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Tips To Find Your Passion And Grow Your Community on Google Plus

  1. + Using Google+ To Build Your Online Community Andrea Nelson De La Cerda
  2. + Guy Kawasaki’s- 5 P’s of Social Media People Perceptions Passions Pictures Pimping
  3. + A Little Background  There are more active users on G+ than twitter  540 million active users  Allows a space for content in “communities”  Statistics show an impact on SEO  Personalization- follows, +1’s and contacts  Social Search  Hummingbird algorithm 54% 24% 7% 15% Number of Users Google Twitter Pinterest Instagram
  4. + Google+ Impact
  5. + What Makes Google+ Different?  Google+ is a focus on the person, not the brand  A visually appealing, content- rich medium  Builds communities around your passions  +1’s = #1 impact to search above backlinks and likes ’s cheaper!
  6. + Tools and Trends (A few must-haves)
  7. + Tools to Know/Implement  Google Authorship  Timing+  Google+ Local  Google Hangouts  Google HOA  YouTube Subscriber List  Curated Content Aggregates (Alltop or StumbleUpon)
  8. + Tips to Use Google+
  9. + Getting Started  Set up a complete profile- Include a keyword-rich description, complete contact information, links to your website and favorite blogs  Profile Pictures matter- Use a friendly picture of your face (not your dog or last night’s dinner). Pictures slightly off-center are slightly more interesting  Keep it personal- Google+ is about people & their passions...not brand identities. So even if you choose to use Google+ for business, don’t lose sight of your personal identity and share your passion on your page.
  10. + Create New Habits  Implement Authorship   Use “What’s Hot”- leverage conversations already taking place  Photos, Video, Photos, Video Here are a few things you should do right away:
  11. + Photos v. Links Tip! Adding photos to your posts gives you significantly more space in the newsfeed than a simple link does. Be sure you’re adding photos in virtually every G+ post to maximize your exposure.
  12. + Engage  Ask questions and engage with your network of followers  Respond and acknowledge +1’s whenever possible  Use #hashtags (but keep to 2-3 for each post)  Join Communities
  13. + Use Google+ Communities
  14. + Growing a Community  Pick a broad topic  Attach Communities to Your Page  Feature member contributions within the community  Follow members of your community with Google+  Segment your list  Follow members of other communities  Statistically, 20-30% will follow you back
  15. + But...It starts with your passion! So... get creating!
  16. + Connect With Me! @AndreaNDLC @AndreaNDLC @Andrea De La Cerda About the Author: Andrea De La Cerda