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the pursuit of happyness

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the pursuit of happyness

  1. 1. the pursuit of happyness MOVIE BASED QUIZ
  2. 2. FLIM SYNOPSIS The movie is based on Gardner's nearly one-year struggle being homeless. After investing in bone density scanners which he believes to revolutionize diagnostic medicine,But then he finds himself low on funds. He takes up an unpaid internship as a stockbroker, Which causes his already troubled marriage to fall apart. His wife takes off to New York, Leaving him to take care his 5 year old son alone. The lack of money causes Chris and his son to become homeless, staying in shelters and subway stations. Even after all the struggles he works hard to win a paid position at the Dean Witter stock frim. The epilogue uncovers that Gardner proceeded to form his own multimillion-dollar brokerage firm.
  3. 3. CHRIS GARDNER Chris Gardner is the chief executive officer of Gardner Rich & Co, a multimillion-dollar brokerage with offices in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. An avid philanthropist and motivational speaker, Gardner is a recipient of the “ Father of the Year” Award from the National Fatherhood Initiative. During the early 1980s, Gardner struggled with homelessness while raising a toddler son. He became a stockbroker and eventually founded his own brokerage firm Gardner Rich & Co in 1987.
  4. 4. 1) what is the setting of the movie? (place and year) • San Francisco,1981 • Chicago,1981 • Lusiana,1981 • New York,1981 ANSWER: SAN FRANCISCO,1981
  5. 5. 2)How was the portable bone density scanner machine referred by doctors? • NECESSARY EVIL • UNUSABLE MACHINE • UNNECESSARY LUXURY • TIME MACHINE ANSWER: UNNECESSARY LUXURY
  6. 6. 3)What was Chris doing just before getting arrested for not paying parking bills • Eating • Painting • Playing • Cooking ANSWER: PAINTING
  7. 7. 4)”The one with pretty yellow shoe on it” what is specified as “pretty yellow shoe” in the above statement quoted from the movie? • footwear • Wheel clamp • Cosmetic box • Cupboard ANSWER: WHEEL CLAMP
  8. 8. 5)Which of his toys did Christopher accidently drop while getting into the bus to reach the room near the subway station on time? • Basket ball • Captain America • rubik's cube • Spider man ANSWER:CAPTAIN AMERICA
  9. 9. 6)What was the Educational qualification of Chris ? • High school • Navy • Middle school • college ANSWER: He had completed his high school in a small town called Luciana , and stood first in his class which had about 12 students.
  10. 10. 1)What does he find out about the 6 month internship that makes him hesitate to take it? The internship had no salary, as Chris was undergoing economical crisis he hesitated to take the job.
  11. 11. 2)How does Chris expresses his happiness after getting the paid job in the firm after a long journey of struggles and hard work? His eyes were filled with tears of joy and appreciates himself by clapping his hands while walking down the street.
  12. 12. 3)Why do Chris undergo an economical crisis , even by having sufficient amount of money in his bank account? • He didn’t pay his taxes within the deadline given by the government, so according to the rules IRS took the money including the tax and penalty from his bank account.
  13. 13. 4)What did Chris ask his son to visualize at the Oakland subway station ? He told his son to close his eyes and press the black button in the bone density scanner considering it as a time machine that could travel to the past. Then he creates a fake environment of dinosaurs, a fire to prevent the cold and he tells that a T REX is coming towards them and they need a shelter to hide. After which they go to the cave for shelter. That cave was a public bathroom where they spend their first night after getting kicked out of the hotel.
  14. 14. 5)How many people did the internship program take every 6 months ? How many got the job at the end of the program? • 20 people gets into the 6 months internship program, but only one would be getting the paid job at the firm.
  15. 15. 6)What part of the Declaration of independence makes Chris start thinking? • The part which speaks about right to life , liberty , and pursuit of happiness. • Chris tells to the viewers through his mind voice that he once thought that happiness is something , one can pursue but never have it.
  16. 16. 1)When was the movie “THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS” released? 15th December, 2006
  17. 17. 2)Who is the director of the movie “THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS”? GABRIELE MUCCINO
  18. 18. 3)Who did the role of Christopher in the movie “THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS”? • The role of Chris Gardner’s son (Christopher) was played by Jaden Smith. Will Smith’s real son, who is more popular by the film “The karate kid”. • This was Jaden Smith’s debut film.
  19. 19. 4)What was Christopher's age in his real life? • In the movie Christopher was shown as a 5 year old boy, but in real life he was just a 2 year old toddler.
  20. 20. 5)When did Chris publish his autobiography? 23rd May, 2006
  21. 21. 6)Why is the title of movie misspelt? • The title is intentionally misspelled, as it also appears as graffiti(the mural outside Christopher's daycare)in the first scene of the film. • It is interpreted that the way that “Happyness” was spelled represents an unbeaten path that we shall walk along together. The character in the movie, Chris Gardner, is a real person and states that the “Y” in Happyness represents “You”, and what makes you happy.
  22. 22. Tie Breakers 1.Which subject was Chris good at school? ANSWER: MATHEMATICS 2.Who gifted Christopher the rubik's cube? ANSWER: CYNTHIA , FROM LINDA’S WORKPLACE
  23. 23. 3.Where did Chris and his on take shelter when they didn’t have money to afford for a hotel room? ANSWER: THE MEN’S ROOM OF A SUBWAY STATION CALLED GLIDE MEMORIAL. 4.Which was referred as a place where they cant spell happiness? ANSWER: CHRISTOPHER’S DAY CARE CENTRE
  24. 24. 5)What product does Chris sells to make a living and for his monthly expenses? ANSWER: BONE DENSITY SCANNER 6)When did Chris meet his father for the first time in his life? ANSWER: 28 YEARS 7)How did Chris impress Mr . Jay Twistle? ANSWER: BY SOLVING THE RUBRIC'S CUBE AND WAITING EVERYDAY OUTSIDE THE OFFICE DRESSED FORMALLY.
  26. 26. 1)How many machines did Chris buy initially? • 50 machines , worth a million dollar 2)How many parts was Chris’s life divided in the movie? • 6 Parts –”Riding the Bus ”,”Being Stupid”, “ Running ” , ” Internship ”, ”Paying taxes” , “Happiness”
  27. 27. 3)What did the news tells about the payroll and the population increase in America , in the past 20 years in the voice over while Chris solves rubric's cube for the first time? • Both the population and payroll has increased. • The payroll in 1960 was 13 million dollars and in 1981 it was 75 million dollars. • The population was increased about 23%
  28. 28. 4)What is Chris’s nickname in Luciana? • 10 Gallon Head. • This was because he was smart and they said he could wear a "10 gallon" cowboy hat because of the size of his big brain . 5)What was Chris’s bank account balance as of 25th September,1981? ANSWER: 21 DOLLARS 23 CENTS
  29. 29. 6)Which allude to the phase “gift of sensation of 1981” ANSWER: RUBIK’S CUBE 7)What did Chris Gardner do after his schoolings? ANSWER:HE WORKED IN THE NAVY FOR A DOCTOR WHO LOVES TO PLAY GOLF.
  30. 30. 8)Who was the first client of Chris Gardner during his internship at Dean Witter stock firm? ANSWER: MR.RIBBON 9)At Chris's house which doll was behind the alarm clock? ANSWER:A DINOSAUR, GIRAFFE, AND DOLPHIN
  31. 31. TIE BREAKERS: 1) How did Chris describe the machine at the moment he invested on it? ANSWER:A REVOLUTIONARY MACHINE 2) What "impossible" task is Chris capable of doing? (He shows this in the cab ride.) ANSWER:FINISHING THE RUBIK'S CUBE
  32. 32. 3) What was Chris wearing for the internship interview? ANSWER: Painting clothes:- jeans, tank top, and jacket 4)The application had___ lines after high school to list education ANSWER:3
  35. 35. 1. What’s your opinion about Linda's action on leaving Chris and his son all alone when the family was financially broke? 2. List down your opinion about the mentality of Chris when he was able to give his son a proper home after getting a proper paid job. 3. What are the characteristics that you admire about Mr. twistle.
  36. 36. 4. Your favorite dialogue/ scene from the movie and what made that dialogue/scene special? 5.Do you think Chris made mistakes in his decision? What are those mistakes(if any)? 6. Which of the following aspects made Chris right for the position based off of what you see in the interview?
  37. 37. THANK YOU!!! “You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' them they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it.”