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On Demand Delivery App

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start an on-demand multiple services business with 100% source code with complete setup documentation.for more info: https://www.gojekclone.com/send-app

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On Demand Delivery App

  1. 1. On Demand Delivery App www.gojekclone.com
  2. 2. The pivotal role of a delivery service in any business ★ Since the concept of mobile technology, and the subsequent launch of Uber technology, there have been numerous apps that have been developed and launched across the globe. However not every app that is launched is successful. ★ Only the ones that have smart essential features that give customers the perfect and completely hassle free experience will remain in the rat race. The rest just fade out without even a whimper. On demand delivery apps are what have set the current trend and model for any delivery business. www.gojekclone.com
  3. 3. Why on demand delivery apps are successful Providing a quick, convenient and efficient deliver service within a given time limit is what has set these apps apart from the rest. Listed below are some of the reasons why on demand delivery apps are very successful. ★ Easy to use ★ Quick transport service at economical rates ★ Convenient with real time tracking facility ★ Automated and effortless payment system ★ A service that is transparent and very much visible ★ Push notifications ★ Quick execution of orders www.gojekclone.com
  4. 4. Industries that rely on on-demand delivery apps ★ Food and drink industry ★ Package delivery ★ Home service ★ Transportation delivery ★ Grocery ★ Retail and e-commerce ★ The key components of any successful on demand delivery app are the customer mobile app, the courier app and the admin web panel for the overall management of the whole workings. www.gojekclone.com
  5. 5. How to scale and retain your business ★ Coming up with an unique idea and designing the app and launching it is just the first phase of your on demand delivery business. However you need to ensure that you are on top of things at all times, and have a planned marketing strategy that will help you get bigger and better in your business. Loyalty program ★ Your customers will love you all the more if you offer a bonus for using your service, maybe one free delivery for every five deliveries or something like that. The one off free service will also not break your bank. www.gojekclone.com
  6. 6. Personalized push notifications ★ Push notifications are a good way of letting your customers knows that you are very much live and kicking. They are a great marketing tool that will help your business stay on top of your clients’ minds. Tracking of user activities ★ Rely on the statistics that your app is providing. See what features are being used more than others. This way you will tend to learn a lot about consumer behavior and be able to provide a more efficient service. www.gojekclone.com
  7. 7. Seek out opinion leaders ★ We usually tend to listen and believe the people we respect. This psychological phenomenon can be used to scale your business. Get in touch with trendsetters who are in a similar business to yours and give it a try. ★ Developing an on demand delivery app requires skill, expertise and experience in abundance, not to forget knowledge. That is why a good developer is highly recommended because he can give you an app that will be able to take, and maybe even beat the competition you will get from the already established in the industry. www.gojekclone.com
  8. 8. Thank You.. sales@gojekclone.com +1 (858) 427-0668(Worldwide) +44 (0) 203-372-4509(United Kingdom) https://www.gojekclone.com/send-app