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  2. 2. PRE-ANGKOR PERIOD The Kingdom of FUNAN I. Inhabited in the 3rd c. by the FUNAN kingdom (MOUNTAIN) • Kaundinya went from India to Cambodia and married a local princess who was one of the NAGAS (mythical beings part cobra). The son was the first founder of the Kauninya Dynasty • 2nd Kaundinya arrived from the 5th c. to revive Indianized customs nad was the beginning of the Kaundinya Jayavarman rulers.
  3. 3. CHENLA The First KHMER Kingdoms • Khmers were probably vassals of the Funans • Developed in the 5th c. North of the Tonle Sap Lake
  4. 4. THE ANGKOR PERIOD • High Quality workmanship (harmony and clarity of lines) also in elegance of the decorations and ornaments. – LINTELS
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  8. 8. • The "mother of all temples" - Angkor Wat. No photograph can quite capture the immensity of this monument (which may be a tomb as well as a temple.) Some of the apparent grandeur of the complex is due to clever perspective. The tip of the central tower is only 65 meters high, although its peak is more than 200 meters above the ground. However, many of the other statistics of the temple are still quite impressive. The temple is surrounded by a 200 meter wide moat (that's more than two football fields to you Americans). You cross the moat on a wide stone causeway to reach the outer wall, which itself is 5.5 kilometers long. Once you pass through the main gate in this wall, another causeway 350 meters long, leads to the inner sanctuary of the temple.
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  29. 29. http://www.devata.org/2010/01/angkor-wattop-shrine-reopens-to-visitors/ he most delicate images of sacred Khmer women, called by the Sanskrit terms apsaras or devata, are preserved in the Bakan of Angkor Wat. Photo Kent Davis
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