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4 magnets to_attract_new_patients

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Are you missing out on revenue that might be hiding right around the corner? Do you know how easy it is to sneak extra profits in to your daily routine?

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4 magnets to_attract_new_patients

  2. 2. New Patients are necessary in dentistry. To attract new patients, you have to have a great reputation built on solid clinical care, case collaboration, happy employ- ees, the technology your patients desire and effective marketing. Depending on your office, it really doesn’t take much to increase your case acceptance rate or for existing patients to spread a good word about you. Often, it can be done for a fraction of the cost spent on confusing and generic social media platforms. Let’s take a look at some proven methods.
  3. 3. 1.CREATE MESSAGING THAT MATTERS The next time you are looking at putting a message or advertisement out there, put some thought into what the message is presenting. Every day, we are constantly being told what to buy and from where. It’s easy to scroll past online ads, rendering it inefficient to those spending mon- ey on it. However, if you focus on posting quality information, you make your post valuable to your readers enticing them to stop and engage. Appealing topics include end-of-year insurance benefits, new ways of contacting your office, other patient testimonials and deals on elective treatments like teeth whitening. Make sure you know WHO you are targeting. One benefit of social media marketing are the targeting capabilities. Facebook allows you to target people who are proven to be early adopters of new technology. Create a message about how your office uses CEREC to attract new pa- tients who appreciate the technology you use. Reaching 50 people with shared interests is more effective than reaching 1000 people who don’t care about your message.
  4. 4. 3. 2.LIVE CHAT When eDigital recently conducted a Customer Service Benchmark survey, it was found live chat features on websites far surpassed phone and short message services (SMS) in customer satisfaction levels. New customers want to be able to ask questions and get information quickly when they can’t make phone calls. Patients who can scout your business online and communicate with you through live chat are more likely to schedule with you. CareText by OperaDDS gives new and existing patients an effective way to reach out to your office, whether for hesitant, mid-day questions or emergency, after-hours questions. With CareText, you don’t have to be interrupted by a phone call in the middle of dinner or a movie to help your patients. CASE COLLABORATION Sometimes people need a service you don’t provide onsite. If you refer 10 people to a specialist but only 3 show up, your referral partner just lost 70% of your good referrals. If in return, she refers 10 people to you, but only 4 show up, you lose 60% of your potential revenue. Tighten up your case collaboration and provide your referral partners with point- to-point, HIPAA-secure communication. Make it easy for them to access x-rays and data to not only provide easy, complete care for patients, but to track where the patient is in their treatment plan, starting with if they’ve shown up for the referral. Reduce the number of new patients you are losing from not knowing they were ever referred through better case collaboration.
  5. 5. 4.INCENTIVIZE EXISTING PATIENTS Spending money on advertising and chasing after new customers will always take more effort than utilizing the patients who already love your office and come back to you. Most of them would be willing to refer you if you asked them, but how many would go out of their way to make sure their friends and family come to you? Set up a referral plan to make that follow-through more tempting. When their referral shows up for their new patient appointment, provide credit to the referral source’s account or a gift card to a local restaurant. Make it more worthwhile by sending another gift when their referral comes back for a second appointment in 6 months. Schedule a demo now to learn how you can incorporate CareText to attract new patients and utilize a progressive collaboration system to make referrals easier for your existing patients. SCHEDULE YOUR FREE DEMO >