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Appromoters presentation2

  1. Guaranteed Success for your app!
  2. We are a one-stop-shop mobile app marketing company specialized in data-driven & out of the box solutions for mobile apps & games. With more than 15 years of experience in the mobile industry, we know how it is to fail AND to succeed. We have taken all the learnings from our experiences and applied it to our unique strategy model and advertising technology. We have a proven track record building highly engaged app communities for customers such as izi.TRAVEL, Telegraaf Media Group & Crystal Ad Blocker. Your success is the basis for our long-term cooperation, that’s why we focus on very clearly outlined KPI’s, measurable goals and within-budget strategies guaranteeing long-term results. Who are Appromoters?
  3. The mobile app industry is competitive! • There are almost 2 million apps in the two biggest App-stores • 2000 new apps added to the App-stores every day • 27.3% Year on year industry growth • 80% of apps are not successful • Less than 1% of all apps are profitable • Consumers can’t find the right apps, app companies can’t find the right users Our goal: get your app into the successful 20% and 1% of profitable apps!
  4. What’s your strategy? The Astronaut package For apps just starting out The Rocket package For apps that are ready to take off The Space package For apps that are ready to scale No matter what stage you are with your app, be it pre-launch, already launched or looking to scale it globally, Appromoters has a strategy catered to each stage, budget and pre-defined targets. Our strategies are tried and tested and we are so confident in our methods that we guarantee results!
  5. Start tracking & measuring your users We advise, assist and help you setup your data structures in order to start measuring your download & media campaigns. This gives you key insights about your acquired users and their activity.
  6. Maximize your conversions With a website you can have hundreds of landing pages, with your app you only have 1. Every aspect of it has to be fully optimized in order to convert the users that land on your page! Most important factors: • App icon • Reputation • Volume • Video & Screenshots • Description text (summary) • Sentiment score
  7. Get found in the App-stores We apply the most current App Store Optimization (ASO) techniques including an optimized title, keywords and description text for both App-stores. These techniques are determined based on our extensive keyword research & analysis. Instagram competes against Twitter in the search results but Twitter does not compete against Instagram!
  8. Push your app into the top charts Reaching the top 25 ranking position for your app is ideal for any app launch as well as bringing new life to your existing community. Your app’s reach will thrive from the app store rankings. Virality and organic search traffic will result in increased long term daily downloads. Our client izi.TRAVEL reached a Top 10 ranking in the App Store Overall Top Charts within Germany
  9. Get quality users through mobile platforms We focus on multiple platforms & methods: • Facebook, Twitter & Instagram’s ad platforms • Mobile websites & apps through Appromoters Global Advertisement network • Top influencers with a huge (global) reach on Social Media Through hyper-targeted campaigns on social media platforms we are able to acquire the most engaged, loyal and most importantly converting users. Every app is different and our experience in distinguishing which channels suit each client best, combined with tailored creative separates us from the competition.
  10. Get free users through organic strategies Getting the right paid users is one thing, but growing organically is the success factor of your app marketing strategy and long-term results. By getting organic installs through the 4 different factors you will be able to achieve a very cost effective Cost Per Install price which provides you the opportunity to scale. “This is Appromoters’ unique model; we don’t just focus on paid methods, we make sure that for every Euro you spend on acquiring users, you’ll get an X factor of organic downloads on top of it reducing your Cost per Install (CPI) price to an interesting Effective Cost per Install price (eCPI)”
  11. Build a sustainable app community We do this by: • Campaign optimizations: target active users based on previous campaign results • Retargeting on multiple platforms to reactivate your current user base • Retention tool integrations partners for location based push notifactions Marketing has always been more than acquiring new users but also keeping them engaged and retaining them. Within mobile app marketing, the engagement and retention of users is of the utmost importance. We always keep this methodology at the forefront of all our campaigns and have a track record of netting the “whale” users that provide a high life time value.
  12. Success Cases “We approached Appromoters after receiving poor results with 2 other marketing companies. The complete solution they offered resulted in izi.TRAVEL becoming the #1 tourist app in both App stores. They exceeded our high expectations so we highly recommend them.” Marina van Dansik - Business Developer at izi.TRAVEL
  13. Why choose us? • More than 15 years of experience in the mobile industry • We are the only company in the world that provides all app marketing services and strategies into one full solution • 3 internal key values focusing on optimal performance for our clients • We have an international team of marketing experts working from our Amsterdam and Los Angeles offices
  14. Pre-launch, launch or growth package?
  15. Your app is in good hands with us, Success guaranteed!