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Newsletter April 2011

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Newsletter April 2011

  1. 1. Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de Rosario April 2011_____________________________________________________________________________Dear Member,In this issue of our monthly newsletter, find the 35th Anniversary logo created by Marta Masía,one of our EC members.Asamblea General Ordinaria (Annual General Meeting)The Annual General Meeting took place on April 9th following the agenda forwarded tomembers in advance.After the confirmation of minutes of the previous AGM, APrIR President Prof. Graciela Castellipresented the Annual Report, and Treasurer Prof. Leda Siburu submitted her report and theaudited Financial Statement. Both were approved by the members present.During the meeting attendees received several presents. Decisions were made after debating thedifferent topics, and the annual fee was agreed upon.The EC would like to show their appreciation to the members who attended the meeting andcontributed their opinions and suggestions. Sharing your views with the EC allows us to improveon our work and satisfy your needs and expectations better.Annual FeeThe Annual General Meeting established the fee for active members for 2011 to be $160 (onehundred and sixty pesos), payable in one or two instalments.There will be a special "early bird" discount for those who cancel their dues in full before May31st at our office or through online payment or bank transfer. If you choose this option
  2. 2. you will only pay $140 (one hundred and forty pesos). This special offer is not applicable if youask for the fee to be collected at your place.NEW!!!!: There will be a special fee for retired members: $120 (one hundred and twentypesos) in one or two installments, regardless of the method of payment chosen. Proof ofretirement status is required.Let us remind you of payment methods:a) On-line transfer or bank deposit: Banco Nación Suc. 3020- Rosario CBU Nº 01104442/40044427146462 Cuenta Corriente Especial Nº de cuenta: 444271464/6 Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de RosarioCUIT: 30-6805210-9b) Cuenta Digital: Claim your payment slip at aprir.cd@gmail.com and then cancel it viaRapipago, Pagofácil, etc.c) Postal order or cheque payable to LEDA NOEMÍ SIBURUd) Ask for the fee to be collected at your place. New Members We’d like to give a warm welcome to these new members, who have joined us in the last few months: Natalia Birardi Ingrid Feldman Mariana Hernandez María Noel Legaspi Cecilia Mellano Cecilia Milesi Damián Poratti María Cecilia Sobreville María Guillermina Sonnet Raquel Vergara Oroño
  3. 3. Recent activitiesMarch 12th: APIBA – APrIR Webinar for Teacher Associations: “Marketing and Fundraising for TAs” with the support of FAAPI and the British CouncilOur first online joint venture with APIBA was a success. The webinar had 35 enrolments from6 FAAPI Teacher Association Affiliates and one from UruTESOL. Twenty teachers from thefollowing Argentinian TAs were represented: APrIR, APIBA, APIM and APIBB, as well as oneUruTESOL member.We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Analia Kandel, APIBA President, for herenlightening presentation and to all the participants for their enthusiasm. Analia shared extremelyinteresting materials and discussed her topic clearly and thoroughly. She allotted the last part ofthe presentation to "Collaborative problem solving", and the interaction flourished. A number ofissues were raised and the need for opportunities to interact among sister associations wasemphasised. As a by-product of the webinar , participants decided to create an online spacewhere to share projects and concerns. It is open now athttps://groups.google.com/group/espacio-de-colaboracion?hl=es. All teachers who aremembers of FAAPI affiliates are welcome to join in.Whether you were present at the webinar and would like to review it , or you had enrolled butcouldnt make it at the last minute , you can watch the recording by simply following this linkhttp://tinyurl.com/marketingTAOur gratitude goes once again to FAAPI and the British Council for making this event possible.Lets hope we can continue interacting to help our associations grow together.
  4. 4. March 31st 8.30 pm: Chatting MealAdvanced students and teachers got together to have a friendly chat over a delicious hot mealat Café de la Música with Profs. Julieta de Zavalía and María del Carmen Fernández Beitía.All participants contributed to creating a convivial atmosphere and the activities proposed led tospirited discussions and good fun.The next Chatting Meal will take place in the last week in April at 5ta Avenida (San Luis betweenBalcarce and Moreno). Don’t miss it! Unfortunately, we cannot have more than 15 people persession. Watch out for enrolment details. (Members: $60; non-members: $70)__________________________________________________________________2011 FAAPI Conference Check out the new website created by APIT for the September Conference: http://www.faapitucuman.com.ar/ You can download the Call for Papers from the site. Bear in mind it closes on April 29th. You may also be interested in the following information about fees. FAAPI member Students Non FAAPI member Early bird (till May 6) $260 -- -- From May 7 to June 6 $340 -- $460 From June 7 $400 $350 $540__________________________________________________________________
  5. 5. State education The APrIR Executive Committee submitted a letter to the FAAPI Committee expressing its concern over the recent decisions in different provinces to appoint unqualified personnel as teachers of English, and requesting that this issue be addressed in the Annual General Meeting of all FAAPI affiliates to be held in Córdoba on April 30th. We are pleased to inform you that Prof. Dr. Daniel Fernández, FAAPI President, promptly accepted our request “dada la importancia que reviste para la profesionalización de nuestro campo disciplinar”As regards language policy in Santa Fe, APrIR has joined the online forum of foreign andindigenous language teachers at http://www.ispbrown.ceride.gov.ar/virtual/login/index.php. If youwould like to join it, contact us for access details.In addition, our Vicepresident, Prof. María del Carmen Fernández Beitía, together withrepresentatives of institutions and associations of our city, met with reporter Marcela Isaíasfrom La Capital newspaper. The summary of the discussion can be found athttp://www.lacapital.com.ar/ed_educacion/2011/4/edicion_105/contenidos/noticia_0019.html__________________________________________________________________CALL SIG Coordinated by Mary Di Mónaco (marydimonaco@gmail.com) Monthly meetings to experiment with the new technologies and think of ways to use them to enhance our teaching practice. Teachers who own a laptop or netbook may choose to work on them. Fee: $10 for Members - $25 for non-MembersLAST SATURDAY of the month, at 9.30. Venue: Zeballos 1220 (cybercafé), 528-3228.First meeting: April 30thWorkshops:Remember they are free of charge for APrIR members. Non-members: $20. Please contact thecoordinators to sign up. Reading for Pleasure, coordinated by Nora Séculi, noraseculi@express.com.ar Monthly meetings, in which to read, analyze and discuss short stories, poems or plays, according to the preferences of the group. SECOND TUESDAY of the month, from 4 to 6 pm.
  6. 6. Teaching Tips: Conversations about our Practice, coordinated by Graciela Castelli. Venue: AprIR. First Wednesday of the month at 9 am. Enrol in advance by writing to graciela.teachingtips@yahoo.com.arTopic for May: How to create a sensible test__________________________________________________________________Forthcoming activitiesMay Teas and Fashion Come and taste different kinds of teas and watch a unique fashion parade, introducing the work of advanced students of Fashion Design. When?: Friday, May 20th, 6 pm. Where?: Instituto Superior San Bartolomé, Tucumán 1257. Fee: $20, members and non-members. Bring round your friends and relatives! A crash course with Rita Zeinstejer Integration of the Internet into Language Learning II Three Workshops, covering social bookmarking, blogging, wikis, digital storytelling, moviemaking and more!June (details to come) Bloomsday Bloomsday is a commemoration observed annually on June 16th in Dublin and elsewhere to celebrate the life of Irish writer James Joyce and relive the events in his novel Ulysses, all of which took place on the same day in Dublin in 1904. A special event is being planned at St Patricks’s School. You may want to watch this video, which explains the existence of such a celebration. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTTElzmm0GA&feature=related__________________________________________________________________August 19th - 20thIn celebration of our anniversary, APrIR will offer an academic event. APrIR Seminar: "Teaching and learning together: 35 years and counting"
  7. 7. Venue: UCELOur speakers will broach interesting topics of their expertise, with a selection of 2.0 technologygeared talks and non-technology ones. All talks will be held f2f, on Friday evening andSaturday morning and afternoon. Confirmed speakers to date: Cristina Thomson de Grondona White Cecilia Acquarone Malena Botto Carla Raguseo Silvia Rivero Raquel Vergara Oroño Florencia Viale Rita Zeinstejer A very special fee for AprIR members More details coming soon!__________________________________________________________________SeptemberTeacher’s DayWe are planning a get-together to celebrate both APrIR’s birthday (September 4th) and Teacher’sDay. More details to come.OctoberSession with Viviana Valenti (f2f). Details to come.__________________________________________________________________ News from our membersProf. Nora Lilián Séculi, APrIRs Honorary President, delivered a talk entitled: Mary Shelley y suobra Frankenstein. It was organised by Asociación Literaria “Nosotras” and was held on April12th at Biblioteca del Club Español, Rioja 1052, Rosario.Note: If you are an APrIR member and you are giving a presentation, please keep us postedby filling in this form:https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dHMxMTgxVnhYdjFpR2luM2hiTEFwUFE6MQWe will be delighted to share the information in our Newsletter.__________________________________________________________________
  8. 8. Your Voices:Join Professor Jeremy Harmer - and many others already - in celebrating APrIR’sanniversary!You can send a greeting to our association on its anniversary by mail or email, or you can leavean audio / video message at: http://voicethread.com/?#u1642534.b1734523 Check the MarchNewsletter for detailed instructions to use Voicethread. We would love to hear your voices! An appeal to membersAn association is only as strong as its membership. You dont need to be an EC member to helpAPrIR grow. “Although it would be naïve to think of all members as fully active members, it is important to tell people at the moment of affiliation that the association runs on voluntary work, and this makes all members volunteers. Therefore, each member should be willing to do their share of work for the association. Inviting colleagues to the association, posting the associations news to the bulletin board at their schools are just a few of the simple, almost effortless acts that members can do for their association, yet a great help if we all do it.” Developing an Association for Language Teachers - An Introductory Handbook - Third edition (IATEFL) 2006 http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/sites/teacheng/files/IATEFL_handbook.pdfProf. Carla Raguseo created the Voicethread file and invited Prof. Harmer to record his greeting.Prof. Valeria Virga is contributing to the organisation of APrIr’s Seminar to be held in August.Prof. Carina Strappa has agreed to help organize social and cultural events for teachers who maynot be in practice at the moment but wish to keep up their English or their cultural knowledge.Prof. Valquiria Fazzi has also agreed to help us organize events for the younger teachergeneration.We thank all of them for their contribution to our association!Would you like to coordinate a workshop? Do you have a pet project that APrIR can helpbring to life? Can you persuade some friends to join? We are sure we can count you into contribute in some way. Contact us, please. If you are not a member yet, why don’t you join us?Take advantage of our special offer: 5 x 4: Every five colleagues enrolling together, only fourpay. Total: $640.Complete the online form at http://tinyurl.com/29fdqywThen scan your certificate and email a copy to aprir.cd@gmail.comOr else drop by APrIRs office.
  9. 9. Useful information:Our office hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 pm to 7 pm. Corrientes 1323 (P.B.) Rosario.Our telephone number is: (0341) 153-983562 Outside office hours, please leave a message.You may also contact us via email: aprir.2009@yaho.com.ar (about general matters) aprir.cd@gmail.com (for administrative matters)Remember to follow us online Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/APrIR/127774673899632?ref=ts , Twitter: http://twitter.com/aprir http://groups.google.com.ar/group/aprir Enrolment for eventsA note about enrolment:You may have realised that there are different ways of signing up for activities and events.1) APrIR’s Secretary, at our headquarters2) At bookshops, as indicated in each case3) Automatic, by following the link and filling in the on-line form. As soon as you click on ‘send’, your namegets registered on a spreadsheet which we view immediately. This is a very safe kind of enrolment. These institutions support APrIR: Are you a Director of Studies? Contact us to find out how your institution can also support APrIR. Write to aprir.cd@gmail.com APrIR is your association. Take pride in belonging.