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  1. 1. natural Mineral water S u p e r i o r Ta s t e A w a r d 2 0 0 8 · 2 0 0 7 · 2 0 0 6 GOLD
  2. 2. www.veritasgold.com „Water is not only H2 O. Water is the reflection of our thoughts. Water is the world’s most sensitive, most wonderful, omniscient creature.” /Professor Szilveszter Török/ Increasingly, we are starting to accept the message: “You are not sick but thirsty!” The feeling of thirst does not indicate whether or not our water consumption is enough. As time passes people loose their sensitivity to thirst, especially if they have been drinking very little over the years. People often complain that water does not quench their thirst. They opt for soft drinks or beer both of which have a dehydrating effect on the body. Nothing but water can truly refresh the body cells. So it is important to drink water even if we don’t feel thirsty! Thirst – if it occurs - indicates that we are dried. The solution is always the prevention. Let’s drink water – after waking up, in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening! It is recommended that we consume 6-8 glasses of water per day. Let’s keep a jug or a bottle of water handy always; in the kitchen, in the office, at school and in the car, everywhere. When we feel like taking the edge off our appetite, let’s drink water! Whenever we long for a cigarette break, drinking two glasses of water will help fight the urge. But what kind of water should we drink? www veritasgold com VERITAS_KIAJANLO_angol_package-roland.indd 2 2008.02.18. 8:10:04 www.veritasgold.eu
  3. 3. VERITAS_KIAJANLO_angol_package-roland.indd 3 2008.02.18. 8:10:05
  4. 4. www.veritasgold.com VERITAS GOLD is natural water which stems from the reserved catchments flakes of the Carpathian Basin. Source: Veritas Gold well Albertirsa, 50 km from Budapest. The location of Veritas Gold G VERITAS_KIAJANLO_angol_package-roland.indd 4 2008.02.18. 8:10:06 GOLD www.veritasgold.eu
  5. 5. VERITAS_KIAJANLO_angol_package-roland.indd 5 2008.02.18. 8:10:08
  6. 6. www.veritasgold.com VERITAS GOLD Superior Taste Award 2006-2007 – Hungarian mineral water Both natural and carbonated 1.5 PET bottled mineral water VERITAS GOLD got two stars on the Superior Taste Awards contest that was held by the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi). The referees of the iTQi, delegated by the Chef – and Sommelier World Organization, are among the members of nine considerable European gastronomic organizations: French Gastronomic Academy Chief Cooks of France Chief Cooks of Belgium Federation of Italian Chefs European Chefs’ Association (Euro Toques) Spanish Gastronomic Academy German Chefs’ Association (VKD) Young Restaurateurs of Europe (JRE) International Sommeliere Association (ASI) For more information we suggest to visit the website www.itqi.org. VERITAS_KIAJANLO_angol_package-roland.indd 6 2008.02.18. 8:10:10 www.veritasgold.eu
  7. 7. horeca The 0.25 L size product has been developed on purpose in light blue colour and in a similar shape to „ its big brother” for the Top Gastro. Our target is to demonstrate the high quality of the product within the first impression. For this reason a special image has been created. The Veritas Gold natural mineral water gains its advantages to the minerals contents and the low sodium concentration. (7mg/L) Our partners are: Sofitel Budapest, Four Seasons Hotel Greshem Palace, Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, Ramada Hotel Budapest and an other 50 top restaurant in Budapest. horeca VERITAS_KIAJANLO_angol_package-roland.indd 7 2008.02.18. 8:10:15
  8. 8. www.veritasgold.com Since 2000 our Hungarian enterprise, which is a hundred percent Hungarian property and which has wells in Albertirsa producing excellent mineral water, became the supplier of the biggest inland chain food stores. We consider as a significant success that the total Hungarian market share of the Aquarius-Aqua Ltd. reached 30 percent. 30 sort of own brand belong to the factory product. The capacity of production line ensures 450 million (1,5 L) bottle production per year. Own brand products and referencies of Aquarius: Mineral waters in different size of PET bottle: 0.5 L, 1.5 L, 2 L Penny Market (Rewe), Lidl, Profi, Tesco, Auchan, Cora, Mach, Metro, Interfruct, Coop Hungary, CBA. The yearly total sales of this portfolio is 200 million liter. Based on the production-related experiences our enterprise launched its first product – the Veritas Gold mineral water – to the Hungarian brand-market. In the same year our mineral water was the runner-up in the carbonated category on the Aqua-Expo in Paris. Besides this, its unique shape of the bottle was proposed to have a kind of prestige award. The owner of the mineral water- bottling manufactory, the Aquarius-Aqua Ltd. VERITAS_KIAJANLO_angol_package-roland.indd 8 2008.02.18. 8:10:15 www.veritasgold.eu
  9. 9. www.veritasgold.com The success in the brand market inspired our developers to try ourselves in the premium category by discovering a new water layer. The year of 2006 began with a successful discovery. Our researches started with discovering a new layer that has a very small amount of sodium. After the detailed test we named our well Veritas Gold. As we had the intention of testing our mineral water internationally as well, we checked in for being tested at iTQi. Tests had great gastronomic results. Our mineral water got two golden stars from the strict referees by winning the Superior Taste Award. Besides the continuous participation in the market we pay considerable attention to the events in our country. As a result of this with the direct help of thousands of bottles we tried to ease the demands of the sufferers and the helpers of the Hungarian floods. Unfortunately there were occasions for this as the two biggest rivers of ours– the Danube and the Tisza as well - had been flowing. Besides the institutions taking part in education we keep getting in touch with groups patronizing the poor. Because of the sport-related past of our leaders it is evident that we look with favour on several sports (handball, basketball etc.) OUR MISSION GOLD VERITAS_KIAJANLO_angol_package-roland.indd 9 2008.02.18. 8:10:18 www.veritasgold.eu
  10. 10. www.veritasgold.com The produced profit is used for the continuous innovations of the water-bottling factory. Veritas Gold water-bottling factory was a result of this conscious modernization operation. The factory is situated 50 kilometres from the capital, on the south-eastern part, in the city of Albertirsa. The factory is situated on a green belt area, on two hectares. Veritas Gold water-bottling factory is currently working with five wells. Thanks to the investment of 7 million Euros mineral water treatment is based on the technology of a French company called I.C.E. meanwhile production and bottling is completed by two new innovations: SBO 20 system of a French syndicate called SIDEL in 2006 and the digital version of this machine in 2007. With the help of this new entire technological line we achieved an efficiency increasement of 36 000/hour + 40 000/hour. Through the expansion the total yearly capacity of Aquarius Aqua can reach 450 million bottles (1,5 L) per year. The policy of Quality Assurance Necessarily we tried to follow the requirements of the era regarding the policy of quality. We are prideful to own the IFS auditing and ISO 9001. A big aim of ours is to achieve the maximum in the field of quality assurance as well. Independent examinations and tests are being done continually and frequently. We usually ask S.G.S. Hungaria to do this. The most modern mineral water-bottling factory of Central-Europe VERITAS_KIAJANLO_angol_package-roland.indd 10 2008.02.18. 8:10:21 www.veritasgold.eu
  11. 11. Post address: 2700 Cegléd, Kút u. 14. Mineral water factory: Albertirsa II. ker., Homokrész Phone: 36–53/571–122 • Fax: 36–53/370–462 E-mail, head office: info@veritasgold.com E-mail, logistics: plutzerf@acquarius.hu www.veritasgold.com A Q U A R I U S - A Q U A m i n e r a l water f a c t o r y www.veritasgold.eu E-mail, head office: info@veritasgold.eu