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Creating an inbound marketing services capacity

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The exploding areas of local, mobile, and social digital contexts offer outstanding ROI prospects for brands and growth potential for digital agencies.

Here is a vision for expanding an inbound marketing capacity either in-house or on the agency side. It's time to move beyond core SEO and PPC into a holistic, social, local, and content-driven world.

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Creating an inbound marketing services capacity

  1. 1. hugeinc.cominfo@hugeinc.com45 Main StreetBrooklyn, NY, 11201(718) 625 48435/13/2013  Vision  for  Inbound  Marke1ng  Services    Andrew  Delamarter  Director,  Search  and  Inbound  Marke>ng  
  2. 2. Agenda:1. Inbound marketing2.Vision for Inbound services3. Appendix –Specific Inboundtactics
  3. 3. The Inbound Ring.Key concept:
  4. 4. The emerging ecosystem of 3rdparty services that surround corebrand assets:
  5. 5. The company
  6. 6. Core digital brand assets
  7. 7. The Inbound Marketing ring
  8. 8. Media and Advertising
  9. 9. User  encounters  brand  content  Inbound  issues  drive  exit  from  customer  journey  The essential role of the inbound ring.
  10. 10. An optimized inbound presencemeans managing search, high-intent media, local, social,mobile, content, app discovery,and analytics, holistically.
  11. 11. InboundMarketerSEM / media On-page contentSocial Presence &AuthorityLocalMobileApps / GPSG+Marketing CloudDoubleclickMarinKenshooOmnitureGoogleAnalyticsEarnedDiscovery
  12. 12. Vision forInboundServices.
  13. 13. Consultation servicesThree complementary services.$Design and BuildInbound MarketingServicesDefinesstrategyDefinesrequirements
  14. 14. BusinessConsultingAdvertising + MediaDesign + BuildInbound Services
  15. 15. Selling approach.
  16. 16. Problem:By the time an audit of the clientinbound situation is complete adissues are highlighted, thebudget is not available to doanything about it.
  17. 17. Solution:Present 3 legs of service offeringat initial client discussions.Address post-launch search anddiscovery strategies at pitch.
  18. 18. ApproachInbound Audit > Strategy >Implementation Plan
  19. 19. •  Define the key inbound channels.•  Core web / technical SEO•  Local search•  Mobile search•  Social – LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook•  GPS / Dashboard devices•  Images•  Videos•  News / Bursty content•  Content Syndication•  Content Promotion•  Link building•  Audit presence, effectiveness.•  Highlight inbound opportunities.Step 1: The Inbound Audit.
  20. 20. •  Define the desired outcome state.•  Align to the larger digital engagement:•  Key touch points.•  Define what elements must be built into digitalecosystem.•  Define elements that live on ‘earned’ and 3’rd-partyplatforms.•  Create the roadmap.•  Define KPIs and Objectives.Step 2: Develop the Inbound Strategy
  21. 21. •  Mix of UX, technical development, social, and off-site /listing optimization work.•  Put together the right vendors and toolsets•  Listing optimization•  Link building•  Social profile authority•  Authorship•  Execute, track, and report.Step 3: Implementation.
  22. 22. •  Most inbound / SEO efforts fail due to lack ofimplementation and follow-through.•  Build, execute, and report on efforts to show high ROI.•  Many inbound tactics are done off-site require minimalclient or developer participation or access.Don’t just strategize – Implement!
  23. 23. Instead of just designing the treehouse,let’s build it too.
  24. 24. Selling tactics.
  25. 25. •  Local: Anyone with a large local presence – stores, resellers,where to buy, franchisees, agents, channel partners,businesses that support the product.•  Mobile Optimization: Bars, restaurants, banks, etc.•  Social Authority and Promotion: Anyone in the facts, opinion,news, or narrative content space.•  Content Marketing: Anyone with a large need for new content.•  CMS Configuration and Training: Anyone with a net newbusiness or site.•  Content promotion: Social media engagements, content sites,blogs.Who can benefit from inboundservices?.
  26. 26. •  Do you have a holistic inbound marketing plan that addressessearch and discovery on all these new screens, devices, andcontexts?•  Do you think that promotion should be outsourced to an agencythat is paid based on media spend?•  Is the capital budget sufficient to build-in the Inbound Marketingcoding and technical requirements or are they at risk of beingde-scoped?•  Can marketing help fund the capital project if they can beassured their requirements will be included?•  Do you have an SEO firm? Are they asking these types ofquestions? Are they given both a strategy and a roadmap toimplementation that address holistic inbound tactics?Key probing questions to ask.
  27. 27. •  CEO•  CFO•  CMO•  VPs of channel sales•  VPs of retail sales•  VPs of sales•  Online Marketing VP / Director•  In-house SEO guy (if present)•  VPs of technology – if versed in marketingTarget roles for pitching unboundservices.
  28. 28. Concerns with using a digital agency or an in-house team:1.  These people are exposed and will not call out own mistakes.2.  May be too expensive.3.  May not be at the bleeding edge of inbound thinking – the ‘Design DNA’problem. The not “data-driven” problem.Organizational or internal concerns:1.  We don’t want to delay project by including marketing requirements2.  We don’t understand emerging (biddable display, social) paid media orthe need for Content Marketing approaches.3.  Our work is funded out of the Capital Budget – we do not have accessto media budgets (expenses).Common client sales objections.
  29. 29. hugeinc.cominfo@hugeinc.com45 Main St. #220 Brooklyn, NY 11201+1 718 625 4843
  30. 30. Appendix –specificinbound tactics.
  31. 31. •  Audits and traditional / Core web SEO•  Local / Mobile / GPS / dashboard Search Optimization•  Social Authority Building•  Content Marketing Strategy•  Training & Workflow Optimization•  CMS SEO Integration•  Content Production•  Blogger Outreach and Link Building•  Biddable Media Promotion•  Semantic Markup / APIs / Open Graph Implementation•  Inbound Marketing Project Management servicesApproach: win by building-in the fulltoolkit of search and discoverytactics:
  32. 32. •  Core Web keyword research•  Rankings and keyword strategy•  On-page recommendations•  Link recommendations•  Technical audit•  SEO Meta data and URLs•  Redesign mitigation (redirects)1. Current offering - ‘Traditional SEO.’
  33. 33. Keywords andDestination URLsEditorial plan SEM / Paid / SocialLocal teams / franchises CommunicationsBuilding and distribute a masterkeyword list.
  34. 34. 2. Establish Local / Mobile / GPSsearch strategy.•  Determine local search keywords and priority•  Mobile site audit and Mobile site rankings•  Mobile landing page optimization•  Take bulk ownership of off-site local pages – G+, Yelp, etc.•  Bulk-optimize local store web pages for local search.•  Bulk verify and update Name, Address, and Phone numberinformation for business listing and GPS data providers.•  Publish local offers, content to off-site and local / mobile landingpages.•  Report on leads, sales, and optimize local / mobile landing pages•  Build inbound links (SEO Fuel) to local pages via business listingaggregators.
  35. 35. 3. Build authoritative G+ profiles forkey content creators.Page one on Google for ‘ContentMarketing”. Gone in three days dueto lack of links.Screen shot taken 3/8/2013 after clearing cookies and logging out of Google accounts
  36. 36. Social presence is no longer enough– social profile authority is key.
  37. 37. Create keyword-driven editorial plan:•  Narrative content•  Images•  VideoCreate content promotional plan (‘media’)Work with sub-contractors and vendors on contentproduction and publishing.4. Create the keyword-driven contentmarketing strategy.
  38. 38. 5. Build out a keyword-driven editorialplan.
  39. 39. 6. Produce and distribute strategicnarrative content.Image  source:  SkyWord.com  
  40. 40. Content production – articles andimages.•  Every singe piece ofevergreen contentneeds and image orgraphic•  Social channels need aconstant stream ofimage-based content..•  Create keyword-targeted images andpush through earned,owned, and paidchannels.•  Report, track, optimize.
  41. 41. Best handled in-house on client side.•  Create video production schedule, target keywords, andpromotional plan•  Insure production quality•  Set up video channels and control content.•  Build views, subscribers, and manage community.Content production - videos
  42. 42. •  Train content creators on SEO / Keyword research•  Align workflow to CMS requirements•  Align to CMS SEO functionality•  Provide guideline documentation•  Establish SEO quality gates and inbound publishingguidelines.•  Incorporate search metrics into content KPIs (contentmetrics).7. Train content creators and createan optimized workflow.
  43. 43. •  Insure CMS functionality is maximized for search anddiscovery.•  EX: Drupal SEO Plugin, SEO Plugin for WordPress•  Content syndications settings (RSS, etc.)•  Review and implement appropriate SEO plugins•  Incorporate SEO reporting data into content flow•  Adjust workflows and align to SEO training for contentcreators.8. Configure CMS for SEO andContent Marketing success.
  44. 44. •  Content should bepromoted to bloggersto encourage inboundlinking via vendors likeZemanta.•  Link building must bedone carefully andshow use keywordvariant anchor text.9. Link building: Increase contentvisibility.
  45. 45. Create promotional strategy and manage media placements for high-investment content.•  Low volume, low cost keyword-based ad buys can drive targetedengagement: ‘Luxury car pros and cons’•  Use Google Display network, Google AdWords, Ad Exchanges•  Leverage DSPs like Relevad to cost-effectively expand the reach ofcontent across the web.10. Ad network content promotion:Biddable media and long-tailkeyword campaigns.
  46. 46. •  Create RSS feeds and syndicate content to networks likeOutbrain or Tabula•  Work one on one with specific websites to syndicatecustom content. Often can be published at no cost.•  Seeking Alpha for financial content.•  Post and participate to online communities•  Reddit, etc.11. Paid and non-paid contentsyndication.