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Writing better creative briefs

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*Update: This deck was originally intended to be the start of a blog....but actually became more of a planning/strategy/creative sharing forum ' non-vanilla'. Feel free to join in here: https://bit.ly/2sHjxto

A presentation I put together for my junior planners to help establish the fundamentals of creative brief writing. Far from exhaustive and purely dealing with foundational principles, but a solid starting point.

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Writing better creative briefs

  1. 1. Hi. I used to write a blog about advertising ages ago. It was called AdGrads but I somehow lost interest and I fell out of love with it. Whether it was because at the time I was running out of things to say or I was busy trying to focus getting my head around planning I’m not sure. Probably both. Now, quite a few years later I’m somewhat more (happily) battered and bruised from planning with a bit more to say and with a bit more authority to say it. Rather than a well thought out space and agenda, this time around is going to be more of a chaotic jumble of things I find useful. Things and thoughts I like to play around with, more of a Toy Box than a professional bog I guess. To kick things off I thought I’d share this presentation I put together for my junior planners and account managers (though really it’s applicable for all depts) regarding writing the creative brief. It remains one of the oldest and most useful tools (toys) in the box and regardless of where you work will need to grasp the fundamentals. The following slides are just that, the fundamentals. It’s far from exhaustive especially given the need for integrated solutions. However, I strongly believe in getting the foundations right and this is what this created to do. The examples used are TV centric and may seem dated. The reason being that they are able to quickly demonstrate the point and are solid executions from solid briefs. Hopefully I’ll get around to a more integrated version at some point. All of which you read (I have tried to keep slides text light, so this slide is bothering me) are my own views and conclusions and not of the agency I work at. Finally and more importantly I hope you find it interesting, maybe entertaining (as I’ve tried to have fun with a well trodden topic) and possibly useful if are giving similar training or just starting out in planning. Please feel free to steal away as I’ve read that’s what geniuses do. A x THE PLANNER’S TOY BOX www.theplannerstoybox.wordpress.com
  2. 2. Tools to do stuff Stuff to remember
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