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Foursquare Strategies

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An overview of foursquare so you can use it effectively for your organization or business. Contact us at info@4sqindy.com for more information, speaking engagements, or consulting services. http://4sqindy.com

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Foursquare Strategies

  1. 1. Foursquare StrategiesAndy Huston@hust0058@4sqIndy@4sqChat#4sqChatwww.4sqindy.east44.com
  2. 2. Not Shiny New ToysPowerful Business Applications
  3. 3. From: Jess3.com
  4. 4. From: FastCompany
  5. 5. Social Media Planning1. Listen2. Learn3. Strategy4. Tools5. Measure Social Media Is Work
  6. 6. Rules for Tools• Listen• Content is King• Find Contacts• Engage• Involve “Experiment personally, apply professionally”
  7. 7. What is ?
  8. 8. The Case for Organizations• Tips, Add Value• Offer Specials• Marketing Integration• Word of Mouth Promotion• Build Brand Ambassadors (Insights)
  9. 9. Why Check In•Become Mayor of a Venue*Most Check-ins over 60 days*Only one check-in a day counts*Profile pic required•Earn Badges•Earn Points•Connect with Friends•Share and Receive Insider Tips•Save Money with Specials
  10. 10. Add FriendsEasy to search for friends on:• Gmail• Facebook (but not Pages, yet)• Twitter One-to-One Friending – like Facebook Strong privacy settings help you stay in control.
  11. 11. I recommend full organization name hereWhat email will your fans have? Twitter Avatar is a Good Idea
  12. 12. Your User Profile Page
  13. 13. An Upgraded Brand PageYour fanscan justclick tofollow –like theFB “Like”.No needto acceptfriendrequests!
  14. 14. Other Location – Based Services -- Gowalla
  15. 15. Other Location – Based Services -- SCVNGR
  16. 16. Other Location – Based Services – Facebook Places
  17. 17. How to Check In• Foursquare app for smartphones• SMS Text Message• Foursquare mobile website• Nokia phones with special app! Uses GPS to attain your location and show nearby venues
  18. 18. Badges Some have been event-specific.
  19. 19. Branded BadgesFollow VisitPA and Shout Follow the Ellen Show
  20. 20. Shout Status updates that can be made with or without your check-in. Notice you can now comment on check-ins.
  21. 21. PicturesPictures can be left at venues, included in tips, and added to your “shout” upon check-in. What will you and your guests showcase?
  22. 22. Leaderboard
  23. 23. Make Your Venue WorkBe Search Friendly• Add category• Add tipsClaim It (FREE)• Add staff• Add specials• Use Insights
  24. 24. Insights
  25. 25. Tips• Meaningful tips that reflect your brand• What would your fans want know• Draw connections to related venues
  26. 26. Popular tipsthat havebeencompleted bymany aremore likely tobe pushed tofollowers uponcheck-in.
  27. 27. TipsPromote your tips by embedding them on your website by grabbing embed code from your user or brand page.
  28. 28. StaffBasic Info• Staff can be added to one or multiple venues• Staff are not eligible to be Mayor• Helps encourage visitors to connect with employeesStaff Best Practices• Make staff aware of your foursquare presence• If running a special, all should know the details and how to process it• Recognize the employee that has helped redeem the most specials each month
  29. 29. Specials Scotty’s Brewhouse Houlihan’s Indianapolis Granite City BreweryGood specials drive traffic towardyour organizational goals. Rewardthe behavior you want to encourage.Creativity knows no bounds. King David’s Dogs
  30. 30. Market It! On-site promo FREE WITH CLAIMED VENUEYou are missing opportunities if you aren’t linkingto all your social media sites on your homepage.
  31. 31. One Click from Connection
  32. 32. Facebook and TwitterFacebook App that puts your Venue as a FB Page Tab
  33. 33. This microsite was agreat way for the Redskins to market their efforts.
  34. 34. Pictures
  35. 35. My Indiana State Fair Pic:2300 views in less than 12 hours on Twitter Yes, it was delicious.
  36. 36. Measure Impact
  37. 37. Google AlertsSocialMention.comSearch.Twitter.comInfluenceKloutTweetReachTrackingBit.LyGoo.Gl
  38. 38. Klout Measures Influence on TwitterINFLUENCE IS NOT: INFLUENCE IS ABOUT:Follower Counts Call to ActionNumber of Tweets ResponsesNumber of Posts Likes Comments Retweets Sharing Click Rates ViewsKNOW YOUR INFLUENTIAL FANS FOURSQUARE INFLUENCE To Dos – Done by OthersEncourage Them To Share Click-ThroughsWith Their Friends Shouts to Twitter or Facebook
  39. 39. You Don’t Have A Choice On Whether Or Not To DO Social Media; The Choice Is How Well You DO It. Erik Qualman Author, Socialnomics
  40. 40. Andy Huston Be Advised. Rapidly evolving. Have a question,@hust0058 need more information, or@4sqIndy want to stay on top of the@4sqChat latest news. Email us!#4sqChat (Monday’s at 9p ET)www.4sqindy.east44.com 4sqindy@gmail.com