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Energy Generation by using PIEZOELECTRIC MATERIALS and It’s Applications.

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Energy Generation by using PIEZOELECTRIC MATERIALS and It’s Applications.

  1. 1. Submitted By-- 1. ANIMESH SACHA Contact No- 8090844554 Email—animesh.sachan24794@gmail.com (6th semester ELECTRICAL AND ELCTRONICS ENG.) PRANVEER SINGH INSTITUTE OF TECHENOLOGY BHAUTI KANPUR
  2. 2.  Energy Generation.  History of piezoelectricity.  Meaning.  Materials.  Working.  As an alternative.  Applications.  Advantages and Disadvantages .  Conclusion .
  3. 3.  What is it ?  Macro scale –WIND,SOLAR.  Micro scale– PIEZOELECTRICITY.
  4. 4.  Piezoelectricity was discovered by CURIE BROTHERS in 1880. (Pierre Curie ) (Jacques Curie)
  5. 5.  The meaning of the word “piezoelectric” implies “pressure electricity”- the generation of electric field by applying pressure.  Piezoelectricity is observed if a stress is applied to a solid, like by bending , twisting or squeezing it.
  6. 6.  The material exhibiting the direct piezoelectric also exhibit the reverse piezoelectric effect (the internal generation of a mechanical strain resulting from an applied electric field).
  7. 7. NATURAL SYNTHETIC 1. Quartz Lead Zirconate Titanate(PZT) 2. Rochelle Salt Zinc oxide (ZnO) 3. Topaz Barium Titanate(BaTiO3) 4. Silk Lead Titanate(PbTiO3) 5. Dentin Langasite (La3Ga5SiO14) 6. DNA Sodium tungstate (Na2WO3) 7. Tendon Potassium Niobate(KNbO3)
  8. 8.  Quartz is the second most abundant material in the earth’s continental crust, after feldspar.
  9. 9.  Normally, the charges in a piezoelectric crystal are exactly balanced, even if they’re not symmetrically arranged .  The effects of the charges exactly cancel out, leaving no net charge on the crystal faces.(More specifically, the electric dipole moment is zero).
  10. 10.  Now the effect of the charges ( their dipole moments) no longer cancel one another out and net positive and negative charges appears on the crystal faces. By squeezing the crystal, you have produced a voltage across it’s opposite faces– and that’s PIEZOELECTRICITY.
  11. 11.  If you squeeze the crystal ,you forces the charges out of balance.
  12. 12.  Electricity is the basic need of everyone .  But it reaches only 65% of entire population and 35% still live in darkness in INDIA.  To satisfy all the needs we need to produce 81,08,76,150 Kw- h/Yr  Whereas , the production is only 60,06,49,000 Kw-h/Yr.
  13. 13.  So we need 21,02,21,150 Kw-h/Yr., to reach the demand.  We need to think the alternative to solve this crisis.  Presently there are many alternative like solar, wind, etc.  All these years we have ignored a better alternative which in right under our feet our fingers THE PIEZOELECTRIC MATERIAL ENERGY HARVESTING.
  14. 14.  Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting.
  15. 15.  Vibration caused from machine in the GYM.  At workplaces piezoelectric crystals are laid in the chairs for storing energy.
  16. 16.  Crystal laid down under the keys of mobile and keyboards.  For every key pressed vibrations are created.  These can be used for charging purposes.
  17. 17.  The material used for this application is PZT with lateral stress operating at 15 Hz.  The volume of material used is .2(cm)3.  The output power produced is 1.2W.  The output voltage is 9V.  This can be used to produce the required amount of charge after being processed .
  18. 18.  Idea was researched in US.  To power the battlefield equipment by generators in soldiers boots.  Idea was abandoned due to discomfort.
  19. 19.  The piezoelectric transducer within midsole consists of a single cylindrical stack of 18 PZT ceramic slugs, each having a diameter of 0.31 inch and a thickness of 0.245 inch.  The output powers of midsole generator from a man weighted 75 kg are 625, 676 and 2100 mW respectively corresponding to flat foot, heel- toe, and simulated jogging.
  20. 20.  Series of crystals can be laid below the mats, tiles, carpets.  One foot step can only provide enough electrical current to light two 60 watts bulbs for one second.
  21. 21.  When mob uses the dance floor, an enormous voltage is generated.  This energy is used to power the equipment in night clubs.
  22. 22.  Present time we are using asphalt roads(tar roads) on which thousand of vehicles runs.  When a vehicle passes road deflects vertically (vibrates)  These vibrations are released as thermal energy which is being wasted.
  23. 23.  By incorporating piezoelectric generators in the road we can convert vibrations caused by vehicles in electric energy.  This is implemented in ISRAEL.
  24. 24.  Generator harvest the mechanical energy of vehicles and converts it into the electrical energy.  Electrical energy is stored via harvesting module.  Then it charges battery on side of the roads and distributes it.  Yield :-for one KM of piezoelectric road of one lane we can generate 44000KW-h/Yr.
  25. 25.  Generator size :- 1 square fit.  1 generator = 2000 Rs  No . Of generator needed = (3280 for 1 km of road)  Cost estimation – 70 Lakhs for 1 km of road.
  26. 26.  We have taken the outer ring road of Hyderabad to compare.  The over all budget of this road is 6700 Cr.  In this 8 lane road of 158 Km. is laid .  If a piezoelectric road is laid……… The budget becomes 6800 Cr. Which is only1.5% increase in overall budget.
  27. 27.  Ever year 44000 kw-Hr is generated in one Km single lane road.  So if we calculate, 158 km. * 8 lane *44000 kw-hr.=55616000 Kw-Hr. can be generated.  In general Government of India charges Rs. 5 0n an average per 1 kw-hr., so by calculation. 5 * 55616000= Rs. 270000000 (27 Cr.)
  28. 28.  The amount invested in this returns in just 4 years.  Average life of piezoelectric road is 30 years, so income generated in next 26 years is a profit.
  29. 29.  By using piezoelectric generators in car’s tyres, below chairs etc. we can generate and store charge and can use in various car applications.
  30. 30.  This is a green solution for power generation.  The centralization of power is minimized.  Even the most untouched and remote areas can be electrified.  Dependence of thermal electricity is minimized which in turn save the nature.  Reduces environmental pollution.  Saves more money.
  31. 31.  Maintenance of these is a bit difficult .  Constant inspection are to be made.  Can pick up stray voltages in connecting wires.  Crystal is prone to crack if overstressed.  May get affected by long use at high temperature.
  32. 32.  Piezoelectricity is a revolutionary source for “ GREEN ENERGY”  Convert the ambient vibration energy surrounding them into the “ELECTRICAL ENERGY”  This is an excellent alternative to reach the “ INCRISING DEMAND OF ELECTRICITY”  This technology is tested in “CALIFORNIA” and “ISRAEL” and approved successfully.  We concluded that it should be implemented in “INDIA” also to accelerate the development.

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  • -So what is energy harvesting? Energy harvesting is a process by which energy is extracted from naturally occurring sources. Energy harvesting devices allow for the capturing, storing, conditioning, and managing of this extracted energy so that it can be used in a useful manner.

    -In a macro scale, energy can be harvesting from the naturally occurring sunlight and wind to provide large amounts of energy to power cities and such.

    -In a micro scale, energy can be harvested from mechanical energy- such as vibrations, mechanical stress, and strain- to power devices such as transmitters or wireless communication nodes. In the micro scale, energy can be harvested from electromagnetic devices and piezoelectric plates, among others. Because the energy harvesting topic is so broad, I’m going to specifically talk to you today about piezoelectricity. [3]