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From Smart cities to Intelligent Communities by Agustin Argelich

My presentation about how to build an Intelligent Communities based on Intelligent Community Forum key indicators with special focus on telecom networks and the wishable. characteristics of leadership in the digital era.
It was presented in Ulanqab (Wulanchabu) at Inner Mongolia on June 20th, 2019 at Big Data Innovation and Digital China Construction Development Forum

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From Smart cities to Intelligent Communities by Agustin Argelich

  1. 1. THE INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY MOVEMENT FROM SMART CITIES TO INTELLIGENT COMMUNITIES #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @aargelich Agustin Argelich, Principal consultant Argelich Networks Barcelona (Spain) aac@argelich.com www.argelich.com www.agustinargelich.com
  2. 2. #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @aargelich People are at the heart of a holistic approach to creating more livable communities, enabled by technology Smart City projects make cities work better. Intelligent Communities are different. They seek to make better cities: places large and small, urban and rural, where citizens and employers thrive and prosper in the broadband economy.
  3. 3. #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @aargelich
  4. 4. Let’s consider Gaudi’s thoughts. Introduction to the Digital Era
  5. 5. Let’s take Gaudi’s thoughts Everything comes from the great book of nature.
  6. 6. Networks are the nervous system of any community The nervous system transports different kinds of signs and orders, sounds, images, touch, heat, cold, etc. to our brain An IP telecommunications network transports in a transparent way different kinds of information: voice, data, video, control. We have evolved from separate service-specific networks to a single network. We are moving on to a more efficient and natural solution. Our body make decisions considering as more data as available
  7. 7. #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @aargelich
  8. 8. Leadership The real key factor A right leadership #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @aargelich
  9. 9. Columbus was looking for a different route to India. He was successful because he was open-minded. He was trying to optimize an established procedure. He thought globally. Be open-minded, my friend Leadership Skills for the digital era (I) #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @aargelich
  10. 10. As Gaudi imagined Barcelona’s new Basilica, … … imagine the future. The power of imagination Leadership Skills for the digital era (II) #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @aargelich
  11. 11. We choose to go to the moon (JFK) We are not saying “if we can”, of course we do. We are now talking about: “if we want to”. Are you still thinking technology is a “commodity”, or do you believe in a better future thanks to the right use of technology? Are you still thinking that IT is only a technical issue? Willingness to innovate July 16, 1969, at 10:30 a.m. Apollo XI launch Leadership Skills for the digital era (III) #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @aargelich
  12. 12. How do you feel? Aligned or alienated Leadership is to help others understand why it is clever to be aligned with project objectives Leadership Skills for the digital era (IV) #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @aargelich
  13. 13. You not only can, you must, choose your attitude Attitudes & Aptitudes Leadership is to help others to choose the right attitude Leadership Skills for the digital era (V) #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @aargelich
  14. 14. Excellent organizations “communities” don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change" Tom Peters #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @aargelich
  15. 15. The best technology The best communication between human A great knowledge of each other Better than ever #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @aargelich Free download in English http://bit.ly/2GKxMrG
  16. 16. Agustin ArgelichDigital Technologies International Consultant Leadership & Innovation professor Author & Speaker Member Think Tank Intelligent Community Forum aac@argelich.com www.argelich.com @aargelich www.agustinargelich.com About Me  Born in Barcelona on 1963.  Telecom Engineer by Ramon Llull University (Barcelona)  Professor of leadership at Ingenio School (Lleida University).  Spanish Air Force Lieutenant.  Author of Analyze, Act, Advance, a book about how to build a virtuous cycle of hope, innovation, renewal, and continuous improvement.  Principal consultant of Argelich Networks, an independent digital technology and management consultancy boutique.  For 30 years, I have been leading significant digital technology projects for business and for public entities. Expert in Unified Communications and Collaboration  Technological Director of the IX Paralympic Games Barcelona’92  Member of the Society of Communications Technologies Consultants International. I served as board member for 8 years, 7 as Chairman International Affairs Committee and 2 as Vice President.  Member Think Tank Intelligent Community Forum and of its international jury awarding Intelligent Community of the year.  Member Digital economy committee Circulo de Economia.  Before Olympics, I worked as Telecom Manager in Asco Nuclear Power Plant  I am active member of significant professional and civil society associations.  Married with Mª Eugenia for 30 years, we are parents of 2 daughters and 4 sons. www.sctcconsultants.org www.intelligentcommunity.org