral defficiency d. feebleminded ans. A
  31. 30. What is the purpose of getting the plain impression of the subject? a. For classification purposes b. For verification purposes c. To check the order of the rolled impression d. For comparison purposes Ans. C
  32. 31. The poisonous gas that smells like a rotten egg. a. Hydrogen sulfide b. Sulfur dioxide c. Hydrogen dioxide d. Hydrochloride Ans. A
  33. 32. A violent volatile poison producing an almond odor in vomit’s of the victim. a. Plasma b. Cyanide c. Sulfur d. Lead Ans. B
  34. 33. Another term for Ultra-violet light. a. White light b. Red light c. Black light d. Roentgen Ans. C
  35. 34. It is an adjustable mechanism that regulates the amount of light reaching the film by varying the length of time, and it is consider as the door of the camera. a. Lens b. focusing Ring c. Shutter d. Aperture Ans. C
  36. 35. Sequence of sensitivity of the Three (3) emulsion layers of color film. a. Blue-Green-Red b. Red- Green-Blue c. Green-Red-Blue d. Blue-Red-Green Ans. B
  37. 36. An instrument used to measure the bore diameter of a shotgun. a. Taper gauge b. Helixometer c. Microscope d. Onoscope Ans. A
  38. 37. Covers the surface of the dermis with blunt peg-like formation. a. Epidermis b. Sweat pores c. Dermal papillae d. Sweat gland Ans. C
  39. 38. An instrument used to detect alcohol in human body. a. Alcotest b. Drunkometer c. Breath analyzers d. Intoximeter Ans. C
  40. 39. The morphological constituents of human hair. a. Medulla, Cortex, Cuticle b. Root, Shaft, Tip c. Anagen, Catagen, Telogen d. Refracting index, Birefringence, Density Ans. B
  41. 40. The depression between the ridges which maybe compared with the low areas in a tire tread. a. Core b. Delta c. Furrows d. Sweat pores Ans. C
  42. 41. It is the access to another computer network sites to steal data or sensitive information. a. Hacking b. Cyber spies c. Morphing d. Password sniffers Ans. A
  43. 42. It is a sensitized material that has the primary function of recording the image that is focused upon it by the lens of the camera.(2x question) a. Photographic paper b. Film c. Filter d. Camera Ans. B
  44. 43. A component of a polygraph machine which is used to record the perspiration and breathing of a subject with the aid of a convoluted rubber tube. a. Plethysmograph b. Pneumograph c. Galvanograph d. Kymograph Ans. B
  45. 44. The most typical camera used for police photography. a. Polaroid still camera b. Single lens reflex camera c. Digital camera d. View camera Ans. B
  46. 45. They are considered as the focal points in fingerprint identification. a. Appendage and Upthrust b. Core and Delta c. Recurving ridge and Coverging ridge d. Pattern area and Typelines Ans. B
  47. 46. Black powder as discovered by Chinese Alchemist is consists of a mixture of: a. Gelatinized nitrocellulose with ether and alcohol b. Sulfur, Gelatinized nitrocellulose with ether c. Salt, sulfur and alcohol d. Sulfur, Charcoal and saltpeter Ans. D
  48. 47. How many days after infliction does a “black-eye” can be observed to be turning Purple? a.1-4 days b.4-5 days c. 6-7 days d. 8-9 days Ans. A
  49. 48. A principle in fingerprint which states that the ridge patterns on the digits never change during the life of an individual. a. Principle of Permanency b. Principle of Individuality c. Principle of Infallibility d. Principle of Lividity Ans. A
  50. 49. “Is your mother’s name Magdalena?” is what kind of question? a. Relevant b. Irrelevant c. Control d. General question Ans. B
  51. 50. All fingers are rolled AWAY from the subject’s body except? a. Both Index fingers b. Both Little fingers c. Both Middle fingers d. Both Thumbs Ans. D
  52. 51. Branch of ballistics which involves the study of projectile’s behavior from the time it leaves the gun until it ends its flight. a. Interior Ballistics b. Terminal Ballistics c. Exterior Ballistics d. Transitional Ballistics Ans. C
  53. 52. Regarded as a special form of pen lift disguise in which a perceptible group appears in the writing. a. Diacritic b. Hiatus c. Hesitation d. Tremor Ans. C
  54. 53. These are firearms that propel projectiles with diameter of more than one (1) inch. a. Artillery b. Musket c. Assault rifle d. Cannon Ans. A
  55. 54. There are always two deltas in what fingerprint pattern? a. Ach b. Loop c. Whorls d. Accidental whorl Ans. C
  56. 55. The two types of glass fractures are? a. Radial and Ulnar fractures b. Radial and Concentric fractures c Concentric and emetic fractures d. Plain and one-way fractures Ans. B
  57. 56. A fingerprint characteristics which is free from any obstruction. a. Sufficient recurve/ Recurving ridge b. Insufficient recurve c. Insipient ridge d. diverging ridge Ans. A
  58. 57. In terminal ballistics, it is the depth of bullet penetrating the target. a. Terminal Accuracy b. Terminal Velocity c. Terminal Energy d. Terminal Penetration Ans. D
  59. 58. Firearms are like people that have general and specific characteristics. What firearm characteristics refers to those that can be determined only after a gun is already manufactured? a. Caliber and Model b. Class Characteristics c. Rifling Characteristics d. Individual Characteristics Ans. D
  60. 59. A typewriter defect that can be corrected by cleaning the machine or replacing the ribbon. a. Transitory defect b. Typeface defect c. Alignment defect d. Permanent defect Ans. A
  61. 60. It is the ridge count of the first loop pattern appearing on the fingerprint card except the two little fingers. a. Primary classification b. Secondary classification c. Final Classification d. Key classification Ans. D
  62. 61. It refers to the last stage of toxological examination. a. Quantification b. Microscopic examonation c. Biological d. None of the following Ans. A
  63. 62. Individual characteristics of firearms can be determined even before a gun is manufactured. This statement is- a. True b. False c. Doubtful d. Maybe Ans. B
  64. 63. These are marks found at the extracting groove of the spent shell caused by its withdrawal from the chamber. a. Ejector marks b. Shearing marks c. Extractor marks d. Firing pin marks
  65. 64. Human hair has medullary index of less than ________, and animal hair has a medullary index of greater than _________. a. 0.1, 0.2 b. 0.2, 0.3 c. 0.3, 0.5 d. 0.5, 0.7 Ans. D
  66. 65. This will serve as authority of polygraph examiner to examine the subject as evidence that subject voluntary submits to undergo the test. a. Willingness of the subject to undergo Pre-test in interview b. Willingness of the subject to take the test to prove his innocence c. Willingness of the subject to give his personal data during the pre-test interview d. None of the foregoing Ans. B
  67. 66. When a shot is fired on an automatic pistol by a criminal. a. The empty shells remain within the chamber b. The shell is rarely found at the crime scene c. The shell in most cases will be found at the scene of firing d. The shell is usually disposed by the perpetrator Ans. C
  68. 67. When bullet travels through the body it produces a shock wave which damages the tissue around its path, this is known as – a. Contact b. Close discharge c. Distance charge d. Tissue quake Ans. D
  69. 68. In tented arches, the ridges _________ a. Make a complete circuit b. Makes an obstruction c. Run from one side to another with rise at the center d. Make a backward turn Ans. C
  70. 69. In taking fingerprints, __________ are rolled towards the body of the subject. a. All fingers b. Both thumbs c. Little fingers d. All fingers except thumb Ans. B
  71. 70. If the same digits of both hands are missing, the impressions are held to be __________. a. Dependent on the classification of the print of the other finger b. Dependent on the ridge tracing c. Loops d. Plain whorl, Meeting Ans. D
  72. 71. In the investigation of a rape case, use of ultra violent light is a useful method because- a. Only to establish whether certain stains, after they have been located by some other method. b. To locate stains, but not to establish whether they are semen stains c. Both to locate stains and to establish whether they are semen stains d. Neither for finding nor for determining their nature Ans. B
  73. 72. If a subject has more than ten (10) fingers, the extra finger is printed on the_______ of the fingerprint chart with notation to the effect that same is an extra finger. a. Face b. Other side c. Face, upper corner d. Face, lower corner Ans. B
  74. 73. Discharge shells are initialed at – a. Inside or outside of the case near open end b. On any part of the shell c. Where firing pin strikes d. At the base Ans. A
  75. 74. The retouching of a defective portion of a written stroke is known in questions document examination as – a. Feathering b. Shading c. Retracing d. Patching Ans. D
  76. 75. In case of minor injury affecting only the layer of the friction skin, the injury will not permanently deface the ridge formation provided that the ______ is not affected. a. Dermis b. Epidermis c. Bone of the finger d. Ulna bone Ans. B
  77. 76. A drop of blood which falls from the moving object or person is elongated and the splashes are found to be concentrated around one end of the stain. As a general rule, the splashes and the extension of the drop of blood indicates – a. Fresh blood b. Dried stain c. Direction of movement d. Dead person Ans. C
  78. 77. The identity of two impressions is established primarily through _______. a. Dimensions of pattern b. Similarity of traces c. Unexplained similarity of patterns d. Ridge characteristics and the relative position of these ridge characteristics Ans. D
  79. 78. When inking fingers for the purpose of taking rolled impressions, the fingers must be inked from ______ to base of the joint. a. Base b. Tip c. Second joint d. Third joint Ans. B
  80. 79. Is a kind of fingerprint pattern in which one or more ridges enter on either side of the impression by a recurve, pass out or terminate on the same side as the ridges enter. a. Loop b. Ulnar loop c. Radial loop d. Tented arch Ans. A
  81. 80. A characteristic of post-mortem symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning is a – a. Vary texture and appearance of the skin b. Contorted position of the body c. Pinkish lividity of all part of the body d. Marked protuberance of the eyeballs Ans. C
  82. 81. The English person who coined the term “Photography” in English language. a. William Abney b. William Talbot c. Louis Daguerre d. John F. Herschel Ans. D
  83. 82. In taking mug shots of a suspect who is standing, the camera should be positioned – a. At neck level b. At chest level c. At hips level d. Slightly above the head level Ans. B
  84. 83. This condition mimics rigor mortis when the dead body is exposed to very low temperature. a. Cold stiffening b. Heat stiffening c. Cadaveric spasm d. Instantaneous rigor Ans. A
  85. 84. Evidence which change quickly such as skid marks, the wounds and bruises will heal and disappear before the case comes to trial. Such evidence can be preserved by – a. Pickling method and introduced in court as evidence b. Photographed introduced in court as evidence c. Casting and mould and introduced in court as evidence d. All of the foregoing Ans. B
  86. 85. The type of special kind of death is done by making convict face a firing squad and is put to death by a volley of fire. a. Musketry b. Euthanasia c. Judicial death d. Hanging Ans. A
  87. 86. To be able to make a positive identification of a person, document examiner must be able to observe the – a. Characteristics of his handwriting b. Writing position of the writer c. Manner on how the writer moves the pain d. Distinguishing individual features of his handwriting Ans. D
  88. 87. Writing characterized by too much freedom of movement and lack of regulation which is usually tall letters. a. Loss writing b. Restrained writing c. Genuine writing d. Regulated writing Ans. A
  89. 88. Upon beginning the test, how many seconds should the examiner wait before asking the first question? a. 10-15 b. 15-20 c. 5-10 d. 20-25 Ans. B
  90. 89. A form of sexual perversion where a male individual derives pleasure from wearing the female apparels. a. Homosexuality b. Transexualism c. Tranvestism d. Intersexuality And. C
  91. 90. Portrait parle is correctly defined by which of the following? a. The verbal, accurate, and picturesque description of the person identified b. It is the file of pictures of missing or wanted persons c. The use of anthropometrical measurement of human body as the basis for identification d. It is the used of several evidences to eliminate or include in choice for identification Ans. A
  92. 91. One of the following is considered the “cardinal rule in chart interpretation”. a. Chart makings is the keynote to accurate chart interpretation b. Specific response must form a deviation from norm c. Any change from normal response requires an explanation d. Chart probing shall be done after each chart Ans. C
  93. 92. Maybe defined as the scientific examination of firearms, shell, bullets allegedly used in the commission of a crime. a. Forensic ballistics b. Interior ballistics c. Exterior ballistics d. None of the foregoing Ans. A
  94. 93. DNA is a chemical substance found in all cells and individuals has a unique DNA and only ________ share the same DNA pattern. a. Mother and child b. Father and child c. Mother and father d. Identical twins Ans. D
  95. 94. The restoration of tampered serial numbers can be done by the use of – a. Benzidine solution b. Saline solution c. Etching solution d. Sulfuric acid Ans. C
  96. 95. In ridge tracing, 3 or more ridges above the right delta is considered whorl type of pattern with – a. Inner tracing b. Outer tracing c. Meeting Tracing d. IMO tracing Ans. B
  97. 96. Period of time wherein human bones will not exhibit changes. a. 10 years b. 20 years c. 30 years d. 40 years Ans. B
  98. 97. The tumbling of the bullet in its flight and hitting the target sideways as a result of not spinning on its axis. a. Gyroscopic action b. Key hole shot c. Spinning d. Recoil Ans. B
  99. 98. A wound produced by blunt object/instrument such as log and stone. a. Punctured b. Incised c. Lacerated d. Stab wound Ans. C
  100. 99. A physical injury which is found at the site and also the opposite site of application of force. a. Extensive injury b. Coup injury c. Contre coup injury d. Coup and contre coup injury Ans. D
  101. 100. The light from the pinhole camera will form – a. A halo effect b. A photographic emulsion c. An inverted image d. An emergency ray Ans. C
  102. 101. The simplest of all fingerprint patterns is the – a. Plain arch b. Loop c. Whorl d. Plain whorl Ans. A
  103. 102. It was found out by the authorities in Dactyloscopy that 65% of fingerprint patterns are classified as – a. Whorl b. Loops c. Arches d. Combination of loop and whorl Ans. B
  104. 103. The rifling of a firearm is located inside the barrel. It consist of – a. Raised portion b. Depressed portion c. Lands portion d. Lands and grooves Ans. D
  105. 104. The fingerprint of a person appears on fetus between _________ after conception. a. 100-200 days b. 100-120 days c. 100-220 days d. 100- 150 days Ans. B
  106. 105. Contemporary handwriting standards means that the age of the standard should be within – a. 5 years prior to the date of the questioned document b. 10 years prior to the date of the questioned document c. 8 years prior to the date of the questioned document d. 12 years prior to the date of the questioned document Ans. A
  107. 106. The identification of handwriting is based on the proposition that – a. People are all alike b. People are with different handwriting c. People are all different d. All of the foregoing Ans.B
  108. 107. A type of burn produced as a result of the body come in contact with a moving object. a. Radiation burn b. Electrical burn c. Friction burn d. Thermal burn Ans. C
  109. 108. The marks left on a bullet by a gun barrel are different from those left by any other gun barrel. This fact is most useful in identifying the – a. Direction from which a shot was fired b. Person who fired a particular gun c. Bullet which caused a fatal wound d. Gun from which the bullet was fire Ans. D
  110. 109. In cases of suicide, what would be the noticeable muscular change? a. Cold stiffening b. Heat stiffening c. Instantaneous rigor d. Putrefaction Ans. C
  111. 110. Designed to fired at night which emits a bright flame at its base. a. Tracer bullet b. Zip gun c. Dum-dum d. Blank ammunition Ans. A