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  1. Mackinder summed up his theory with the following. When our politicians converse with an enemy whom he defeated, there should be an Angel whispering in his ear from time to time. Whoever rules in Eastern Europe will control the hartland whoever rules the hartley will control the World Island who rules, the World Island will control The World.
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  3. Natural areas of power. Continental pivot area, growing interior continental part. Growing oceanic part oceanic exterior. "Mackinder theory" Area theory, pivot of the English geopolitician, Halford Mackinder to define this zone as the central axis of world political domination. In 1904, MACKINDER sent the Royal Geographical Society of the United Kingdom an article entitled The Geographical Pivot of History In that article, Mackinder exposed the scope of geopolitical analysis that spans the entire planet.
  4. The map on the left shows inhabitants of Eastern Europe circa 1190 to the north, Russia, to the south, humans or Polovtsian Turkic tribe. On the right, the map shows Eastern Europe before the 19th century forest and swamp, to the north, Estepa, to the south.
  5. Pivot area theory. Mackinder suggests that the land can be divided into 3 zones. Pivot area, stretching from the Volga River to the Yangtze River, and from the Himalayas to the Arctic. It was the area ruled by the Russian Empire, minus the Kamchatka Peninsula, east of Russia, an area rich in natural resources, highly mobile and strategically positioned to attack from all sides. Growing interior or marginal includes Germany, Austria, Turkey, the Middle East, India and China. Growing outer, includes Britain, North, Central and South America. Africa, Australia and Japan.
  6. Mackinder not only made a prediction of who would dominate THE WORLD, but also warned of such a threat. The shift in the balance of power in favor of the pivotal state resulting in its expansion over the marginal land of Eurasia, would allow it to use vast continental resources for building fleets of ships and the empire of the world will be seen. The true balance of political power at any time is the product of geographical, economic and strategic conditions, and also the team and organization of competitive people. The westward march of the empire appears to have been a short rotation of marginal power around the southwestern and western edges of the pivot area. The Near Midwest and Far West questions relate to the unstable balance of internal and external powers in those parts of the marginal crescent where local power is at present. It is more or less insignificant. The replacement of a new control of the internal area for Russia would not reduce the geographical significance of the pivot position.
  7. In 1919, Mackinder redefined his theories by adding the following concepts. World Island, comprising Eurasia, the Middle East and North Africa. Heart of the world, hartland, center of the pivot area, includes eastern Siberia, Turkestan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Volga River area. The diagram shows the World Island in the center. And around their satellites.
  8. Comparison of world centers in two epochs. On the left, medieval model, Mundi map of tea in or faith is the center of the time. On the right, model mackinder 20th century. Natural resources are the center or heart.