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24 de mayo

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la calle 24 de mayo en la ciudad de Loja país de Ecuador, se a constituido en la zona rosa donde se puede ver a la juventud acudir ya sea para comer, divertirse o simplemente pasar el rato.

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24 de mayo

  1. 1. 24 de Mayo street Maria Fernanda Granda Wilson Carri�n
  2. 2. Look for internet
  3. 3. As the food's places are increasing on the 24 de Mayo street, more and more young man are seek to the good place for test a delicious food. Some of them choose to eat on a rustic house only after they have search in internet or some friend give a good recommendation. However, many young men actually would rather go at pink zone with small restaurants and test a traditional or international food. In my opinion, there are several reasons that account for increasing interest in visit that place of the city.
  4. 4. Businness
  5. 5. Firstly,the 24 de mayo street is made up of many local business. We are surrounded by banks, restaurants, discotheques, hotels and bars. It is not surprising that many people have grown to love this neighborhood. In order to be able to spend more time near the friends or relatives. Many of them spend their whole time on the 24 de mayo street.
  6. 6. Recreation center
  7. 7. Secondly,some young people face difficult moments. They want to get as far away from these problems as possible. The 24 de mayo street and La pileta becomes a popular means of escape.
  8. 8. Prices
  9. 9. Finally, young people are naturally advantageous. They love to explore new places. The 24 de Mayo Street offer a differents environments for all pockets, They enjoy the excitement that comes with this all days of weeks.