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Network perspective

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Organizational improvement through network insights.

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Network perspective

  1. 1. ORGANIZATIONAL IMPROVEMENT THROUGH NETWORK INSIGHTS Network Perspective | www.networkperspective.io
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  4. 4. How do people cooperate? Source: Carolyn Clinton, Leveraging Social Networks to Drive Collaboration and Improve Execution
  5. 5. Organizational network Connections: cooperation, knowledge sharing, decision flow. Employee
  6. 6. Real and formal organizational structure Real structure (network of cooperation) Formal structure (org. chart)
  7. 7. www.networkperspective.io Interactive online platform designed to serve as internal tool for work coordination. It is a replacement of classical organizational chart simplified to be useful for everyday work for both managers and employees. Network perspective platform
  8. 8. More complete view of the network improves coordination.1 [1] Enemark D., McCubbins M. D., Weller N., Knowledge and networks: An experimental test of how network knowledge affects coordination. Social Networks 36 (2014), 122-133
  9. 9. Analytical module provides insights that can be incorporated into management processes. To identify: sources of knowledge, brokers of information, informal leaders, organizational siloses, blockages in the flow of information, etc. Network perspective analytics
  10. 10. Companies desperately need data to figure out what makes people join, what makes people stay, who is likely to be most successful, and what we can do to build more leadership, customer service, and innovation in the team. All these problems can be directly informed by People Analytics1. 10 [1] Source: Josh Bersin. People Analytics Takes Off: Ten Things We've Learned https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/people-analytics-takes-off-ten-things-weve-learned-josh-bersin
  11. 11. Anita Zbieg, PhD CEO, CO-FOUNDER Tel. +48 790 500 435 anita@networkperspective.io www.networkperspective.io We are happy to share our knowledge and experience