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  1. Green Salad should be plated in ________. •Hot plate • Cold plate • Warm plate • Frozen plate
  2. Why shouldn’t add dressing to green salads until serving? • To incorporate the taste of salad dressing • To become healthier • To avoid being saggy. • None of the above.
  3. Spin-dry the vegetables using salad spinner • TRUE • FALSE
  4. Food should only be stored in its original packaging or in food-grade containers. • TRUE • FALSE
  5. Present your salad messy. • TRUE • FALSE
  6. Dressing is added to give more flavor and moistness to the body of salad. • TRUE • FALSE
  7. It is a cold dish of various mixtures of raw or cooked vegetables, usually seasoned with oil, vinegar, or other dressing and sometimes accompanied by meat, fish, or other ingredients. • Appetizer • Sandwich • Dessert • Salad
  8. The shapes and size of the cuttings of ingredients in preparing salad is not necessary. • TRUE • FALSE
  9. The main part of the salad is called body. • TRUE • FALSE
  10. Mise en place eliminates the chance of culinary disasters that occur from lack of preparation. • TRUE • FALSE
  11. Mise en place is very hard to do. • TRUE • FALSE
  12. Set your ingredients away from your cooking station to keep your place clean. • TRUE • FALSE
  13. This is a French term which means “setting everything in place” and organizing all the materials and ingredients before preparing foods. • Mise en place • Mise n place • Mice in place • Mize en place
  14. When you finished measuring perishable foods, return the excess in the refrigerator or ice chest. • TRUE • FALSE
  15. What kind of knife should be use in cutting ingredients? • Dull • Blunt • Sharp • Flat
  16. Turn the handles of cookware inward on the range. • TRUE • FALSE
  17. Keep paper towels, dish towels, and potholders close to stovetops and oven doors so they won't catch fire. • TRUE • FALSE
  18. Below are the kitchen safety procedures that needs to be followed, except • Wash hands often with the use of water and water. • Rinse all fresh fruits and vegetables before eating using water with soap. • Wipe up spills immediately. • Use knives properly.
  19. Vinaigrette is considered as an example of salad dressing. • TRUE • FALSE
  20. Worcestershire sauce and various kinds of cheeses are example of _________. • Seasoning and flavorings • Oil • Egg yolk • Lemon juice
  21. An essential ingredient in mayonnaise and other emulsifier dressings. • Seasoning and flavorings • Oil • Egg yolk • Lemon juice
  22. Below are the ingredients in making salad dressing, except _________. • Water • Oil • Egg yolk • Lemon juice
  23. These ingredients of salad dressing maybe used in place of or in addition to vinegar in some preparation. • Water • Oil • Egg yolk • Lemon juice
  24. Strongly flavored oil can make excellent salad dressing but not appropriate with every food. • Water • Oil • Egg yolk • Lemon juice
  25. It is a tool used in mixing salad ingredients. • Spoon • Knife • Spatula • Mixing bowl
  26. This tool are the wooden or blocks and acrylic board used for cutting ingredients. • Cutting board • Peeler • Mixing bowl • Salad server
  27. This is a kitchen tool with slotted metal blade attached to a handle that is used to remove the outer skin of vegetables like carrots, and potatoes. • Cutting board • Peeler • Mixing bowl • Salad server
  28. This is a kitchen utensil used to grate foods into fine pieces. • Cutting board • Peeler • Mixing bowl • Grater
  29. This tool is used for salad toppings to be broiled or grilled. • Grill pan • Peeler • Mixing bowl • Grater
  30. This tool has sharp, sturdy stainless- steel blades that use to cut ingredients. • Grill pan • Peeler • Knife • Grater
  31. Make the salad presentation simple not overcrowded. • True • False
  32. Use ingredients that are old, ripe and in season. • True • False
  33. Choose combination of ingredients carefully. • True • False
  34. Salad ingredients must not complement one another. • True • False
  35. Keep foods properly chilled but not ice-cold. • True • False
  36. Why do we need to follow the important consideration in preparing salad? • To produce a good quality of salad. • To produce a nutritious salad. • To produce a clean and crispy salad. • All of the above.
  37. Which of the following statement is FALSE about factors to consider in salad preparation? • The size of cut should be big enough (usually bite size) to be recognized. • Less attractive pieces of fruit should be place on the top of the salad. • Choose combination of ingredients that complement each other. • Don’t over cooked the ingredients.
  38. The following are the important factor to consider in salad preparation, except ________. • Eye appeal • Flavorful • Keep it clean and crispy • Overcooked food
  39. Garnishes should be edible. • TRUE • FALSE
  40. Which of the following is not an example of garnish? • chopped herbs • sliced tomatoes • cabbages • ribbons
  41. Below are the components of salad, except __________. • PLATE • GARNISH • BASE • BODY
  42. It refers to the layer of ingredients placed on the plate or plater to give definition to the salad. • PLATE • GARNISH • BASE • BODY
  43. It improves appearance, adds color, flavor and appeal of salad that sometimes placed on top of the salad. • PLATE • GARNISH • BASE • BODY
  44. This is the part of the salad that contains the main ingredients of salad that include vegetables, fruits, meat, and pasta. • PLATE • GARNISH • BASE • BODY
  45. This is a seasoned liquid or semi liquid added to the body of the salad to give added flavor, tartness, spiciness, and moistness. • SALAD DRESSING • GARNISH • BASE • BODY
  46. This salad uses gelatin products that are made with sweetened prepared mixes with artificial color and flavor. • Appetizer salad • Fruit salad • Green salad • Gelatin salad
  47. This salad must be green, fresh, clean, crisp and cold and well drained. • Appetizer salad • Fruit salad • Green salad • Gelatin salad
  48. This type of salad has tangy flavorful dressing; and attractive, appetizing appearance. • Appetizer salad • Fruit salad • Green salad • Gelatin salad
  49. Salad ingredients like apples, orange, papaya and mangoes are examples of ________. • Fruits • Miscellaneous • Protein foods • Starches
  50. This are pickles/canned ingredients like pickled asparagus, cucumber, mushrooms, etc. • Fruits • Salad greens • Canned Vegetables • Raw vegetables
  51. Dried beans, potatoes, macaroni and croutons are ingredients of salad are examples of _______. • Fruits • Salad greens • Starches • Protein
  52. Meats like chicken, beef or even egg are also an ingredient of salad that belongs to ________. • Fruits • Salad greens • Starches • Protein foods
  53. This ingredient od salad includes vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, sprouts and other green leafy vegetables. • Fruits • Salad greens • Starches • Protein foods

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  2. BASE
  4. BODY
  5. BODY
  6. BODY