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Purpose of concessions manuals  Concessions manuals and                                                      Guide stakeho...
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Introduction Concessions Manuals Anna Spenceley Jim Barborak

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This presentation by Anna Spenceley and Jim Barborak was delivered at the 'Concessioning tourism opportunities in conservation areas and maximising rural development' workshop, held in Maputo between 19-22 March 2012 (Day 3, Session 8, Concession manuals and guidance)

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Introduction Concessions Manuals Anna Spenceley Jim Barborak

  1. 1. Purpose of concessions manuals Concessions manuals and Guide stakeholders on processes and options guidance Different focus: Operators Manuals as an investment outreach tool and (park agency) Anna Spenceley & Jim Barborak Implementation Guidance as a capacity building tool 21 March 2012, Girassol Indy, Maputo USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logoContents options Contents options . . . contd Contract terms (including obligations, rights, term, options for Environmental and technical monitoring mechanism (construction renewal, transfer of rights, risks, conflicts, intellectual property) and operation) Project life cycle Social and empowerment requirements (including shareholding, training and promotion, business opportunities for local communities) Communication channels Financial and contractual requirements (including concession fees, Environmental and conservation requirements including minimum rental, fixed fees, annual fees, monitoring) integrated environmental management; environmental control Breaches (including financial, empowerment, and environmental officers; cultural and natural resources; biosphere manipulation; breaches, and processes for remedial action – contact, final letter, performance bond, formal notice and termination). game control; monitoring and research; patrols; numbers of Fixing fines and penalties beds; water; fire management; traversing; problem animals; alien Code of conduct (including working relationships with biota; firearms; staff issues; aircraft and vehicles; game drive concessionaires, permanent and temporary residents) procedures; off road driving; guided walks; cods of conduct; safety Annexes: Technical infrastructure management (including construction Protected area policies and regulations and design; power; water extraction; communications Templates for reporting infrastructure; waste management; roads and tracks) Templates for applications Glossary and bibliography USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo SANParks, undated USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo SANParks, undatedManuals available Online sources IFC – toolkit (available soon!) Mozambique guidance: IFC, Niassa South African – PPP toolkit South Africa: PPP toolkit, SANParks Learning portal at TNC site managed by CSU Agency web sites (South Africa, Namibia, US, Namibia on policy Canada, Australia and New Zealand federal Canada: Concessions guidelines agency websites, state/provincial websites Brazil: Sao Paolo from Canada, US, Australia New Zealand, US, Australia: Several national CSU planning to update bibliography, and sub-national agency websites glossary and web links on TNC site to reflect outputs of this workshop USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo