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Presentation to TEFI 7 in Oxford, 2013

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Tourism Education Futures Institute
complete description of Conscious Travel as a model, a movement and a learning program

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  • It is indeed an interesting presentation, but quite how those involved in large-scale tourism can creatively react (without moving out of large-scale tourism) is not clear. I'd like to get some reaction from one or two prominent CEOs.
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  • I was at the TEFI7. Anna's presentation was fabulous. Everyone was thinking about how they could take her new model of tourism and interpret it according to their own activities and challenges. A clear thought-provoking message and a call to action. Thanks Anna!
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Presentation to TEFI 7 in Oxford, 2013

  1. 1. INTRODUCTIONBackgroundPassionPurposewww.linkedin.com/in/annapollockwww.conscioustourism.wordpress.comhttps://www.facebook.com/ConsciousTravelwww.slideshare.net/AnnaPAnna Pollockstrategisteducatorchange agentvisionary
  2. 2. Why am I here today?Humanity has a Choice: Breakthrough or BreakdownTransformAgitateShake UpDisruptInspire
  3. 3. Why are YOU hereTODAY?
  4. 4. 7to create learning communities (imaginal cells) around the globeofConscious Hosts who work together togenerate above average profits,deliver higher net benefit from tourism to their communities,regenerate cultures and ecosystemswhile increasing their resilience and stabilitybecause .....vision
  6. 6. The dominant model (industrial tourism)no longer worksA mindset shift is essentialChange can’t & won’t come from the topAAChange will emerge from action-orientedlearning communities
  7. 7. Mass Industrial Tourism Started withGreat Promise
  8. 8. But Is Now Producing a Different Reality
  9. 9. Industrial Tourism Grew Up In the Age of the Automobile &Mass EverythingIt borrowed its operating model from manufacturing
  10. 10. Based on Assembly Lines, Specialisation & HierarchiesFocus: efficiency & productivity - producing more for less
  11. 11. Standardisation, Order, PlanningEconomies of Scale - consolidation, vertical integration
  12. 12. About delivering PRODUCTS and PACKAGESbased on a mindset of boxes and lines
  13. 13. The Hotel Box
  14. 14. ProductizesStandardizesHomogenizesCommoditizesIn summary, this is a box that....
  15. 15. The Tourism Tsunami
  16. 16. Mass Industrial Tourism Hangs on the EdgeTourism now supports 1 billioninternational trips a yearIt can produce income, economicgrowth, jobs, foreign exchange,conserve wildlife, preserve cultures..butit doesn’t alwaysAre we at a tipping point?Metaphorically speaking, we’re about toexperience a tourism tsunami +galeforce winds + earthquakeWill the tourism capsule hold out?
  17. 17. Mass Industrial Tourism Hangs on the EdgeIndustrial tourism is producingdiminishing returns for nearlyeverybodyThis graph shows the fate ofindividual destinations - could itapply to industrial tourism as awhole?If yields decline industrial tourismcan only succeed by growing involumeAre we at the inflection point?
  18. 18. Can we handle another 400 million tourists in just 8 years?The Island Where Tourist Garbage is Stored in the MaldivesSource: Daily MailThe Queue to Climb EverestSource: Guardian• see: Can Tourism Change its Operating Model?How will we handle congestion?How will we handle waste?How will we handle emissions?How will we manage our thirst for waterand land?How will avoid residents’ backlash?Protest Sign Erected by Young BalineseSource: ABC They Paved ParadiseSource: China DailyHow will we protect vulnerable people andcultures?
  19. 19. What the Graph Doesn’t Show
  20. 20. How do these change drivers interact??awarenessconcerncuriosityquestioningPanic or paralysis?more concern!
  21. 21. The Humanisation of BusinessWhat do the following have in common?EmployeesSuppliersInvestorsManagersCustomersCommunity Residents?
  22. 22. What’s Really Happening?TrendDriverMindset
  23. 23. • we need to think differently• see “Changing the Dream - Why Mindsets really, really matter!”• see: Can Tourism Change its Operating Model?What’s Really Happening?
  24. 24. 48change is not justdesirableit’s inevitable
  25. 25. 49Shifts in Consciousness
  26. 26. 50Shifts in Consciousness - PeopleShifts in Consciousness - People
  27. 27. 51Shifts in Consciousness - Organisations
  28. 28. 52Shifts in Consciousness - Nations
  29. 29. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizenscan change the world.Indeed, it is the only thing that ever hasMargaret MeadChange Can’t and Won’t Come from the Top;real change is emerging from the grassroots
  30. 30. Change Can’t & Won’t Come from the topreal change comes from below
  31. 31. Tourism is Not an Industrial Process but a Living NetworkIT connects the bits & bytes; Travel connects the hearts and minds
  32. 32. 56Tourism is Human SystemEmbedded in aBiological-Physical System
  33. 33. 57Tourism NeedsA New Definition and Measure of Success•better not bigger•healthier•more resilient•benefit a wider range of stakeholdersNew Focus - from product to experience of placeNew Operating ModelNew Approaches•capacity building•community based•collaborative learningNew Skills & Characteristics•curiosity•collaborative & communicative•caring, empathy•inner first, other second - conscious leadership•integrity (walk the talk)
  34. 34. 58Where have we come from?OLD MODELMODEL
  35. 35. 59Where have we come from?OLD MODELMODEL
  36. 36. 60Where have we come from?OLD MODELMODEL
  37. 37. 61Where have we come from?OLD MODELMODEL
  38. 38. 62Where have we come from?OLD MODELMODEL
  39. 39. 63Where have we come from?OLD MODELMODELOLD LENSESWe live in a material world, a dead universe thatoperates like a machineHumans are superior & have the right to exploit otherlife formsThe earth exists as a lumberyard, full of resources, wecan extract to make and sell stuffIt’s a dog eat dog world out there - he who makes themost winsTo get ahead look out for “number one”. Business islike warIt’s a race against time - if you don’t get there someoneelse willIn the total scheme of things we’re insignificantThat’s life - it’s harsh; suck it up!
  40. 40. 64Tourism Through an Industrial LensGuests are segments to be targeted and the prize is share of walletBoth parties (consumer and provider) attempt to win at the cost ofthe other. AdversarialGuests seek to get the best or cheapest deal; producers try to maintain their marginRugged independence + materialism creates a mindset of exploitation - animals,landscapes, plants are resources, then products that can be used to produce profitThe Industry is fragmented - each provider looks after his piece of the guest experienceand larger agencies are divided into functional silos.Disconnect from nature - it’s the economy, stupid! Lack of appreciation of limits orconsequences.The tourism industry resist paying for the ecosystem services it has enjoyed for free inthe past
  41. 41. 65surely there has to be abetter way?
  42. 42. 66Where might we be going forward?NEW LENSESThe universe is not dead but alive, dynamic and constantly evolvingThere’s no disputing - the universe is not made up of objects but packets of energy thatare entangled.Everything is connected and there’s no such thing as objectivity96% of what makes up the universe is invisible - it cannot be sensedRevelations from Physics and Cosmology
  43. 43. 67Where might we be going forward?NEW LENSESCompetition only one way of operating associated with immature ecosystemsAdvances in neuroscience showing how plastic our brains areOur thinking and intentions can change outcomes99% of us have yet to realise and express our true power and potentialRevelations from Biology and Neuroscience
  44. 44. 68Where might we be going forward?NEW LENSESEven economists, capitalists, accountants are questioning what we should measure andfocus onBusiness is now recognising there are limits to what the earth can absorb and ecosystemservices should be paid forProfits are more likely to occur and sustained if making them isn’t our primary focus.New Thinking in the Social Sciences
  45. 45. Welcome Signs of Change
  46. 46. something new is emerging
  47. 47. 71blaze a trail and leavebreadcrumbs or markers
  48. 48. 72PlentyNEW MODELMODELPlentyenough, sufficiencyimplicit a sense oflimitsadequate - don’tneed moreimplies that multiplestakeholders benefitfocus on quality notquantity“wellth” andhappiness vs wealth
  49. 49. 73PlentyPeopleNEW MODELMODELPeopleencountersrelationshiptrusttransactions onlyoccur if trust ispresent
  50. 50. 74PlentyPeoplePlaceNEW MODELMODEL Placeeach place is uniqueunique places sustainvaluePersonality of PlaceLiving Presence -essence,spirit, soulIndigenous peopleunderstand places resacred
  51. 51. 75
  52. 52. 76PlentyPeoplePlacePurposeNEW MODELMODELPurposewhat’s the higherpurpose of thebusiness?why shouldemployees bringtheir whole selvesto work?people seekingmeaningconscious travellersseeking to bechangedHigher purposeignites Passion
  53. 53. 77PlentyPeoplePullPlacePurposeNEW MODELMODEL Pullchallenge is to attractpower shifted to guestto be magnetic youhave to be clear aboutwho you are and sendout strong signalsyou need to mastersocial technologies andmedia in order tosustain relationshipsand build trust
  54. 54. 78PlentyPeoplePullProtectionPlacePurposeNEW MODELMODEL ProtectionHosts must becomeproactive champions &custodiansCompliance and CSRprograms not enough“Licence to Operate”will depend on minimal(preferable zero)footprint
  55. 55. 79PlentyPeoplePullProtectionPlacePurposePaceNEW MODELMODEL Pacehelp guests learn theart of livingrediscover what itmeans to be a humanbeing not a humandoinglearn to savour &satiate the sensesincrease length of stayand spend
  56. 56. 80something new is emerging
  57. 57. 81How Do We Midwife This Birth?A MindsetA MovementA creative e-learning programThere is no single blueprint on a shelf; no instantlyavailable “how to manual” It’s up toyou-us to create them
  58. 58. 82Four Key Elements• People• Program• Platform• Participation & Support
  59. 59. 83peer to peercollaborationcuriosityself-directioncommitment to collaboratecapacity to experimentwillingness to invest a yeardesire to build a better model
  60. 60. 84Conscious Host3. Values & Purpose2. Mindset4. Power of Place5. Culture/Personality6. Ideal Customer7. Ideal Employee8. Stewardship10. Social Marketing9. ExperienceDesign11. CommunityOutreach 12. Global Outreach1. Where are We Now? Where Do We Wish To Go?12 Step Transformation Programcore 12 stepprogram
  61. 61. 85peer to peercollaborationCommunityofConsciousHosts12 StepTransformationProgramonline platformoffline support &coachingFour Key Elements
  62. 62. 86Roles & ResponsibilitiesConscious Travel will supplyresourcesParticipants will determinepriorities, projects, methodsand outcomesNo imposition fromexternal authoritiesThe scope, scale andoriginality of solutions willbe owned by participants
  63. 63. 87Accountability & ResultsParticipants will design andtrack a set ofKey Performance Indicatorsfor their own business andtogether the group will setthem for community-basedprojectsFocus to be on:yieldnet benefits to all stakeholdersresiliencereduced volatility
  64. 64. 88Imagine......a network of host communitieseach exploring how to deliver netbenefits from tourism,a good living for people,and transformative experiencesfor guestseach intheir own way?
  65. 65. 89In the same way that cells combine to form different organs of thebody, so will the collective output of these cells combine to create anew organic, ecological form of tourism -one that isenvironmentally sustainable, socially just andspiritually fulfilling
  66. 66. Endtheconscioushost@gmail.comwww.conscioustourism.wordpress.comwww.facebook.com/conscioustravelDo please send comments and feedback to: