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Cyberfort syllabus & career

  1. “Thousands of cyber-attacks […] are striking at the private sector, strike at stock market, strike at other institutions within our society, strike at government, strike at the defence department, our intelligence agencies. Cyber is now at a point where the technology is there to cripple a country, to take down our power grid systems, to take down our government systems, take down our financial systems and literally paralyze the country." In the new era, business has transformed its work-style from reality to virtual reality. 2
  2. The whole world is swiped by this strategy for its accuracy and non-redundancy measure. 3
  3. This new sector where free flow and accuracy has lowered down the operational cost of big conglomerate whereas it has bullion threat from the remote cyber criminal on the other hand. 4
  4. In recent years, cyber-crime has become increasingly sophisticated, making it difficult to combat, detect and mitigate. The rise of a relatively new class of cyber- attack is especially troubling. This new class is referred to as an ‘Advanced Persistent Threat’ (APT). *Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are usually directed at business and political targets for political ends. APTs involve stealth to persistently infiltrate a system over a long period of time, without the system displaying any unusual symptoms. 5
  5. Examples of cyber-attacks Attack on South Korea’s banks and broadcasters, 2013. A suspected cyber-attack brought down systems and computers at some of South Korea’s major banks and broadcasters. As a result, the local equity market declined 1.0%. The Flame virus, 2012. Thought to have been operating since 2010, the Flame virus was detected in 2012. The virus code is seen as some of the most sophisticated and largest malicious code to date. It infiltrated computers belonging to the Iranian Oil Ministry, the Iranian National Oil Company and other networks in Hungary, Lebanon, Austria, Russia, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates - stealing and deleting information from the systems. Part of the functionality of the virus including turning on microphones of computers to secretly record conversations, taking screen grabs of infected computers and stealing credentials of high-level and administrative users. 6
  6. Examples of cyber-attacks Red October cyber-attack, 2013. Targeting governmental and diplomatic organisations. The Red October attack was discovered in January of this year, but is believed to have been operating undetected for a number of years. The attack effectively stole confidential and encrypted documents (including deleted ones) from embassies, nuclear research centres and oil and gas companies of US. Information targeted included geopolitically sensitive data and credentials to access protected computer systems. The malicious code was also able to detect when a USB stick was inserted into a networked computer and undelete and steal any files on the stick. The cyber-crime racket behind the attacks shut-down their operations after the attacks were made public and documented. 7
  7. Examples of cyber-attacks The MiniDuke Cyber-attack on EU governmental organizations and operators of critical infrastructure.13 The MiniDuke Cyber-attack exploited a flaw in Adobe’s Acrobat reader to enter computer networks and gather information. Operation Aurora, 2009. Attacks against some of the largest internet, technology and defence companies such as Google, Adobe, Juniper, Yahoo!, Northrup Grumman. The cyber-attack modified source code by exploiting vulnerabilities in an internet browser. 8
  8. Social Responsibility To overcome this mission critical situation of cyber sabotage, the skilled man- force of cyber expert is the solution. After China and US, India has the highest number of internet users. Besides, there are over 381 million mobile phone subscriptions with internet connectivity. “Today, there are more than 2 billion people online, who need to be protected. Cyber attacks are already happening on a daily basis in the world and as we grow more and more ‘connected’, the threats also become more complex and difficult. On Facebook, there are 50 million Indian users and even if a small fraction of them click unsuspectingly on a malevolent but seemingly ordinary link, you have that many computers opened up to risk and infection,” – Former Minister Shashi Tharoor stated. 9
  9. Social Responsibility India will require five lakh cybersecurity professionals by 2015 to support its fast growing internet economy as per an estimate by the union ministry of information technology. Every organization across verticals will require cybersecurity professionals. Therefore, the estimate of 5 lakh looks very conservative for a strong internet economy like India. The actual requirement for cyber security professionals would be in multiples. University Grants Commission directed all university vice chancellors in the country to introduce curriculum around cyber security in their respective colleges to meet this talent demand. Quoting a Gartner report in its letter, UGC said, "The country's information security market is expected to grow by 18% to reach Rs 1,415 crore in 2013 on the back of increased spending by companies to secure their information assets. Despite a continuing economic slowdown that has been putting pressure on IT budgets around the world, cyber security spending globally would continue on an upward trajectory, reaching $86 billion in 2016, up from $60 billion in 2012.“ 10
  10. Social Responsibility Cyber security ensures realization and controlling of security properties of an organization’s as well as users’ intellectual and financial assets against relevant security risks in the cyber environment. BUT… Cyber expertise can be taught in the syllabus as a part of curriculum in colleges but practically its hard to horn the skill with expertise. 11
  11. Social Responsibility Out of 10 buddying engineers/MCA/BCA… pass out, hardly 2-3 get placed in job. This is due to the additional and demanding skill required by the recruiting company. Cyber Professional is the very need of every individual company to protect its virtual infrastructure of company asset. Cyber Security Market worth $155.74 Billion by 2019. Cyberfort Technolgies is the all to all solution where cyber security is taught with complete passion and help shaping the career of buddying young cyber professionals. 12
  12. After a thorough research of world business and political system, we have designed few industry driven courses for students/professionals  Diploma in Cyber Security (CEH)  Certificate in Cyber Security (CSCU)  Project Integrated Program (PIP) 13
  13. Syllabus at glance Diploma in Cyber Security  Module 01: Introduction to Ethical Hacking  Module 02: Footprinting and Reconnaissance  Module 03: Scanning Networks  Module 04: Enumeration  Module 05: System Hacking  Module 06: Trojans and Backdoors  Module 07: Viruses and Worms  Module 08: Sniffing  Module 09: Social Engineering  Module 10: Denial of Service  Module 11: Session Hijacking  Module 12: Hacking Webservers  Module 13: Hacking Web Applications  Module 14: SQL Injection  Module 15: Hacking Wireless Networks  Module 16: Hacking Mobile Platforms  Module 17: Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots  Module 18: Buffer Overflow  Module 19: Cryptography  Module 20: Penetration Testing 14
  14. Syllabus at glance Certificate in Cyber Security  Module 01: Foundations of Security  Module 02: Securing Operating Systems  Module 03: Protecting System Using Antiviruses  Module 04: Data Encryption  Module 05: Data Backup and Disaster Recovery  Module 06: Internet Security  Module 07: Securing Network Connections  Module 08: Securing Online Transactions  Module 09: Securing Email Communications  Module 10: Social Engineering and Identity Theft  Module 11: Security on Social Networking Sites  Module 12: Information Security and Legal Compliance  Module 13: Securing Mobile Devices 15
  15. Syllabus at glance Project Integrated Program  Based on Project assigned and industry defined 16
  16. Career & Profile after completion Cyber Security Analyst Cyber Security Architect Cyber Security Engineer Consultant - Cyber Threat Management Information Security Event Analyst Cyber Operations Malware Analyst Executive Manager Ethical Hacker Cum Cyber Security Trainer Information Security Consultant Career in Nationalized Bank Bank of Maharashtra (Plz see page 7 of the link) Information Security Officers ADVERTISEMENT-BM-2014-22-04.pdf and many more… 17
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