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To use messengers or not. That is the question for banks.

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We made a research to answer the question how banks use messengers when communicating with clients.

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To use messengers or not. That is the question for banks.

  2. 2. 1,876 Only Chinese banks use messengers to communicate with their clients. Only two global banks: City bank and ING, have official accounts. Official accounts of any banks in Viber or Telegram haven’t been found. #arg_research official accounts in WeChat
  3. 3. Key features for users: • request a product (credit, card, accounts) • money transmission • find the nearest branch / ATM • bank card account statement • taxpaying • bank contacts (phone, mail, social networks) • bank’s news and offers • check balance • get information about 3 last transactions • statement requiring • check status #arg_research
  4. 4. Any company can create an official account in WeChat. A user adds interesting accounts in contacts for future communication. User adds a company in list of contacts For example, in chat with HDFC Bank clicking on “Apply now” a user receives a message with links to different services/goods. Following a link we open a web site inside the app where we can apply and/or make other actions. How clients and companies ! communicate via WeChat! #arg_research In chat a user has access to command words for information request A company sends a welcome message and starts a chat
  5. 5. Popularity of WeChat and unique features allow banks to communicate with clients and offer high-demand services in mobile app (transaction, nearest ATM, check accounts). However popular in European countries messengers (whatsapp, viber, Facebook messenger) don’t have the equal features. So marketers don’t use messengers in communications with clients. #arg_research Full version available on request: click@a-rg.com