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It's the age of digital reputations. How's yours? For APSS Speakers Academy

For APSS Speakers Academy in Singapore, March 2019. Social media strategies for professional speakers

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It's the age of digital reputations. How's yours? For APSS Speakers Academy

  1. 1. @The Digital Conversationalist @AndreaTEdwards It’s the age of digital reputations. How’s yours?
  2. 2. Trust & Customers
  3. 3. @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s
  4. 4. @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s
  5. 5. @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s
  6. 6. 1. Politicians 2. Family 3. Friends 4. Bloggers 5. Social media connections 6. Colleagues 7. Journalists 8. Religious leaders 9. Celebrities 10. Brands Ref: affilinet survey The order of TRUST?
  7. 7. @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s 7 Trust building must be a strategic priority for all of us…
  8. 8. @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s 8 The customer today
  9. 9. @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s 9 The 4th Industrial Revolution VUCA Disruption Innovation Change Agile Political Crisis Environment Millennials GenX Baby boomers 21st Century Skills Fake news Cyber Attacks Information security Privacy Data Data PrivacyBlockchain Religion Trolls Bots Work Life Balance FOMO Content shock Gig economy Mega Smart Cities Aging Population New way of workingClimate Change AI Digital skills Digital revolution Machine learning Automation Robots Autonomous vehicles Fundamentalism Job Losses Inequality Healthcare Humanity in business Corporate Culture Employee Engagement Education People Power Social activism Corruption NationalismFear Manipulation Distraction Infobesity Trust Distrust Digital Data privacy Cambridge Analytica Cyber warfare Ignorance Speed Of Change Rising Asia
  10. 10. @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s 10 The old PYRAMID of information CEO Government Officials Academics GENERAL POPULATION Board of Directors Technical Experts Elite Media
  11. 11. @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s 11 Today it’s a DIAMOND
  12. 12. @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s 12
  13. 13. @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s 13
  14. 14. @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s 14
  15. 15. @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s 15  Fake News  Manipulation – aka Cambridge Analytica  Algorithms  Fears and anxieties  Trolls, bots, morons… The Downside
  16. 16. @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s 16 We laugh, cry, rage, argue, inspire, love, learn and give to each other Beautiful upside
  17. 17. @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s 17
  18. 18. @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s 18
  19. 19. @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s 19 Where are we learning, buying, deciding? 1. Social 2. Email 3. Search
  20. 20. @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s 20
  21. 21. But we’re not just learning. We’re being distracted!
  22. 22. We are all drowning in noise! We can’t contribute to it
  23. 23. Social Leadership
  24. 24. @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s 26 A core leadership skill will be true, authentic, social leadership Think Richard Branson or Marc Benioff It is how we connect to our customers where they are It’s how we build trust in an era when trust is lacking
  25. 25. Focus 01
  26. 26. Cloud Computing Artificial Intelligence Analytical Reasoning People Management UX Design Mobile Application Development Video Production Sales Leadership Translation Audio Production Natural Language Processing Scientific Computing Game Development Social Media Marketing Animation Business Analysis Journalism Digital Marketing Industrial Design Competitive Strategies Customer Service Systems Software Testing Data Science Computer Graphics Corporate Communications Most in-demand hard skills #FutureOfWork #21stCenturySkills #DigitalTransformation #Storytelling
  27. 27. Most in-demand soft skills 1. Creativity 2. Persuasion 3. Collaboration 4. Adaptability 5. Time Management 1. Complex problem solving 2. Critical thinking 3. Creativity 4. People Management 5. Coordinating with others 6. Emotional intelligence 7. Judgement and decision making 8. Service orientation 9. Negotiation 10.Cognitive flexibility “57% of leaders say soft skills are more important than hard skills” LinkedIn
  28. 28. Audience02
  29. 29. World Class Content 03
  30. 30. 1. Create 2. Curate 3. Participate!!
  31. 31. 80% of all Internet traffic will be video in 2020
  32. 32. Amazing Inspiring Useful Impactful Worth their time What matters is it’s
  33. 33. Integrity is everything 04
  34. 34. @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s 39 Set a goal Laugh, think or cry…
  35. 35. Grit is king 05
  36. 36. 06 Build a tribe
  37. 37. A social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader. Tribe definition
  38. 38. Don’t do too much! 07
  39. 39. Be positive 08
  40. 40. Give #GivingEconomy 09
  41. 41. Be YOU! 10
  42. 42. Final thoughts for speakers
  43. 43. Go beyond your profile
  44. 44. Useful?
  45. 45. Don’t sell. Share Don’t pitch. Serve The best way to sell something: Don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect and trust of those who buy. Rand Fishkin, founder, Moz
  46. 46. @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s # A P S C 1 8 1.Focus 2.Persistence 3.Giver 4.Audience 5.Excellence 6.Service @ A n d r e a T E d w a r d s
  47. 47. www.andreatedwards.com @AndreaTEdwards AndreaTEdwards AndreaTEdwards Andrea Edwards AndreaTEdwards Andrea Edwards The Digital Conversationalist The Digital Conversationalist THANKS FOR YOUR TIME!