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Amman Institute is partnering with UNHABITAT

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After its success in implementing “Smart Growth” capacity building modules conducted in the summer for planners from Palestine and Iraq, Ai is partnering with UNHABITAT on a new capacity building project. This project will deliver a series of multilayer interactive training modules aiming at building capacity for the Iraq Local Government Association (ILGA) and government officials who are involved in the urban planning efforts in Iraq.

The project‘s outcomes are compromised of two day training modules: The first module “Executive Training on Good Governance and Smart Growth Planning” is targeting the ILGA members. The other module “Smart Growth Planning”is targeting the government and municipal planning staff. Each module provides hands on experience and is adapted to some extent to the local Iraqi context. Each module also encompasses lectures, guest speakers, exercises, readings in Arabic, and site visits.

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Amman Institute is partnering with UNHABITAT

  1. 1. Good Governance Smart CitiesUNHABITAT–Iraq Capacity Building Training by Ai
  2. 2. Agenda •About UN HABITAT Presented by Fiona McCluney UN-Habitat Iraq Senior Programme Officer •About Ai •About the Training Presented by Asma Alkhuraisat Architect and Urban Planner
  3. 3. About UN HABITAT
  4. 4. About AI
  5. 5. 1st to 3rd Floor Elevator Description of Ai… A Not-for-Profit Think & Do Tank We’re anIndependent Advisor and Advocate focused onsustainable community development applied through citizen centered governance
  6. 6. Genesis of the Institute I, along with my fellow Jordanians, will look forward to seeing the outcome of this effort (Amman Master Plan). My hope is that this effort will provide a template and example that can be replicated and evolved in our other cherished Cities in Jordan so that our country will continue to grow and flourish and itself be an example for others in the regionAbdullah II Ibn Al Hussein and the worldAmman,5 Rabi Al Thani 1427 Hijri, 3 May 2006 Town Planning Leadership Award Asia-Pacific City-of-the-Year Award for Leadership
  7. 7. Regional Think and Do tank AMMAN HOUSE OPERA
  8. 8. Global Knowledge …… Adapted Locally
  9. 9. Through Engaging and Empowering LocalCommunities
  10. 10. & Reversing Braindrain ….
  11. 11. Multi-sectoral Delivery Strategy Governance & Municipal Mgt.Dissemination & Sustainable Development Community PlanningUrban NetworkCapacity Building/TrainingTechnical AssistanceResearch
  12. 12. Some of our Projects – Amman Plan
  13. 13. Some of our Projects – Aqaba Plan
  14. 14. Some of our Projects – 8 other plans in Jordan
  15. 15. Bridging the Gap with Academia
  16. 16. Children Program
  17. 17. Continuous Outreach
  18. 18. Training @Ai
  19. 19. Why AI? Knowledge and Experience Knowledge that is built on research, knowledge creation and dissemination Amman and other cites Master Plans GAM City Charter Experience  Smart Growth Training  Community Organizing and Leadership Training  Transparency in Urban Governance  Corrupt Cities Partnership
  20. 20. Leadership, Community Organizing Training Ai hosted Marshall Ganz, a lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and formerly President Obama‘s Campaign Advisor, to conducted training on community building and organizing
  21. 21. Smart Growth TrainingAi conducted trainings in Smart Growth Planning froPlanners from Jordan, Iraq and Palestine
  22. 22. Corrupt CitiesCorrupt Cities is a practical guide by Maclean-Abaroa toassist in the diagnosis, investigation and prevention ofvarious kinds of corruption
  23. 23. In addition to that … Well-rounded approach – diverse speakers Global knowledge adapted locally Bilingual Materials Strategic Location Virtual Base
  24. 24. Participant-centered TrainingLecturesDiscussionsSite VisitsHands on Exercises
  25. 25. Training @ Ai is ajourney with clearpath and concreteresults
  26. 26. How do we do that?Provide Direction Empower
  27. 27. Debate EngageSupport Create Sense of Place
  28. 28. Uncover leaders
  29. 29. Some Fun &Achievement
  30. 30. And Our AI Family GrowsAlumni network
  31. 31. Good Governance ...Smart CitiesCapacity Building Training for Iraq
  32. 32. Introduction Iraqi cities are rising from years of wars and instabilities:  Iraq lacks strong institutional systems and good urban governance  The technical abilities in areas like urban planning Good Governance is the key to success in any future development in Iraq Urban Planning is very important in guiding and monitoring the urban development on many levels
  33. 33. The TrainingA series of 4 trainings in areas : Urban Governance Smart Growth Planning
  34. 34. Participants 37 members of the Iraq Local Government Association 30 city planners from different governorates
  35. 35. Module I: Urban Governance-Objectives  Facilitating a more strategic role of ILGA  Empowering ILGA with skills they need in order to undertake a more active and effective role for themselves.  Introducing the city charter and other initiatives to ILGA as tools of good Governance  Introducing the concepts of Smart Growth Planning
  36. 36. Module II: Smart Growth- Objectives  To establish an extensive, well rounded exposure to the concepts of master planning  To share the experience of the Amman plan model  To introduce an interdisciplinary/ multidisciplinary planning approach that refers to an array of planning- related fields  To emphasize the significance of planning as an ongoing process, and to touch upon the various leadership/management, institutional organizational factors
  37. 37. And the journey continuesThe training is designedto serve as a module forother cities in Iraq andthe region.
  38. 38. “The training course was holistic, comprehensive, and imparted a greatdeal of knowledge in a relatively short period of time, particularly theaspects related to the way the Amman plan was conducted” .Abdullah Farhan, National Iraqi Council for Urban Development and Planning andworking on PhD in urban planning