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FixSus - Folder TP10

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FixSus - Folder TP10

  1. 1. 4 3 2 1 0,0°C 100,00 100,00 0,0°C Are you searching for a creative solution to make measurements and have flexible control in a building ?! Our philosophy is that a good building automation sys- tem should always guarantee the comfort you need. To achieve this, several measurements are necessary in different areas. However, people experience increased comfort when they have some control over the system. Withthisinmind,wedevelopedasustainableandelegant all-in-one touch panel (recessed and surface mounted) for a perfect fit with Beckhoff PLCs called “TP 10”. Measuring: VOC, eCO2, Temperature, RH, Dew Point & Light Visualisation: WHITE leds per button & RGB leds over whole panel Control with capacitive touch buttons Wemadethedesignsustainable,whichiswhywedidn’t choose for a design with batteries nor LCD-screen. On top of that the DIOC I/O communication makes it pos- sible to change the front panel without programming so it’s easy to change icons and functionality. There is also a version without touch buttons/LEDs if only measurements are wanted : it’s called Roomanalyzer “RA”. These devices form the basis of each modern building automation system. Office: Holstraat 17, 9940 Ertvelde, Belgium Riemesteenweg 107, 9940 Ertvelde, Belgium +32 (0)9 393 46 00 www.fixsus.be/harware | hardware@fixsus.be More information: www.fixsus.be/en/hardware forum.fixsus.be HARDWARE One building One system Designed for
  2. 2. Designed for Made in Belgium Implementing DIOC into TWINCAT Step 1: add “DIOC Library” to the project Step 2: Change the cycletime Step 3: Implement the new visualisations Step 4: Change system manager settings Manual on: https://forum.fixsus.be/ Printing icons on demand https://printing.fixsus.be/ Touch DIOC: Digital Input & Output Communication TP10 (not for RA) • Glass Touch Panel with 10 touch buttons • Tap detection for quick control • Full configurable through DIOC © interface in TwinCAT • White LED indication/feedback for each touch button (dimmable) • RGB LED mode indication on glass plate • Adjustable audible click on actuation Integrated MEASUREMENT (TP10 and RA): 1. Temperature sensor +/-0.3°C 2. Relative humidity 0..100% 3. VOC (air quality) 400..2000 ppb 4. eCO2 (carbon dioxide) 0..2000 ppm 5. Light 0..50000 LUX 6. Dew Point 0..40 °C Specifications: • Dimensions : Recessed version : 87x87x8(mm) in standard cavity wall mounting box or mounting box with screw fixing. Surface mounted version : 87x87x14(mm) • Cabling: 3 wires 0.8mm, no shielding required • Made for E-Bus Cost Reduction Fast Commissioning Easy Service • Simple (I/O) point to point • Standard cabling • No external power supply • No addresses, no numbering • Centralized logic