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IBM BlueMix Architecture and Deep Dive (Powered by CloudFoundry)

  1. IBM Bluemix - Architecture and Deep Dive! Animesh Singh @animeshsingh Register now!!
  2.! July 23rd, IBM North San Jose , Room # 1066 6:30 PM! Live streaming URL: ! ! BlueMix Sessions! §  IBM Bluemix – Architecture and Deep Dive (Including DevOps) ! §  3rd Party Services in Bluemix ( e.g. Twilio)! §  Mobile Services in Bluemix (e.g. PUSH Notification etc)! §  Developing in a team based environment using Jazz Hub and Bluemix! ! Questions and Answers session! ! Cloud Foundry Sessions ! (Examples of work IBM is driving in the community) §  Performance Acceptance Tests (PAT)! §  Cloud Foundry Internationalization work (i18n)! ! ! ! ! Bluemix and Cloud Foundry Meetup - Agenda
  3. The app revolution Apps are everywhere The quantity and usefulness of web and mobile apps has led to an “app revolution” among consumers and businesses alike. Experience matters Customers and employees now expect a delightful and seamless experience across all interactions with a business. Cloud makes it possible Apps today can be stitched together quickly with pre-built assets. Cloud makes the API economy possible. Fundamentally changing the way we interact with technology.
  4. It starts with a line of code.!
  5. Product of IBM Design
  6. OAuth   OSLC! Infrastructure! as a Service! Platform! as a Service! Software! as a Service! API ! economy! Cloud! operating! environment! Software-! defined! environment! TOSCA Cloud and Open Source technologies are driving the App revolution At all tiers, IBM is committed to building its cloud on an open cloud architecture
  7. §  IBM initiative to develop a Platform as a Services offering ! §  IBM and partner cloud services! §  Integrated DevOps with both Browser and Eclipse-based tools! Services   Lifecycle     Management   (JazzHub)   Applica:on   Run:me   Run:mes  &   Frameworks     Middleware   Applica:on   Opera:onal   Mobile   External  Data   node   java   ruby   Worklight   WebSphere   Liberty   Web  IDE   (Eclipse  Orion)   Eclipse  IDE   Applica:on   Composi:on   Environment   Create  &  Manage  Services   Test/Run   Test/Run   Explore   Services   Explore   Services   IBM  Bluemix ™   Check  In  Code   Check  In  Code   IBM Bluemix
  8. Meets Developer’s Needs! Focus on app development, not provisioning VMs, databases, messaging servers, etc! Agile development model! Deploy and scale in seconds! ! Open Cloud Platform! There is an increasing appetite for cloud- based mobile, social and analytics applications from line-of-business executives - drives the need for a more open cloud development platform! Compelling Community ! Cloud Foundry has a compelling community and emerging ecosystem as well as a mature set of capabilities and robustness! Platinum Founding Sponsors 1,165 739k LINES OF CODE!TOTAL CONTRIBUTORS! Powered by Cloud Foundry
  9. Run Your Apps! The developer can chose any language runtime or bring their own. Just upload your code and go.! Application Platform Liberty for Java! Ruby!Node.js! “Bring Your Own runtime”! Runtimes!
  10. Eclipse  IDE   CLI   Browser   cf  push   hQp  
  11. Eclipse  IDE   CLI   Browser   cf  push   hQp   Cloud  Controller   (API)     Router  
  12. Eclipse  IDE   CLI   Browser   cf  push   hQp   Cloud  Controller   (API)     Router   DEA  Pool       DEA  Pool       VM  Pool       Apps   Apps   Apps   Apps  
  13. Eclipse  IDE   CLI   Browser   cf  push   hQp   Cloud  Controller   (API)     Router   DEA  Pool       DEA  Pool      Droplet  Execu:on     Agent  (DEA)  Pool       Health   Manager   NATS   (Message  bus)  
  14. Run Your Apps! The developer can chose any language runtime or bring their own. Just upload your code and go.! APIs and Services!A catalog of open source, IBM and third party APIs services allow a developer to stitch together an application in minutes.! Services Platform
  15. Dev Ops! Liberty for Java! Ruby!Node.js! “Bring Your Own Buildpack”! SQL Database! JSON Database! Mongo DB! PostgreSQL! Mobile" Data! Data Management Services! MQTT!CloudCode" Mobile App Mgmt ! Mobile Services! Mobile Quality Assurance" BLU Data Warehouse !MySQL! Twilio! Data Cache! Session Cache! Elastic MQ! Web & App Application ! Decision! SSO! Redis! MapReduce! RabbitMQ! Log Analysis! Historian! Internet Of Things! Push! Runtimes! Monitoring and Analytics! Git" Hosting! Deployment" Automation! Web IDE! Agile" Development!
  16. Eclipse  IDE   CLI   Browser   cf  create-­‐ service  
  17. Eclipse  IDE   CLI   Browser   Cloud  Controller   (API)           S   E   R   V   I   C   E     B   R   O   K   E   R     DEA  Pool                          Service  Backend   Service  instance   Service  instance   cf  create-­‐ service   cf  bind-­‐ service   Provision Instance (PUT /v2/service instances/:id) Create Binding (PUT /v2/ service_instances/:id DEA  Pool                  DEA  Pool      App   App   Service  instance    App   Fetch Catalog (GET /v2/catalog
  18. Run Your Apps! The developer can chose any language runtime or bring their own. Just upload your code and go.! APIs and Services!A catalog of open source, IBM and third party APIs services allow a developer to stitch together an application in minutes.! DevOps!Development, monitoring, deployment and logging tools allow the developer to run the entire application! DevOps Platform
  19. Git hosting" Store and manage the code for your application in the hosted Git repo. Integrated Development Environment " Agile planning & tracking, team collaboration" Performance monitoring" Identify the early occurrence and root cause of performance issues, not just the symptoms, throughout the application lifecycle. Conduct code level diagnostics to identify bottlenecks and optimize application performance. Easily share work and collaborate with team members. " Use built-in Web IDE, Eclipse, Visual Studio or leverage your tool of choice. Deployment automation" Instantly deploy your applications. Continuous Integration" Continuously build, scan, and test code to improve quality and increase speed of delivery. Open, integrated rapid development experience! IBM DevOps Services (JazzHub) for Apps on Cloud
  20. Browser  based   Code  editor   (Eclipse   Orion)     JAZZ  Build   Engine   (Jenkins)    Eclipse  IDE   Hosted   Repository   (GIT/SCM)    Push  code              App   Push  code   Code   changed   Automated   Build   JAZZ     Deployment   Engine   )      App   Automated   Deploy  
  21. Run Your Apps! The developer can chose any language runtime or bring their own. Just upload your code and go.! APIs and Services!A catalog of open source, IBM and third party APIs services allow a developer to stitch together an application in minutes.! Cloud Integration! Build hybrid environments. Connect to on-premises systems of record plus other public and private clouds. Expose your own APIs to your developers.! Extend SaaS Apps! Drop in SaaS App SDKs and extend to new use cases (e.g,. Mobile, Analytics, Web)! DevOps!Development, monitoring, deployment and logging tools allow the developer to run the entire application! And many more capabilities …
  22. Bluemix Third Party Services! ! Kalonji Bankole
  23. Bluemix Services •  BlueMix currently has ~40 services that can be deployed with an application!
  24. •  Service providing interface for scheduling of autonomous calls / texts! •  REST based! •  Currently being utilized by Uber, PaybyPhone, Philadelphia PD, Duke University, Airbnb, smarterkey, eBay...!
  25. §  Notifications! §  School Updates! §  Emergencies (Amber alerts, Natural disasters)! §  Reminders! §  Doctor’s Appointment! §  Bill Payment! Twilio Use Cases
  26. Leveraging Bluemix in Mobile Application Development! ! Vahid Hashemian
  27. Bluemix Mobile Cloud Boilerplate
  28. Scenario l  ACME Electronics is a large electronics retailer. l  It has a mobile application where users can browse through products and add them to their shopping cart. The mobile application does not offer online purchases. l  When customers purchase products from any store ACME Electronics sends them follow-up emails and offers them discounts on products related to what they purchased. l  ACME Electronics would like to expand its mobile application and use push notification instead of emails for discount offers. l  They would also like to let user purchase products right from their mobile devices. Solution l  Bluemix Mobile Cloud: quickly enables mobile push notifications l  PayPal Mobile SDK: quickly enables online mobile payments Storyline
  29. Flow of Events
  30. l  Build an Android app using the MobileData cloud service l  Extend an Android app using the Push cloud service l  PayPal Android SDK References
  31. Team Based Development with BlueMix DevOps! Andrew Bodine @bodine_andrew
  32. Magoos Sporting Goods Inc.! ❖  Magoos specializes in the best quality sporting goods at unbeatable prices, with expert advice!! ❖  Early phases of building it’s online shopping portal! ❖  Magoo decides to contract out some developers to help him realize his goal quicker!
  33. DevOps Team Development: To the Rescue ❖  All developers are remote! ! ❖  Magoo needs a way to communicate his ‘wants’ to developers and track progress effectively.! ! ❖  Lot’s of work to do. Let’s see an example!!
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  35. IBM and Cloud Foundry! (examples of work is IBM is driving in community)! !
  36. Performance Acceptance Tests (PATs)! for Cloud Foundry! ! Simon Leung, Jonathan Berkhahn, Daniel Lavine
  37. •  How fast can we deploy applications? •  How do we know if a change to deploy applications faster actually worked? •  How much http traffic can we handle before we start seeing CF performance degradation? What problem are we facing with Cloud Foundry
  38. •  Load generator that automates interaction with Cloud Foundry (CF), recording performance data •  PATs allows CF administrators to test realistic use cases on actual CF deployments in a highly scriptable fashion •  PATs can be used to test for performance degradation due to changes in your deployment What is PATs
  39. Demo
  40. •  Incorporate all CLI and API calls •  Provide suite of standard tests •  Usage of arbitrary applications with PAT •  Integration with automated testing process Planned features and Roadmap!
  41. Going global with CloudFoundry! ! dr.max @maximilien
  42. Scenario ●  CloudFoundry is a global PaaS. ●  Increasingly developers all over the world are using CF-based systems to deploy and manage their applications. ●  Primary approach to interacting with CF system is via CLI—which is powerful, conversational, and interactive. ●  Allowing the CLI to be i18n-enabled would allow the CLI to “speak” the same language as the developers. ●  Enabling the CLI for i18n goes a long way to opening CF to the world. Solution ●  IBM spiked on converting one of the CLI command for i18n. ●  Worked with Pivotal to convert the enable the whole CLI for i18n. ●  Wrote Golang tooling to perform all the steps (extract, merge, modify, rewrite) strings in CLI. ●  Complete i18n-enablement of 17,000+ strings and 60+ commands in 2 months (with French translation). ●  Also worked on i18n-enabling the CC error messages. Storyline
  43. Live demo of French translation demo
  44. ●  CF CLI with i18n support ●  i18n4go tool References
  45. Companies using Bluemix today! Retail Reduction of operations costs by 30% - focusing on apps and code, not infrastructure. Hospitality MQA service reduced defect resolution time by up to 300%. Mobile push service allowed customer to avoid writing custom code. Transportation From zero to implementing a mobile app from a database on premise in 15 days. Healthcare Increases time to market for new customer delivery by 35%. Value realized in days, not months. Technology Deployment of new customer from 2 days to 30 seconds. Retail Selected IBM as a strategic partner for building engaging apps.
  46. Sign up in minutes. Pay for what you use.! Cloud based pricing models to serve developer needs. •  30 day trial - designed to allow testing of an entire application on the platform Friction free adoption •  Free tier for every service - encourages experimentation of new services for applications already running on Bluemix •  Pay as you go - optimized for flexibility, no term commitment Multiple Commitment Models •  Subscription - term based optimized for cost, discounted from pay as you go rates •  Zero to coding in less than 5 minutes Self Service •  Credit card over the web in many countries – or through your IBM rep
  47. Bluemix works. Start a free trial today.