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Uber News – Uber now offers helicopter services in Sao Paolo due to traffic congestion!

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Uber launched the beta run of its Uber Copter services in Sao Paola, Brazil and its surrounding regions with the motive to avoid severe traffic congestion faced in this city of 20 million people. They have successfully built the world’s first truly on-demand helicopter services to the travelers who really need it. This is definitely a fine piece of Uber news.
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Uber News – Uber now offers helicopter services in Sao Paolo due to traffic congestion!

  1. 1. Uber News – Uber now offers helicopter services in Sao Paolo due to traffic congestion! Good news for all the people of Sao Paulo who are facing severe traffic congestions as this Uber news is definitely going to bring a smile on your face. Uber is now launching the Uber helicopter services in the city where the promotional offer is said to be near $26. This San Francisco-based ride-hailing company has selected Sao Paolo only because it is considered to be a huge financial hub of 20 million people today. They have already begun testing its helicopter services also known as UberCopter. It has initiated its services at events such as Cannes Film Festival, Coachella and Bonnaaroo music festivals from the nearest US airports. This city of Brazil today has become the first in the world where Uber has launched these chopper rides between decided airports, hotels and convention centres. Why was this service initiated? Today, this city has 400 aircraft and numerous helipads and this is why the idea of starting such services came into mind. The huge traffic congestion and an
  2. 2. excessive number of cars on the roads gave Uber this idea of recruiting willing drivers for such services. Reaching a place that is destined at 2 km would take nearly 1 to 3 hours respectively. These promotional prices kept changing for a lift from Helicentro Morumbi, one of the city’s richest neighbourhoods to the Blue Tree Hotel which is nearly 6 km through a chopper.A ride from the Blue Tree Faria Lima to the International Airport will cost around 271 reais during the phase of promotion. In case you wish to travel to these locations, better get ready to face a huge traffic congestion that might take 3 to 4 hours to reach your destination. Once these services get into action, Uber aims to get at least a helicopter ride 5 times compared to the standard use. At the moment, this pilot program launched connects four airports and five helipads in total which is also considered to be one of the biggest steps ever taken by Uber in their entire career. These services were initiated in collaboration with the Airbus Group last January. What about the cost of the rides? Uber has not yet decided about the prices calculated for every ride that takes place but the promotional offer rates have already been released by them. They have still yet to decide on the total number of helicopters that would fly in the city. The locations and destinations have been decided and finalized for the time being. The total cost of getting a helicopter is around $3000. The prices will be shown to the user right before they place a request for a trip through these helicopter services. After logging in, the user will have to apply for a flight and will then receive a text message containing information about accessing a certain helipad. Once all this processing is completed, an Uber black will come to take the user to the helipad and pick up the user from the destination for which there will be separate prices. Looking at this Latest Uber News, Spanish rival Cabify has also launched three flight providers and plans to offer the same concept of helicopter rides by the end of the year. If you have been motivated by this piece of Uber news and wish to launch your own uber helicopter ride app, then the time to strike is now. Get in touch with a reputed developer and get your app designed.