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What makes education in Finland that good?                                (Ana Luna Pedrero )This reflection will explain ...
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What makes education in finland that good

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What makes education in finland that good

  1. 1. What makes education in Finland that good? (Ana Luna Pedrero )This reflection will explain about the text “What makes education in Finland that good”why education in Finland shows excellent results in comparison with 43 others countrieseven outperforming those who are the world powers and finally the differences betweenthis educational system and ours.Going through the beginning of the text it provides very clear information about whyFinland shows excellent results, it springs directly from education policies set in motionforty years ago.Moreover, the text provides ten important characteristics to understand this systemhighlighting their alternative pedagogic approach, rather than mere instructionalinstitutions. Another characteristic is the considerable independence of teachers in theclassroom to choose their preferred appropriate pedagogical methods. Political authoritieshave seen education as the key to survive; education is free for all, there are not exams andtest and the management and leadership skills of local political authorities.To end up, this text is a good contribution to open our eyes and see how far Chile is from agood educational system; we need to focus beyond a free education and try to cover all thisaspects that Finland does. In my opinion the most important characteristic that we need tohave are the education policies, I hope that at the moment that Chile change this policiesand when political authorities see education as a right and not as a business we can have aeducation as good as in Finland.