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Listening persiapan un sma 2013

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Listening persiapan un sma 2013

  1. 1. 1 Listening Persiapan UN SMA 20131. a. at supermarket b. at department store c. at a drugstore d. at a car repair shop e. at the doctor’s office2. a. the woman has fallen in loving again b. the woman has seen the movie jatuh cinta lagi c. the woman does not know about of the move jatuh cinta lagi d. the woman has been talking the move jatuh cinta lagi e. the woman hates the move jatuh cinta lagi3. a. she got up later than usual b. the bus was late c. she forgot her class d. her clock was wrong e. she did not the clock4. a. he will give her full marks for it b. he will make sure that the woman is all right c. he does not what his partner did d. he wants her to do the experiment again e. he will check to see what is wrong5. a. no because the table is not for sale b. yes, because he has plenty of money c. yes, if he borrow the money from the woman d. no, because he did not bring enough money e. yes, because he has Rp.500.0006. a. she is absolutely sure that she knows susan yahya b. she is doubtful whether or not she knows susan yahya c. she has known yahya for a long time d. she does not know susan yahya all
  2. 2. 2 e. she pretends not to know susan yahya7. ____________________________________8. ____________________________________9. ____________________________________10. ___________________________________11. a. the government’s policy b. the high standard c. the education standard in Indonesia d. the controversy over the national examination e. the high school students12. a. astir supports the government’s plan b. Wahyudi does not object to the government’s plan c. there has been a controversy over the government’s plan d. there have been pro and contra opinions about the government’s plan e. the government plans the national education13. a. the difference between spiders and insect b. the description of spiders c. how spiders breed d. the living space of spiders e. how spiders live14. a. to amuse and entertain the reader with problematic events b. to tell the readers what really happened in the past c. to present information about a current issue d. to explain how spiders catch their victims e. to describe spiders15. a. at a government agency b. on a personal phone c. at a recorder studio d. on an intercom e. at the radio station