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Social Media Strategy

  1. First, a big thanks to: Jeremy Flint (@jeremyflint) IPSA (@ipsaonline) Shift Workspace (@ShiftWorkspace) For hosting this presentation on " June 4, 2009.
  2. Social Media Clients
  3. So why create a " social media strategy?
  4. Without a clear direction, " social media can pull you " in all directions.
  5. Clear goals and realistic expectations can help avoid: Wasted time Wasted effort Backlash Social media fatigue Missed opportunities
  6. It starts with asking yourself a few tough questions.
  7. Question 1: What are you after?
  8. Sales? Client leads? Awareness? Proving your brand? Buzz? Thought leadership?
  9. Can you distill your " social media mission down to" one sentence?
  10. "Anything that creates positive lasting memory is customer service." — Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO
  11. Zappos live chat excerpt: (done entirely in 3rd person) Timmy: Timmy thanks Jonathan for good help. Jonathan: Jonathan welcomes Timmy. Can Jonathan do anything more for Timmy? Timmy: no that is all timmy needs Timmy: timmy happy Jonathan: Good. Does Timmy have an account set up with Zappos yet? Jonathan: Jonathan will upgrade Timmy’s account. Source:
  12. “Humanize the Ford brand and put consumers in touch with Ford employees." — Scott Monty, Ford Motor Co.
  13. "Instill trust in the brand, and highlight that the people behind the brand are parents too.” — Lindsay Lebresco, Graco
  14. A core philosophy gives you a daily focus and helps define your goals.
  15. Question 2: How will you know " if it’s working?
  16. Social media gives you a chance to set metrics that " suit your philosophy.
  17. Graco’s mission: Reach 1,000,000 parents online
  18. What can be measured? Blog posts Inbound traffic Reader comments Clickthroughs Twitter mentions Video views Twitter followers Channel subscribers Facebook fans Video embeds Links SlideShare views RSS subscribers Tags Google trends Diggs Alexa rankings Stumbles Search results App downloads Nielsen BuzzMetrics Podcast subscribers
  19. What about impressions? CPM? Those still have a place, especially in winning over " the old guard.
  20. Measurement tools: There are lots out there. My favorite? Google Docs.
  21. Most data can be easily tracked and graphed with simple spreadsheets.
  22. Once your scope (and budget) expands, consider paid monitoring services such as Radian6.
  23. Question 3: Who’s responsible for reaching these goals?
  24. Social media is a murky mix of PR, marketing, interactive, customer service and more. But try to make it everyone’s job, and it becomes no one’s job.
  25. Now’s the time to " take ownership, " take responsibility and take the credit.
  26. Social media will never be " a real part of your business " until it’s included in job descriptions and expectations.
  27. Set your goals and live by them, even if they seem arbitrary at first. Prove to your colleagues that this is work, not screwing around.
  28. Question 4: What’s in it for your customers?
  29. Corporate social media is hollow if it doesn’t create some sort of valuable content for the reader.
  30. Provide your customers with insight, sneak peeks, discounts, support, a good laugh, etc. Make yourself worthy of their time (and, hopefully, their money).
  31. Question 5: Where do you go from here?
  32. Once you build momentum, " don’t squander it. Use your successes to justify bigger budgets, more staffing and cooler projects.
  33. And once you’re a blogillionaire, don’t forget the little people, like…