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SWOT Analysis

A useful tool for any business aimed at assessing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in order to develop the best possible strategy and path to success. Useful for a business overall but also for specific projects and for individuals wanting to reflect on their present and future.

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SWOT Analysis

  1. 1. © Simcom Global Trade SolutionsS.W.O.T. Analysis• Products• Pricing• Costs• Profitability• Performance• Quality• People• Skills• Adaptability• Brands• Services• Reputation• Processes• InfrastructureStrengths• What are you good at ?• What skills and experience do you have ?• What is your unique selling proposition(USP) ?• Etc.Weaknesses• Can you improve your processes ?• What important skills are you missing ?• What makes you less competitive thanothers ?• Etc.Opportunities• Are there any interesting market trends ?• Are there gaps in the market ?• Can you spot untapped demand ?• Etc.Threats• What are your competitors doing ?• Are compliance requirements changing ?• Are there changes in technology ?• Etc.InternalEnvironmentExternalEnvironment• Markets• Sectors• Audience• Fashion• Seasonality• Trends• Competition• Economics• Politics• Society• Culture• Technology• Environment• Media• LawCan you turnWeaknesses intoStrengths ?Can you turnThreats intoOpportunities ?Can you match Opportunities with Strengths ?Ensure your Weaknesses don’t increaseyour exposure to Threats