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We create intelligent design that will help you to capture the trust
and loyalty of your stakeholders and drive your busin...
| Intelligent design
We are proud
Europe’s foremost
development bank,
operating in 37 member
We introduce
Change how donors and
investors see your business,
with intelligent design
As the...
| Intelligent design
We achieve
Do your corporate reports
excite investors and donors
or leave them baffle...
We understand
In our view, the best type of
client relationship is a ...
What we did
To fully understand the programme
and the client, we embarked on
a research phase, exploring their
other co...
We innovate
We work with you to reach
a larger audience across
every available channel
The project demonstrates how
effectively content can be displayed
online, with sharing and bookmarking
We visualise
The human brain processes
visual information
thousands of t...
We translate
Switched on organisations
are extending their reach
and producing c...
Have we struck a chord with you?
Now is the time to re-evaluate your
approach to design. Ask yourself:
• Are you tellin...
We produce
As well as being experts
in corporate reporting,
Blackwood produces
Banner design
Corporate Gifts
Direct Mail
Display Exhibiti...
‘Our SABMiller.com updates
have gone live this morning
without a glitch so as you can
imagine I’m breathing a sigh
of r...
We are proactive
Ready to work with a design
company that applies
intelligent thinking to
help you reach furthe...
‘Taking the time to understand
what your challenges and
goals are is key to producing
effective solutions, and to
a long a...
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The Blackwood Brochure

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The Blackwood Brochure

  1. 1. We create intelligent design that will help you to capture the trust and loyalty of your stakeholders and drive your business success weareblackwood.com Intelligent design to drive your business success REACH FURTHER AND ACHIEVE MORE PAGE 08 CAPTURE – AND KEEP – YOUR AUDIENCE’S ATTENTION PAGE 10 TALK TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE IN THE RIGHT LANGUAGE PAGE 12 RE-EVALUATE YOUR APPROACH TO DESIGN PAGE 14 DESIGN IN ALL ITS FORMS PAGE 16 WHAT OUR CLIENTS HAVE TO SAY PAGE 18 STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD PAGE 03 TRANSFORM YOUR CORPORATE REPORTING PAGE 04 WORK WITH AN AGENCY THAT CARES ABOUT YOUR SUCCESS PAGE 06
  2. 2. | Intelligent design We are proud PARTNERING WITH THE BEST Europe’s foremost development bank, operating in 37 member countries The Middle East’s largest multilateral development financing institution, operating across 56 member countries The world’s second largest beverage company, employing 69,000 employees in 80 countries, producing and retailing over 200 brands The largest and oldest single-payer healthcare system in the world One of Europe’s leading mobile telecommunications providers Europe’s largest railway and infrastructure construction project and the largest single infrastructure investment ever undertaken in the UK Europe’s largest social survey, mapping the attitudes, beliefs and behaviour patterns of more than 30 nations.
  3. 3. 03 We introduce STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD Change how donors and investors see your business, with intelligent design As the world gets smaller and the business marketplace becomes increasingly crowded, organisations are searching for more eye catching ways to make their communications – including their corporate reports – stand out from the crowd. Blackwood is an established print and digital design agency that takes a common sense approach to produce stunning corporate reports that attract new donors or investors to your company. While we are innovative and forward- thinking, we believe in the time- honoured value of working closely with clients. By listening to your challenges and partnering with your internal teams we are best placed to solve your issues, achieve your strategic aims and create work that will make your audiences sit up and notice. Our clients are national and international businesses and organisations. They have a global vision and an appetite to succeed and they want a design partner with the same attitude. We partner with them to produce inspiring, innovative, yet practical design-led solutions that inform, educate and engage – and drive their business success. Whether you are looking for creative and inspiring work for online or print we can help as we see the benefits of both and harness these to your advantage. We also regularly produce work in different languages, so your communications can be seen and understood by a global audience. The logos opposite are all businesses that understand the importance of intelligent design and the benefits it brings. They are all Blackwood clients. I hope you enjoy finding out more about Blackwood in the following pages. We would welcome the chance to talk to you and find out more about your business challenges and help you find clever, cost effective design-led solutions. Please do get in touch – our contact details are on this page. We look forward to working with you. Clare Ritchie Partner and Client Services Director Blackwood Blackwood was formed in 2010 with a simple vision. To bring together like-minded designers, web developers, writers and business strategists in a working model that’s tailored to each client’s needs and aspirations. Our scaleable approach enables us to work successfully across international projects or smaller initiatives. Our clients are local, national and international in their breadth and offer. Whatever your organisation’s size, challenges or aims, our team has the passion, expertise and flexibility to help you succeed. Blackwood Creative Ltd 22 Spring Street Brighton East Sussex United Kingdom +44 (0)1273 732246 ƀ clare@weareblackwood.com į www.weareblackwood.com
  4. 4. 04 | Intelligent design
  5. 5. 05 We achieve TRANSFORM YOUR CORPORATE REPORTING Do your corporate reports excite investors and donors or leave them baffled? Let intelligent design change them for the better If your latest report has been given only a cursory glance by shareholders – and has been missed entirely by potential investors – it may be suffering from a number of issues, including: • Uninspiring content and design: no one wants to read it • Only produced in paper: not accessible to the right people online • Not in the right languages: the right people cannot read it • Little or no communication around launch: no one knows about it Take a fresh look Corporate reports are still important vehicles for informing and reassuring your shareholders and driving interest from potential investors. Even if an annual report is mandatory for your company to produce, look upon it as an opportunity to showcase your past performance as well as your strategic vision with clarity and impact. Include the information and stories that your audience wants to know about. Be mindful that your stakeholders are more than shareholders and investors: they are your employees, suppliers, customers and local communities. ‘Our team is leading the way in successful migration of traditional print reports online.’ 20% THE PROPORTION OF A COMPANY’S INVESTORS WHO ACTUALLY READ ITS ANNUAL REPORT. Talk to Blackwood New regulations introduced this year require companies listed on the Dubai Stock Exchange to produce annual reports. Blackwood is already actively helping clients in this region realise a level of innovation that will influence corporate reporting globally. As the corporate reporting specialists, we understand the challenges you face. We also see the opportunities. We have the skills and expertise to ensure that your reports become widely anticipated and readily consumed – and achieve everything you expect, and more.
  6. 6. 06 We understand WORK WITH AN AGENCY THAT CARES ABOUT YOUR SUCCESS In our view, the best type of client relationship is a long- term client relationship Eye-catching and effective corporate reports don’t just happen. They are created when your design agency understands your organisation and its communications needs inside out. Blackwood will work with you over the long term. We will care as deeply as you do about your organisation, and about helping you to achieve your strategic goals. We will work with you to question and challenge the brief, strategy and content. This may lead you to completely reappraise your approach – with incredible results. We can help, whatever you need: producing a beautifully designed printed piece, or taking an innovative, tailored approach that combines the best of print and digital. ‘Working with Blackwood may lead you to completely reappraise your approach – with incredible results.’ | Intelligent design Islamic Development Bank: Reverse Linkage programme The challenge The Islamic Development Bank's (IDB) Reverse Linkage team contacted Blackwood following our successful redesign of the Bank's Annual Report in 2015. They needed help to raise awareness of their programme, and attract governments and institutions to sign up to it. What is Reverse Linkage? This initiative brings two Muslim countries together so that they can share thinking and experience to benefit each other, either to help them to grow or to resolve infrastructure challenges. It is a complex but far-reaching initiative that’s bringing huge benefits for both the provider and recipient. There is a fantastic story to tell, and we felt it was important to do it justice. However, the client had a huge amount of detailed information. Knowing which aspects to pull out and highlight was a big challenge for them.
  7. 7. 07 What we did To fully understand the programme and the client, we embarked on a research phase, exploring their other communications channels and researching existing perceptions of the Reverse Linkage programme. The client supplied nearly 60 pages of information, which we ultimately distilled into infographics on two posters. One shows how the Reverse Linkage programme works, including benefits to the recipient and provider countries, while the other demonstrates the global reach of the programme, along with case studies and details about new partnerships in progress. At the same time, we took the opportunity to give the Reverse Linkage programme its own identity while maintaining the overall brand integrity of the IDB. The results Encouraged by positive stakeholder engagement with our infographics, IDB asked us to help promote Reverse Linkage at the 2016 IDB Annual Meeting in Jakarta. A physical presence was a new way for them to reach a wider audience. Successful use of a new channel – animation – gave their messages maximum impact. The animation, produced in English, French and Arabic, explains how the Reverse Linkage programme works in a visually engaging way. We also produced a versatile delegate pack. As our work with IDB’s Reverse Linkage team goes from strength to strength, we will continually review it to assess the impact of the design, the channels used and to identify successes and refine their output. AT A GLANCE WHAT WE PRODUCED: • A double sided A3 poster and a single sided A2 poster – in English, Arabic and French. • A delegate folder. • USB cards • A four minute animation – in English, Arabic and French. • Four case study leaflets in English. HOW WE HELPED THE CLIENT: • We advised on the best channels for reaching their intended audience, and for conveying complex information. • We simplified their detailed content into eye-catching, user-friendly products. • We created a range of assets that the client can reuse to support the new identify we’ve produced. • We have supported the team to achieve its goals and objectives while building its profile within the wider Bank. WITHIN ONE MONTH OF LAUNCH, THE REVERSE LINKAGE ANIMATION HAS BECOME THE BANK’S SECOND MOST VIEWED VIDEO TECHNICAL COOPERATION PROGRAM REVERSE LINKAGE Suriname ␣ IDB MEMBER COUNTRIES ○ IDB HEADQUARTERS ○ PARTICIPATING MEMBER COUNTRIES REVERSE LINKAGE PROJECT REVERSE LINKAGE PARTNERSHIP & MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MoU) SIGNED P2P PEER TO PEER PROJECT PREPARATION CONNECT TO SHARE CONTACT US TO FIND OUT MORE ƀ reldiv@isdb.org TOGETHER WE BUILD A BETTER FUTURE Recipient Country: Mali Provider Country: Morocco Sector/Field: Water Management b. P2P Recipient Country: Cote D’ivoire Provider Country: Morocco Sector/Field: Mapping Soil Fertility a. P2P Recipient Country: Uganda Provider Country: Turkey Sector/Field: Vocational Education f. P2P Recipient Country: Pakistan Provider Country: Turkey Sector/Field: Earthquake Seismological Research g. P2P Recipient Country: Djibouti Provider Country: Morocco Sector/Field: Maternal Health e. P2P i. PARTNERSHIP The Ministry of National Development Planning, Indonesia. MoU Signed in April 2013 2 1 ii iii f e a d c g j h k b iv 4 i 3 5 ii. PARTNERSHIP The Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation (AMCI), Morocco. MoU Signed in March 2014 iii. PARTNERSHIP The Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development, Egypt. MoU Signed in April 2015 iv. PARTNERSHIP The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), Turkey and the Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC). MoU Signed in June 2014 Recipient Country: Suriname Provider Country: Malaysia Sector/Field: Rice Production h. P2P Recipient Country: Kuwait Provider Country: Malaysia Sector/Field: Halal Products Authentication j. P2P Recipient Country: Mozambique Provider Country: Indonesia Sector/Field: Aquaculture in Brackish Water k. P2P Recipient Country: The Gambia Provider Country: Turkey Sector/Field: Medicine Teaching c. P2P Recipient Country: Chad Provider Country: Egypt Sector/Field: Ophthalmology d. P2P 2. WATER QUALITY TREATMENT BURKINA FASO (RECIPIENT) MOROCCO (PROVIDER) APPROVAL DATE May 2014 NEEDS/CHALLENGES Improving the quality of water in Ouagadougou and surrounding areas by protecting water sources against eutrophication in Ziga and Loumbila dams. SOLUTIONS Introducing a new proven biological solution for protecting water resources against eutrophication and assisting the national stakeholder in implementing a system for monitoring the quality of water. PARTNERS INVOLVED The National Office for Water and Sanitation (ONEA), Burkina Faso. The National Office for Electricity and Potable Water (ONEE), Morocco. The Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation (AMCI). BURKINA FASO CONTRIBUTION $300,000 MOROCCO CONTRIBUTION $300,000 IDB CONTRIBUTION $300,000 1. CONTROL OF AVOIDABLE BLINDNESS NIGER (RECIPIENT) TURKEY (PROVIDER) APPROVAL DATE October 2013 NEEDS/CHALLENGES Improving of the access to and quality of eye health care. SOLUTIONS Upgrading the ophthalmic infrastructure in Lamorde Hospital in Niamey, enhancing the skills of the eye care personnel and providing medical treatment free of charge. PARTNERS INVOLVED The National Program of Blindness Control, Niger. The Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), Turkey. NIGER CONTRIBUTION $150,000 TURKEY CONTRIBUTION $1,800,000 IDB CONTRIBUTION $150,000 4. FLOOD DISASTER RISK MANAGEMENT SENEGAL (RECIPIENT) INDONESIA (PROVIDER) APPROVAL DATE May 2015 NEEDS/CHALLENGES Improving the capacity in flood disaster risk management and mitigation. SOLUTIONS Developing flood disaster mapping in Dakar, reviewing the standards of building in flood prone areas and supporting the development of Flood Early Warning System. PARTNERS INVOLVED The Ministry of Development, Restructuring and Upgrading of Suburbs, Senegal. The Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center, Indonesia. The Indonesia National Disaster Management Agency. The Ministry of National Development Planning, Indonesia. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The Azerbaijan International Development Agency (AIDA). SENEGAL CONTRIBUTION $200,000 INDONESIA CONTRIBUTION $900,000 OTHER CONTRIBUTION $300,000 IDB CONTRIBUTION $300,000 5. RICE PRODUCTION BRUNEI DARUSSALAM (RECIPIENT) MALAYSIA (PROVIDER) APPROVAL DATE September 2014 NEEDS/CHALLENGES Improving the management and characteristics of rice varieties. SOLUTIONS Introducing new rice varieties, improving soil fertility management and developing agronomic practices for sustainable rice production. PARTNERS INVOLVED The Department of Agriculture and Agrifood, the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, Brunei Darussalam. The Malaysian Agricultural Research & Development Institute (MARDI). BRUNEI DARUSSALAM CONTRIBUTION $6,138,176 MALAYSIA CONTRIBUTION $242,000 IDB CONTRIBUTION $300,000 3. ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION OF LIVESTOCK KYRGYZ REPUBLIC (RECIPIENT) INDONESIA (PROVIDER) APPROVAL DATE October 2014 NEEDS/CHALLENGES Improving the livestock productivity through genetic development of local breeds. SOLUTIONS Strengthening the local institutional and human capacities for the management of an Artificial Insemination Program and providing technical support for breeding and husbandry. PARTNERS INVOLVED The Kyrgyz Scientific Research Institute of Livestock and Pastures. The Singosari National Artificial Insemination Centre, Indonesia. The Ministry of National Development Planning, Indonesia. KYRGYZ REPUBLIC CONTRIBUTION $132,000 INDONESIA CONTRIBUTION $938,000 IDB CONTRIBUTION $300,000 TECTECTECTECCCCCCCCCCCCCCCTECCCCCCCCHNIHNHHHHHHHNHNIHNHNIHNNNIHNNNIIHHHNHHHNIHNIHNNINNINHNIIHHHHHNHHHNNNNHNNNIHNINIHHHHNIHNINNNNIHHHNHNNNNNNNIHHNNNNHNNNHHNNINIHHNNNNNIHHNNNIHNIHHNNHNN CALCALCALCALCALCALCALCALCACAAALALLCACALCACALCACACALCAAACALCALLCACALCCCALCAAACACAAAACALALLLLALCALCCCALCCACACAAAAAAALLALLCALCACAAAACAAAAALLLCALCCCCAAAACAAALLLCACCC LLLCACCACALCALAACCAAAAACCCALLALL COCOCOOCOOCOCOCCCCOCCCOOOOOOOOOCOCCCOCOCCOCOCCCOCOOOOCOOCCCCOCCCCCOOOOCOOOCOCCCCCCCOOOOCOOOOCOCCCOCCOOOOCCCCCOOOCCCCOOOOCCOOOOOOCCCCCOOOOOCCCCCCCOOOOOCCOCOOOOOOOPEPEOOOOOOOOOPEPEPEPEPPOPEPEOPEOOOOOOOPEOOPEOPEOPEPEPEPPEEOPEOOOOOOPEPPEPPEPOPEOPEOOOOOOPEPPPPOPEPEPEEOOOOOPPEPEEOOOOOOPEPEOOOOOOPEOOOOOO EOOOOO EOOOOOPEEOOOOOOOPEPEPEPEEOOOO ERATRARARATRRRRRATRATRAAAAAATRATTTATRATRATRATRATRARAAATAAATRATATATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATAATARATTRRRARATRRRRRATAAATAATRATAAARRRRAATRAATTTRAATTRRATAAATRRRAAATTTRATRATRATRATTIONIONIIOIONOOONONOIOOONNNIIIONONIONIONNNIOOIONONOONNONIONONOONIOOOOONOONOONONIONIONIONONOOIONIONNIONNNIONONNNIIIONONIIO PRPRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPRPRPPPROGROGROGROGROGOOOGGGGGGGGGGGRROGROGROGGROGOGGOGGRROGRROGGGGGGROGRRROGROGROOGOGGGOGRRRROOOGROGGROGRGRRRROGROGRRRRRRROOOGRGRROGROGRROOOOOGOGRRROOOGRROOO RO RROOOO RRAMAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA EVEEVEEREVEEVEVRR VVREVERREVERREEREEEVEVVEERRREVEEEEEEVVVEEEERRRREEEVEVVVEVEEEEEREVEREVEREVERREVEEEV RRSERSERSERRRRRRSESESEERRRRSEESERRRSESESESERRRSERSERSERRR ERRRRRRR LLILIILINLLINKLINKLLLLLIIILLLLLLLLLILILIL AGE SSurinamerinarinamurinameSu amameSu e ␣ ESIDB MEMBER COUNTRIE ○○ SSIDB HEADQUADQUAADQUARTEARRTDQUARTQUARTARTUARTEUARTEADQUARTEETEAADDQUARTEUARTEARTRTTEEDB HEAA RTEERRSSRRSRRSSRRSS ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ EMBER COUNTRIESPARTIPARTPARPAR ICPARTICPARTICIARTICIPRTICIPATICIPATPARTICIPATPARTICIPATINPARTICIPATINGPAPAARRTICIP ME AGE PROJECTREVERSE LINKA NKAGE PREVERSE LIN ARTNERSHIP &PP ANDUM OF UNDERSTANDINGMEMORAN (Mo SIGNEDU) S P PEER TO PEER PROJECTP2P P PREPARATIONPR CONNECT TO SHARE CONTACT US TO FIND OUT MORE ƀ reldiv@isdb.org TOGETT HER WER WHER WER WWWWER WWWRR WWWR WWWWWEEEERRR WE BUEE BUE BUBUIIBE BBBBUE BUUUUBUIIBBBUE BUE BUE BUE BUIE BUIEEE BE BBBUUBUUBUIE BUIEE BBUE BUIEEE BE BUE BUIE B LLLLDLDDLDLDLD ALLL BETTER FUTURE RecRRecRecipiepient Cpient Ceccip entt Ccip ent Ct Ctipient CCReReecReccipientip ent CCecc pientnt CCppp ountountryounttouounntttrryyouounntttry:tryyy:ounttry:try:y:ouun ryy::yyyyy MMalMaliMMMMMMMMa ProviderPProviderrovider Croovider CoiidProvider Cer Covider CoPPProvider CoProvviidroviderr CCovider CooPProvider Coiddeer CCoountuntrryryy::uu trryry:yy:: MMMoroccoMMMooMMMooroc SeSecSS t ///FFFii/Fiellctooorr/r//FFFiieeelelecctooorr/FFieelSSeecctooor/Fr/r/FFiieeelldddd:ddd:: WWaatteerrr MMMMaaannaaggWaWateer MMMMaanaaggWateat r MMMMaanaaggWWaaterr MMMMaaannaaggaattee aaa aaggeeemmennnttteeemmeennnttteemeennnttteeemmeennnttteee e tt bbbbb P P. 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FLOOD DISASTER RISK MANAGEMENT L (RECIPIENT)SENEGAL ( (PROVIDER)INDONESIA ( APPROVAL DATE May 2015 NEEDS/CHALLENGES oddd disastersasterisasterisasterdisasterasstdisasteer risk manrisk managkkrisk mansk maisk mank mana ement andement ament aanan mitigation.Improving the capacity in floodoooood SOLUTIONSLUTIOLUTIONIONSLUTIONSONIONSSSLUTIONUTUUTT g in Dang in Dakag in Dakag in Dan Dakakan DakaDakang in Dakanin Dain Da ag in Dan rr rer, reviewir, revr r ng the stasttststandards ofDevelopingopingevDD pveDeveelDevel flood disaflood dis ster mappir mapt ppippmappimappii gnnnggg osupposupporting the developmentntntntnt of Floodbuilding ibuildingldingbui ig ibuildidin iggg n flood pron flood pron flood pron flood pron flood pron flood prdod pn flood proflood proooood ne areas aareasne areane areas anenene aaarreasareas ae dddnd snd su EarEarly Warnrlyy Wy WWWrly WWy WWWWWarrnnEarly Wly Wy WWWWaarWarnEEaEarlyy rnEaarrllyyy WEarlarlyyy WWW iiininging SystemSing Systemng System. 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ART3. 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Planning,PlNatatiN onal Develnao opment PlNNNNNNNNNNNf NNNNNNaN DevDevef NNNNNNf NNThThe Me MinistMinnisststMinisstMMinnnis ry of Nry ofof Nofoof Innddon isia.nd eesssiaa.onees EPUBLIC CONTRIBUTIONBUUBLPEP BUTBUTUBLUBLIEPYZ RYZZZYZ RZZYZ RYZZKYKYRGRGGGYZ REPRGYZZYRRRRGRRKKYYYRYRRGKYYRRYYRR $132,0000 ONESIAONNEO CONTRIBUTIONOOOONESIAONO NTRNTRONTRONTRONESIAOONNONDONESIADOINNDOONNIN $938,000 OONONTRIBUTIOONONTRIB ONONTONONTRIBBBIDIDB CONTRIB CB CODB CONI B $300,000300,000,00000,000000
  8. 8. 08 We innovate REACH FURTHER AND ACHIEVE MORE We work with you to reach a larger audience across every available channel We are skilled at creating printed publications in every format and producing interactive online websites using the latest technology. We will showcase your corporate report across a variety of platforms to support your aims and reach your target audience. Our digital work is designed and built to be accessible on all devices, from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones. Technology is constantly evolving, so we make sure you are on top of the latest developments. Publicising your finished site is a vital step that many organisations ignore. Our targeted HTML email campaigns promote your website launch and ensure you reach the widest possible audience. | Intelligent design 2011 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD): Transition Reports Blackwood has been working alongside the Bank for five years and has been continuously developing this important and complex report. Since 2013 we have created online reports to engage stakeholder groups and share the Bank's findings across Europe and beyond. We designed and built a dual-language microsite in English and Russian, optimising it for viewing on tablet and mobile phone. Interactive data charts and maps bring the content to life. This site also helps EBRD to gain extra value from pre-existing assets, such as videos, that enhance the user experience. Blackwood has also produced a full range of complementary online and printed assets (see bottom right). 2011 2015-16 7.5% COST REDUCTION Even though 2015-16 has seen a large increase in digital and campaign products, the reduced print pagination and print run has meant an overall reduction in total costs. 160% AUDIENCE GAIN The campaign activities have helped to raise awareness of the report while the implementation of the digital channel has helped to reach a wider, global audience. COST REDUCTIONS AND AUDIENCE GAIN TRANSITION REPORT 2015-16 PRINT REPORTING IN 2011 THE EBRD PRODUCED A 180 PAGE PRINTED REPORT IN ENGLISH AND RUSSIAN. DISTRIBUTED AT AN ENGLISH LAUNCH EVENT AND RUSSIAN ROADSHOWS. 2 ○ Cost reduction ○ Audience gain
  9. 9. 09 2015-16 The project demonstrates how effectively content can be displayed online, with sharing and bookmarking functions plus expanding and collapsing sections to personalise the reader’s experience. The EBRD now has a dynamic, authoritative but user-friendly online platform to communicate, challenge and cooperate with European and global stakeholders on economic development. The project's success was made possible through a trusting and collaborative working relationship. The impressive results are testament to EBRD's confidence in Blackwood, which gave us the flexibility to pursue new ideas and break new ground. DIGITAL CHANNEL ANALYSIS TRANSITION REPORT 2015-16 OMNI-CHANNEL REPORTING FOR 2015-16 THE EBRD PRODUCED AN INTEGRATED PRINT AND DIGITAL CAMPAIGN COMPRISING: • a 104 page print report • a 16 page digest in English only • a dual language English/Russian website with interactive maps, video, infographics and charts • full Russian report pdf download • exclusive online only content • promotional email campaign • global press launch • event posters, banners and launch/roadshow Powerpoint presentation. 64%DECREASE IN COST PER READER While the budget is being used more efficiently, the products and channel selection are now more suitable and effective for the Bank’s audience. 90 10 20 10 3 66 92 5 2 CHANNEL GROUPING ○ Referral 66% ○ Direct 20% ○ Organic 10% ○ Social 3% DEVICE CATEGORY ○ Desktop 92% ○ Mobile 5% ○ Tablet 2% NEW USERS ○ External 90% ○ EBRD 10%
  10. 10. EYE-TRACKING STUDIES SHOW INTERNET USERS PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO INFORMATION-CARRYING IMAGES. IN FACT, WHEN THE IMAGES ARE RELEVANT, USERS SPEND MORE TIME LOOKING AT THE IMAGES THAN THEY DO READING TEXT ON THE PAGE. | Intelligent design CHANNEL AUDIENCE ‘Blackwood will create stunning visuals for print and online to capture and keep your audience’s attention.’ INFOGRAPHICS ARE LIKED AND SHARED ON SOCIAL MEDIA 3X MORE THAN OTHER ANY OTHER TYPE OF CONTENT. 10 AUDIENCE CHANNEL AUDIENCE CHANNEL INFOGRAPHIC A good infographic combines reputable data with clear design and a compelling story to convey a strong message relevant to your intended audience CHART DATA NARRATIVEDESIGN Design with little data: Eye-catching but without substance or real value A well-designed chart could be the perfect tool to display your data Data with little design: Impregnable, unintelligible or unappealing Data with little narrative: Lacks context and insight Narrative with little data: Lacks depth and evidence Design with little narrative: Window dressing, lacks meaning or purpose Narrative with little design: Impenetrable or dry communication PAPER ILLUSTRATION An illustration can tackle hard subject matter, question, provoke or succinctly tell a story A white paper could argue your point, relate a strategy or communicate a theory or findings
  11. 11. 11 We visualise CAPTURE – AND KEEP – YOUR AUDIENCE’S ATTENTION The human brain processes visual information thousands of times faster than text. So if you want the data from your reports to stand out and be understood quickly, it needs to be in visual form ‘When it comes to the visual approach for your report, one size definitely doesn’t fit all.’ 3 IPPF's global reach 153 Member Associatio ns–nationally-owned, Providing integrate d sexual and r eproductivehealthinformation,educationandservices Supporting healthsystemsstrengthening Advo cating forpolicyandlegislativechangeinsupportofsexualandreproductivehealthandrights 30,0 00+ staff M ill io nsofvolunteers volunteer-based, auto nomousorganizations IP PF Member Member Member M ember Member Member Associations Associations Associations AssociationsAssociationsAssociations 29 15 37 9 22 41 Western East&SouthEast European Hemisphere Arab World Africa SouthAsia AsiaandOceania Network Blackwood understands how to capture your audience’s attention with well chosen and striking visuals and formats for print and online. The visuals we choose to use and create all comes down to what you want to say, who you are talking to and the channel you are using. Infographics and pictograms are two options that give complex data meaning and context through easy to understand, engaging visuals. Illustrations are another method of giving extra dimension to your content. The function should come first. And using the right data is all- important. You want an infographic to make your reader sit up and notice, question their views and get excited about your work. Hit the right note and your audience will share your report content with their colleagues and online communities via social media. Your corporate report could go viral. Imagine the positive impact on your investor or donor numbers. Blackwood can help you make that happen. 1436H IN NUMBERS 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 9000 10000 11000 12000 13000 14000 15000 16000 17000 18000 19000 20000 Bangladesh Egypt Pakistan Turkey Morocco Iran Saudi Arabia Indonesia Tunisia Algeria Jordan Senegal Bahrain Uzbekistan Sudan Lebanon Kuwait Burkina Faso Azerbaijan Kazakhstan Mauritania Oman Syria Cameroon Yemen Malaysia Nigeria Côte d'Ivoire Uganda Mali Chad U.A.E. Benin Libya Niger Gambia Gabon Guinea Albania Iraq Togo Turkmenistan Mozambique Qatar Djibouti Tajikistan Maldives Sierra Leone Kyrgyz Republic Suriname Palestine Comoros Afghanistan Somalia Brunei Guinea-Bissau 1190.1 — 18050.8 2006.7 — 9861.0 1090.0 — 9827.7 1965.0 — 8785.5 0.0 — 6469.8 0.0 — 5870.6 167.3 — 4704.1 129.0 — 3711.6 319.5 — 3173.3 10.0 — 2499.4 181.0 — 2448.8 469.6 — 2002.5 50.1 — 1997.6 57.5 — 1746.4 11.5 — 1597.7 130.5 — 1587.6 0.0 — 1525.8 291.5 — 1461.6 40.0 — 1387.4 220.0 — 1319.2 97.2 — 1259.0 450.0 — 1165.8 0.6 — 1107.5 402.0 — 1080.7 39.9 — 1051.7 35.0 — 1029.3 55.0 — 977.7 308.8 — 966.0 321.0 — 951.2 49.3 — 908.6 201.7 — 883.9 41.0 — 872.6 301.7 — 833.6 0.0 — 734.8 47.3 — 656.7 45.0 — 624.1 122.7 — 609.2 134.4 — 606.6 0.0 — 556.7 0.0 — 553.9 280.6 — 513.9 0.0 — 466.8 235.0 — 457.7 0.0 — 450.4 146.5 — 435.8 27.5 — 357.8 3.7 — 333.7 20.0 — 281.2 37.8 — 275.2 67.0 — 185.6 2.0 — 176.4 0.0 — 93.7 40.0 — 83.8 1.3 — 81.1 4.0 — 50.8 0.0 — 20.2 1436H — CUMULATIVE — AFGHANISTAN AZERBAIJAN KAZAKHSTAN KYRGYZ REPUBLIC TAJIKISTANTURKMENISTAN UZBEKISTAN IRAQ QATAR KUWAIT OMAN YEMEN JEDDAH BAHRAIN U.A.E JORDAN LEBANON SYRIA PALESTINE LIBYA TUNISIA IRAN PAKISTAN INDONESIA MALAYSIA MALDIVES BRUNEI BANGLADESH ALGERIA BURKINA FASO MALI MAURITANIA SENEGAL SURINAME MOROCCO GAMBIA GUINEA-BISSAU GUINEA SIERRA LEONE CÔTE D'IVOIRE SOMALIA CAMEROON CHAD SUDAN UGANDA NIGER NIGERIA MOZAMBIQUE GABON EGYPT TURKEY ALBANIA SAUDI ARABIA DJIBOUTI COMOROS BENIN TOGO THE PRESENT MEMBERSHIP OF THE BANK CONSISTS OF 56COUNTRIES WHICH FALL WITHIN FOUR IDB REGIONAL GROUPINGS MENA ASIA SSA CIS * Cut-off date for data reported in this table was 30 Dhul-Hijja 1436H (13 October 2015). This amount excludes ICIEC’s insurance commitments of ID18.4 billion ($27.6 billion) and business insurance operations of ID18.3 billion ($27.5 billion). Source: IDB TOTAL IDB GROUP NET APPROVALS $12.1BILLION CUMULATIVE IDB GROUP NET APPROVALS (1396H -1436H)* $113.6BILLION MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA MEMBER COUNTRIES (MENA) ID3.4 BILLION ($4.9 BILLION) ASIAN MEMBER COUNTRIES (ASIA) ID1.9 BILLION ($2.6 BILLION) SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA (SSA) ID2.5 BILLION ($3.5 BILLION) COMMONWEALTH OF INDEPENDENT STATES (CIS) ID10.9 MILLION ($307.8 MILLION) REGIONAL LEVEL ALLOCATION IN 1436H BY COUNTRY, THE TOP FIVE RECIPIENTS OF IDB GROUP FINANCING IN 1436H ○ EGYPT ID1.4 billion ($2.0 billion) 16.6% ○ TURKEY ID1.4 billion ($2.0 billion) 16.2% ○ BANGLADESH ID0.8 billion ($1.2 billion) 9.8% ○ PAKISTAN ID0.8 billion ($1.1 billion) 9.0% ○ SENEGAL ID332.2 million ($469.6 million) 3.9% ○ ITFC 52.9% ○ IDB-OCR 40.6% ○ ICD 5.5% ○ SPECIAL FUNDS (APIF & UIF) 0.9% ○ SPECIAL ASSISTANCE OPERATIONS 0.1% ○ MENA 42.3% ○ SSA 30.3% ○ ASIA 22.7% ○ CIS 2.7% GROUP MEMBERS SHARE IN TOTAL APPROVALS 65% OF SENIOR MARKETING EXECUTIVES BELIEVE THAT VISUAL ASSETS (PHOTOS, VIDEO, ILLUSTRATIONS AND INFOGRAPHICS) ARE CORE TO HOW THEIR BRAND STORY IS COMMUNICATED. nt orts rm
  12. 12. We translate TALK TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD Switched on organisations are extending their reach and producing compelling reports in different languages – and we’re helping them If you are looking to engage with potential new investors and donors beyond the countries you operate in, speak to them in their language. Blackwood designs reports in Russian, Arabic, Turkish, French, Spanish and German, and we’ve just added Mandarin to our list. Our multi-lingual studio ensures that the design of your report is culturally appropriate. Our clients are in the Middle East, continental Europe and across the UK. We work with global organisations, or businesses with a global vision, who want to take their corporate reports to the next level. 76% OF BLACKWOOD CLIENTS’ AUDIENCES SPEAK ENGLISH AS THEIR SECOND LANGUAGE TERSSISTT HOSPITALLERSHOHOS WEBSITEWW This inspirational charity, based in the UK and Africa, needed a new website accessible to a wider audience to showcase their work and attract new donors and supporters. The new site was launched with a colourful HTML email that was openedss by over 70% of those who received it –veve almost 40% above the industry average. GHANA 20 YEARS OF THE GREEN ECONOMY SPECIALIST PUBLICATION This brochure was distributed at thehehed at thed at the United Nations conference on the grereenregrgre economy in Rio de Janeiro, exploriningin sustainability over the past 20 yearsssarsears of the ‘Rio process’ – the first UNNN conference on sustainable developpment.popop BRAZIL E Y s distributed at theeeed at theed at the WELLBEING MATTERS WEBSITE & PRINT REPORT This is a new initiative meas eans’ wellbeing exploringand reporting on Europeans’ welleans’ well ution and drivers of subjectivethe definition, distribution andution and ope.wellbeing across Europe.ope. EUROPE THE DONOR REPORTHE DONOR REPORTTHE DONOR REPOR WEBSITE AND PRINT DIGESTWEBSITE AND PRINT DIGESWEBSITE AND PRINT DIGES The Donor Report reaches investors from aroundThe Donor Report reacheThe Donor Report reache from aroundfrom around the world. They provide funds to support activitiesthe world. They provide funthe world. They provide fun n countries from Centralin countries from Centraln countries from Central EuropEuropeEurop the Wethe Westhe We d tand thed t rEasternrn (SEMED CANADA S uringsuringuring ntries from Centrals from Centrals from Central to Central Asia,to Central Asia,to Central Asia, ern Balkansstern Balkansern Balkans hern ande Southern andhern and e iterraneann Mediterraneae iterranea D) region.D) region.D) region. | Intelligent design 12
  13. 13. UZBEKISTAN TAIWANQATAR SINCE WE HAVE BEEN REPORTING FOR THE EUROPEAN BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT, THEIR ANNUAL BUSINESS VOLUME HAS INCREASED BY €458MILLION ürkiye:Türkürkürkiürkiy RD ÖyküsüEBRDRD y CIALISTSPECC PUBLICATIONPUBLPUBL TTTTPUBLIPUBLI OO English | TurkishEE urkishurkishEnglishEnglish A cleaner sea in the south, a fastersea insea inA cA c commute in the north, new city transporte in thee in the nn in the west, helping women-ledst, hest, he businesses in the centre, restructuring SMEs in the east and saving energy throughout. This brochure tells the story of investment in Turkey since 2009. TURKEY SUSTAINABILITY ASSESSMENT MATRIX TOOL MICROSITE Providing accurate, com sustainability data acro 30 countries and 5 leve business performance. UGANDA EUROPEAN SOCIAL SURVEEUREUR SPECIALIST PUBLICATION English |Spanish ESS is a European project with, at present, 17at preat pre partner countries with Sweden and Denmark asn andn and host nations. In addition, more than 50 universithost nhost nhoshos nations. In addition, more than 50 universities,nations. In addition, more than 50 universit search institutes, and laboratories from all overresesesearch institutes, and laboratories from all oversearch institutes, and laboratories from all over world are taking part ithe wwworld are taking part in the ESS collaboration.world are taking part i SWEDEN EYY with at present 17at presat pres REVERSE LINKAGE: DEVELOPMENT THROUGH SHARING EXPLAINER ANIMATION English | Arabic | French Launched at the Islamic Development Bank’s Annual Meeting in Jakarta, the animation, produced in three languages, explains how the Reverse Linkage programme works in a visually engaging way. INDONESIA DIVERSIFYING RUSSIA SPECIALIST PUBLICATION English | Russian This publication looks in detail at policies thaThis publication looks in detail at policiThis publication looks in detail at policie n help to achieve economic diversification in Russia and end itscan help to achieve economic diversificn help to achieve economic diversific on exportsheavy reliance on exports of oil, gaon exports LAW IN TRANSITION DUAL LANGUAGE WEBSITE English | Russian The journal for governments, international organisations, therslegal practitioners and otherther ommercialmmmmmmactive in promoting commerciaommercia financiafinanciafinanciaand financial law reform infinancia transition counttttransition counttransition counttransition countries.transition count RUSSIA at mparable ss ls of TRADE EXCHANGEAA MAGAZINE Blackwood conceived,vv designed and launched thennnncc Taiwan Business sponsored TFP Magazine. The 32-page quarterly publication set the standard andaa yaa qq titi dd nnnn raised the Trade Finance Programme’s profile withinsss p the wider commercial market. TAIWAN d other minerals.as and other minerald other mineral 13
  15. 15. 15 Have we struck a chord with you? Now is the time to re-evaluate your approach to design. Ask yourself: • Are you telling your stories well enough with the report design? • What do you know about your audience/s? • Are you using the right channel to communicate with your target audience? • Where are they being seen? • Are you speaking the right language/s? • How are you promoting your corporate reports? Who is talking about them? We enhance RE-EVALUATE YOUR APPROACH TO DESIGN Our aim with this brochure is to provide strategic insight into producing your next corporate report ‘We understand your challenges. We have the skills and expertise. We also see the opportunities.’ Blackwood appreciates that the investment you make in design must have a clear return. We have evolved a three-step working model that’s all about collaboration, inspiration and innovation, and – above all – ensuring you are guaranteed a good return on your investment. If you would like a fresh approach, plan ahead for success in 2017 and give Blackwood a call. STEP ONE: Audit & Assess F irst off we immerse ourselves in your challenges and a sk all the questions we can. We’ll work with you t o create a strong brief that will enable us to e xceed your expectations. team will deliver a b eautifullydesignedandrigorouslythought digital marketing c am paigns,copywriting...Ourexpert illustrations, anim ations,infographics,branding, Corporate litera ture,websites,magazines, through print and/or digitalsolutionforyou,ontimeandonbudget. STEP TW O:Design&Deliver toassessimpact,identifyingsuccessesas w ell as spotting surveysandthelatestanalyticsand m e asurement software projectresults,butBlackwooddoes. W e use online Fewcreativeagenciesmeasurea nd analyse waystoenhanceandimproveyourfutureproj ects. STEPTHREE:Revie w & Refine
  16. 16. 16 We produce CREATING CLEVER DESIGN IN ALL ITS FORMS As well as being experts in corporate reporting, Blackwood produces brochures, websites, animations and much more We have the tools to review and refine the performance of your corporate reporting projects and position them within your communication strategy. We address any gaps with intelligently designed communications, including: • brochures • corporate websites • employee communications • video animations • HTML campaigns We work holistically We produce work for multiple channels, devices and audiences. That means you can trust all your design work to one dedicated team who deliver creativity with consistency and cost effectiveness. Our expertise includes… Brand development, communications strategy, relationship management, exhaustive knowledge of every design and digital software product, user experience, technical delivery, project management, problem solving, search engine optimisation, copywriting, editorial content, content strategy, training and brand language development. How can we help? • Do you need to engage more effectively with employees or get your people collaborating? • Is an impending merger likely to lead to a rebrand? • Are you keen to simplify your communication with more use of video animations? • Are your audience’s needs changing, leading to certain channels becoming less effective? ‘Blackwood are experts of printed and online design, spanning external and internal communications.’ | Intelligent design A case in point One of our clients asks us to produce a printed annual report in a number of languages. In recent times we have added pdfs of the report on to a USB stick and attached this to the printed version. Feedback we gathered from the launch event highlighted that delegates really wanted the report in a handy pocket sized format. Is your audience telling you they need your content in more accessible formats? Do they need to travel? Printed reports are heavy, so a shorter promotional digest along with the full version might be a good idea. Do they live in countries with unreliable internet services? If they can’t get online to view your report’s microsite, they’ll want to access a digital version in a user- friendly way i.e. USB.BLACKWOOD TRANSLATION DESIGN PROJECTS 2012-2016 71 2 9 41 18 9 3 3 26 ○ Print 71% ○ Digital 29% ○ Russian 41% ○ Arabic 26% ○ French 18% ○ German 9% ○ Spanish 3% ○ Turkish 3%
  17. 17. Animation Banner design Branding Brochures Campaigns Catalogues Charts Corporate Gifts Digest Direct Mail Display Exhibition Editorial guidelines Environment design Folders Fundraising campaigns HTML email Illustration Infographics Information architecture Logo design Magazine Marketing/Promotion Microsite Newsletters Packaging Posters Presentations Proposals Report Script writing Social media Strategy USB cards User Experience Visual identity Wayfinding Website Wireframe schematics Z-cards PRINT DIGITAL ARABIC FRENCH GERMAN RUSSIAN SPANISH TURKISH CHANNEL PRODUCT/SERVICE LANGUAGE WHICH CHANNELS COULD YOU BE USING? WE CAN HELP 17
  18. 18. 18 ‘Our SABMiller.com updates have gone live this morning without a glitch so as you can imagine I’m breathing a sigh of relief. Blackwood delivered exactly what we asked for, on schedule every step of the way. It was a seamless process led by Jez, he was a very safe pair of hands to work with. Thanks!’ Briony Clarke Digital Channel Manager SABMiller plc ‘WOW! Well done Blackwood, our General Assembly will be delighted with this result, as will the author of the report.’ Dr Lorna Ryan Centre for Comparative Social Surveys City University ‘The Bank’s Annual Report has been significantly revamped and improved and this improvement should continue as it has a major impact on engaging with the stakeholders.’ Governor Islamic Development Bank Group ‘Blackwood's creative ideas for our annual report are just so Chance UK. The work is always on brief and your eye-catching identity continues to engage our stakeholders and supporters.’ Gracia McGrath OBE Chief Executive Officer Chance UK | Intelligent design We value WHAT OUR CLIENTS HAVE TO SAY We measure and analyse project success but nothing beats hearing feedback from our clients While it’s great to get positive responses, we also ask clients for input on areas for improvement, so we can deliver an even better product and service for future projects. Here are some comments from clients who were happy to be quoted. There are many more great testimonials that we could have added, however it is normal to be asked to sign non disclosure agreements and we respect some clients’ needs for anonymity. ‘Thank you! We are all very happy with this year’s Annual Report and the Donor Report. We’ve already received a great deal of positive reviews and feedback from inside and outside the Bank, and already see an encouraging take-up on social media. ‘These two titles are extremely important as both reporting and visibility tools for the EBRD, so it's very gratifying that we’ve developed such strong and visually pleasing publications. All made easier to achieve with such a smooth and efficient production process.’ Head of Long-term Communications Output European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ‘The Top Trumps arrived ahead of time and have been very well received. I really appreciate you turning this around so quickly.’ Peter Hawes Internal Comms & Employee Engagement Manager Crossrail Ltd Call Blackwood today and talk to us about your next project. Call Clare Ritchie, Client Services Director, on +44 (0)1273 732246 or email clare@weareblackwood.com
  19. 19. We are proactive NEXT STEPS Ready to work with a design company that applies intelligent thinking to help you reach further and achieve more? ‘Every Blackwood project builds upon the success of the last. It’s intelligent design in action.’ Ask yourself: ƾ Is your corporate reporting working hard enough for you? ƾ Does the content of your report stand out from the crowd? ƾ Are your reports accessible to the people who matter? ƾ Do you know who’s reading them and where they are located? ƾ Are you only producing reports in English? ƾ Should you be considering other languages? ƾ Do you publicise your reports when they’re finished? ƾ Blackwood can help with your corporate reporting and other design projects. Talk to us today to start planning your next project. ✓
  20. 20. ‘Taking the time to understand what your challenges and goals are is key to producing effective solutions, and to a long and rewarding professional partnership.’ Why wait until your next reporting project? Call us today to arrange a meeting. The team at Blackwood look forward to working with you. Contact Clare Ritchie, our Client Services Director, by phone on +44 (0)1273 732246 or by email clare@weareblackwood.com