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Configured Water Cooled Screw Chiller Presentation rev 01.ppt

  1. 1. New Configured Series Screw Chillers The freedom to customise as per your need.
  2. 2. About Blue Star India's largest Central Air Conditioning and Commercial Refrigeration company A Rs. 3500 Crore listed public limited company 7 decades of experience in the field of AC&R Five state-of-the-art plants manufacturing a complete range of world-class products 500 locations, 35 offices, over 2200 dealers Over 2300 employees India’s best talent pool of R&D engineers across different product groups State-of-the-art testing labs India's most advanced AHRI certified lab for Chillers
  3. 3. Introduction of Configured Screw Chillers
  4. 4. Configured Screw Chillers Single Compressor series Twin Compressor series
  5. 5. CHILLER TYPE CAPACITY RANGE Water Cooled Single Compressor Flooded Chillers 80 - 300TR Water Cooled Twin Compressor Flooded Chillers 160 - 450TR Chiller Range
  6. 6. Facility certified by Indian Green Building Council Made in India – State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility at Wada, Maharashtra ISO 9001-certified 35-acre manufacturing facility Centralised manufacturing of all types of chillers including scroll / screw / centrifugal chillers Chiller assembly line
  7. 7. Designed through combination of coolers, compressors and condensers Flexible capacity models Can match exact project requirements like tonnage, efficiency, flow rates and pressure drops Project-Specific Chiller Design
  8. 8. Multiple Efficiency Options Preferred efficiency can be offered based on project cost and operating cost
  9. 9. Design Flexibility
  10. 10. Flexible Flow Rates Heat Exchanger Minimum - US gpm/TR Cooler 1.0 Condenser 1.3 Benefits: Smaller pumps I Lower piping sizes Heat Exchanger Maximum - US gpm/TR Cooler 3.5 Condenser 5.0 Benefits: Ideal for low delta T and higher chilled water temperature applications
  11. 11. Ideal for high flow rate and less delta T applications Two-Pass Chillers
  12. 12. Ideal for variable primary applications with lower flow rates Three-Pass Chillers
  13. 13. Compact Size Standard 250TR chiller with 2.15m width Configured Series 270TR chiller with 1.17m width 25-40% reduction in size Dimension (mm) Standard Flooded New Configured Flooded Length 4216 4020 Width 2163 1180 Height 1801 2000
  14. 14. Lowest Chiller Width 1.17m width chiller can pass through standard door opening Simple to install without disturbing existing walls/doors etc
  15. 15. Optimised Weight 10-15% reduction in operating weight Weight of a 300TR standard chiller: 7.2 tonnes Weight of new configured 300TR chiller: 6.2 tonnes Less stringent design of civil structures like beams, columns etc
  16. 16. Entire Range AHRI-Certified
  17. 17. Exceeds ASHRAE Efficiency Standards New Configured series exceeds above standards ASHRAE 90.1.2015 efficiency requirement
  18. 18. Configured series exceeds above standards Exceeds ECBC Energy Efficiency Standards ECBC energy efficiency requirement
  19. 19. Compliance to Green Buildings EA prerequisite 2: Shall meet ASHRAE 90.1 energy efficiency standards EA prerequisite 3: Shall not use Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) refrigerant EA credit 4: Shall minimise ODT and GWP EA credit 1: Shall exceed ASHRAE 90.1. part-load energy efficiency standards Configured series complies with all above criteria
  20. 20. Unique Features
  21. 21. Highly Efficient Compressor Twin screw semi-hermetic compressor Separate radial and axial force bearings enhance life
  22. 22. Advantages of Twin Screw Over Mono Screw Compressor No direct contact between gate rotor and main rotor Lesser breakdowns even during liquid slugs More efficient due to lower wear and tear Rugged construction for enhanced reliability
  23. 23. Special Heat Exchangers Doubly enhanced condenser and evaporator tubes Higher surface area Better heat transfer and increased efficiency
  24. 24. Lowest Pressure Drop Across Heat Exchangers Cooler: 7ft of water column Condenser: 12ft of water column Lower cooler and condenser pump capacities Reduced total connected power
  25. 25. Optimised Starting Current Starting current as low as 1.75 times full-load current Reduction in generator capacity Optimised electrical components Saving in overall project cost
  26. 26. Constructional Flexibility
  27. 27. Benefits: Flexible to suit plant room header connections I Ease of installation Interchangeable Inlet and Outlet Water Connections Right Hand (RH) Water Nozzles Left Hand (LH) Water Nozzles
  28. 28. Victaulic® Connections Quick and Easy Installation
  29. 29. ASME Stamping for Pressure Vessels Safety norms require compliance of: Design & Material, Manufacturing, Inspection & Testing Each pressure vessel tested and certified by ASME More reliable heat exchangers
  30. 30. Advanced Controllers BMS compatible Trending facility for real-time performance analysis Scheduling Auto battery back-up Multi-level password protection Auto power failure reset
  31. 31. Remote Monitoring System GPRS-based remote monitoring Close monitoring of site Automatic call login to service technician when fault occurs 24 x 7 automatic monitoring Automatic notification through SMS/Email when fault occurs Advantages: Very quick response I Faster turnaround time I Higher uptime of system Better service quality even in tier-2 / tier-3 towns
  32. 32. AHRI-Certified Testing Facility Performance can be validated for both water cooled and air cooled chillers, both at AHRI and project design stage
  33. 33. Few of Our Esteemed Clients…
  34. 34. Thank You!