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Analysing Perfume Posters

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Analysing Perfume Posters

  1. 1. Analysing Perfume Posters By Annette Christian 12CS2
  2. 2. Red hair. The colour red is bold , edgy and stands out. Red also represents sexiness, which is appealing to the target audience Rihanna is giving direct mode of address which is engages the audience. This can draw them into her and the fragrance Rihanna is young and attractive. Her target audience are obviously young females. The age the product could be targeted towards may be 18-25 year olds. Because she represent young females, the target audience could also aspire to be as sexy and attractive as her As well as sexiness, Rihanna represents being girly too. She is seen with a flower in between her fingers. The fact that she has a flower and it’s pink, symbolises femininity Colours such as pink are appealing to girls/ females as it is considered a feminine colour. This will attract the target audience High heels are associated with women and in some case wealth. It can also symbolise sexiness Serif style writing is used. Feminine, attracts females The colour of the material is again pink. Feminine, attracts target audience. The type of material is silk, which symbolises sensuality and appealing to target audience Gold is also known as a feminine colour. Colour of the product. Colour black could represent edginess Jewellery (rings) symbolise wealth
  3. 3. Long , blonde hair and blue eyes can be seen as one of the conventions associated with women and their femininity Nicole Kidman is wearing long, dangly earrings. Earrings are associated with women and diamonds are also affiliated with women and wealth Pink represents femininity. The material appears girly, frilly and extravagant, which is much more appealing to females than it would be to males Nicole Kidman is a mature, wealthy and attractive woman. Chanel (the brand) is also designer and expensive. The brand would have used her to sell the product as they may be targeting woman with wealth, over 25 years old. Also her fans, which are likely to be this age group, would see this poster and it would be inspirational, appeal to them and make them want to buy the product The font for the name of the perfume is non-serif. The name of the fragrance and the font is very straightforward, which subverts to feminine conventions. The colour of the font is black. This could be to represent elegance The bottle of the fragrance again appears straightforward, and not as extravagant as what Nicole Kidman is wearing. The fragrance may be attracting feminine, elegant and wealthy women Direct mode of address again is used. Draws target audience towards Nicole Kidman and the product
  4. 4. The font style of the name of the fragrance is non-serif. Its bold, straightforward and not fussy, which subverts to conventions of women and fragrances which attract this gender Catherine’s hair is blonde, wavy and left down. Her hair and the colour represents femininity which is appealing to the target audience Catherine is in a black bow tie and suit. The costume codes subvert to normal representations of women. A suit represents masculinity and so does the colour of the suit. The colour also represents elegance, dominance which may be the type of women the fragrance wants to attract The bottle of the product is square and seems structured, which is seen as more masculine than feminine. The bright colour however, can be associated with femininity Catherine is wearing red lipstick and her nails are painted red. Even though she is seen as powerful and dominant, she is also feminine which is again, appealing to women. The colour red represents her sexuality and sexiness Catherine Deneuve is famously known as an actress. She is associated with beauty, wealth and elegance. She was also involved in politics, so linked to possessing power. The brand of the perfume is also associated with elegance and wealth as it expensive. The target audience for the product would be females, with wealth, elegance but also sophistication and power. The age group again would be 25 year olds and older. Target audience and fans will also see Catherine Deneuve as inspirational because she is seen as a powerful and still beautiful woman