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Consumer PR case studies

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Consumer PR case Studies

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Consumer PR case studies

  1. 1. CASE STUDIES BUILDING. INNOVATING. ‘Indian Consultancy of the Year 2013’ - The Holmes Report
  2. 2. Building a new category in India : Driving the health and lifestyle proposition of Knorr Soup Private & Confidential
  3. 3. Knorr Background • Unilever's German food and beverage brand Knorr is a known maker of soup mixes and condiments • To penetrate the Indian market, it sought to proposition soup as a healthy snacking option • Knorr had scheduled an ad campaign , and needed to supplement the message with a sustained PR initiative Objective • To make soup a favored Indian household food item • Position soup as a healthy, ideal and tasty snack among Indian consumers • To associate Knorr as the synonymous brand for soups Challenges • Traditional Indian eating habits that did not deal with 7 PM hunger with a snack that was both filling and nutritious • Junk food: while parents had become increasingly aware of the dangers of junk food, it was considered the only option that had appeal for the snacking needs of Tier-1’s younger generation Strategy The advisory created a media activity roadmap working in resonance with Knorr’s advertising schedule: • Identifying opportunities to introduce and drive the proposition Consumer insights of soup as a daily meal component Creating credibility • Creating credible voices to introduce soup into daily diet Supplement ad campaign with media activation • Link brand advertising with other media initiatives to drive
  4. 4. Planning and Execution Consumer Insights: Identifying target audiences • After assessing the various consumer demographics, the advisory research team identified the target consumer – the educated housewife (living in a metro, 25-40 age group) who seeks to provide the most nutritious food options that also appeals to her family’s taste buds Identifying a foot hold for soup in her meal schedule • While traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner options are clearly defined, the advisory identified the 5 to 9 PM timeslot as a consumption opportunity, and proceeded to drive messaging for this time slot accordingly On the basis of consumer insights. the advisory devised a PR approach to reposition soup as the essential 7 PM snack by: • leveraging a strong opinion leader who emulates the brand values and can effectively deliver the key messages • Highlight soup as a viable alternative to junk food Creating credibility in the media The advisory commissioned a Nielsen study studying urban healthcare issues and their connection with diet to: • Highlight detrimental impact of junk food • Highlight soups and vegetables as nutritious alternatives • The coverage of the report featured Nielsen spokesperson and Key Opinion leaders quotes on diet and health reinforcing key messages
  5. 5. Step 2: Campaign Launch – Addressing the need In resonance with the ad campaign, the advisory undertook the following media activities to build pre-launch buzz around direct brand messages 5 Execution and Results Behind-the-scenes at the Knorr campaign with Kajol • Exclusive feature with an electronic channel to capture making of the ad film with Kajol • Kajol to speak about her association with the brand, • What she thinks about soup as a healthy snacking option for her and her family • The advisory shared an electronic media kit on ‘making of’ of the ad with other electronic channels Knorr’s new marketing avatars • Interactions with media marketing beat on Knorr’s new marketing strategy • Kajol as Knorr brand ambassador, • nuances of the campaign • core messages of tasty and healthy snacking Sustenance Campaign The advisory facilitated sustenance in the media through By-line / Trend Articles • KOL’s authored by-line articles promoting soup consumption as a healthy evening snack option • Showcase soup as a healthy, tasty and easy-to-make snack that satisfies pre-dinner hunger pangs • Leverage soup as a best way to consume vegetables, especially in case of children • To reinforce soup as an integral part of one's daily dietary pattern Results • Ad value generated: Rs. 3,76,80,430: 40% attributed to product launch, byline articles and AC Nielsen research coverage (60% = ad campaign) • Knorr soup sales increased by 15% in the relevant time period after advisory was activated, demonstrating both market dominance of the brand and impact of PR in the marketing mix • Knorr regularly uses the PR plan created by the advisory as a template for future launches
  6. 6. Creating An Annual Property : as a key reference point to identify trends for media Private & Confidential
  7. 7. Saffolalife Study Background Saffola wanted to design a CSR campaign. The ideal day to propose this was the World Heart Day. In search of a campaign that would be carried forward year over year, Saffola tried to conduct many activities (such as poster campaigns, pledges , etc) around the World Heart Day but failed to reach a critical mass highlighting its connect with issues related to heart diseases. What we did The advisory understood the situation of the clients and in one of the review presentations proactively suggested a CSR campaign idea called the Saffolalife Study. The team worked with Saffola to create an umbrella messaging of the Saffolalife Study The advisory got the marketing team to work out the modalities and create a study The idea was to set up Heart- Health Camps by Saffola to draw inferences for the report This report was then published by the brand in Delhi and Mumbai, and promoted through experts who endorsed and analysed the findings and implications of the study to bring credibility and authentication to the report Personal meetings with the top 50 health experts (Cardiologists, nutritionists, dieticians and Fitness experts) to create dialogue on healthy living, with customized information kits referring to the study) Revamped Saffola healthy heart foundation digital presence • Created various conversation points using quotes from our influencer outreach to target the customers through social media – most urban on the digital space today • Linked all online profiles to the healthy heart foundation site , with regular content (articles, videos, recipes, research reports etc on social networks) What was achieved •Over 1,00,000 and growing active users and visitors to www.saffolalife.com visiting from various social networking sites, compared to 20,000 when we started out •The Saffolalife study is in its fourth year of having been established as an annual property/ campaign by Saffola and is the key reference point to identify trends in heart diseases •References from the study are quoted by the media during International Women’s Day, World Health Day, World Tobacco Day, etc. •Saffola has built equity as a heart expert within the consumer at risk
  8. 8. Year I (2007) You Are At Risk Saffolalife Study: Coverage Snapshot Year II (2008) Magnitude of Heart Ailment Hindustan Times Midday Times Of India Times of India Tribune The Hindu Year III (2009) Healthier Lifestyle Year IV (2010) 50 city Survey of Cardiac health trends: Focus - Mumbai Hindustan Times Times Life Year V (2011) DNA: Bangalore: City Focus, Bangalore Times of India SAKAL DNA Year V (2013) Women and Child focus The Hindu New Woman Financial Express
  9. 9. A Rural Outreach Program : Doubling product sales by creating a social campaign Private & Confidential
  10. 10. THE SITUATION The biggest hair problem faced by young girls is lice; 72% of girls in rural India suffer from lice problems. 1 out of 3 lice affected individuals lives in UP, MP or Bihar. Mediker is a 40-year Heritage Brand that is synonymous with Anti-Lice Treatment. Mediker is the Category Leader; yet, it has a penetration less than 5%, a big opportunity. LICE CATEGORY CHALLENGES EMBARRASSMENT: There is stigma, as lice reflect poorly on Mom’s upkeep of daughters. It is so embarrassing that one cannot even talk about it. An un-spoken problem remains un-resolved. SOCIAL STIGMA: Girls suffer ridicule & isolation, in addition to physical irritation. Some Moms even instruct daughters to keep away from lice-suffering kids. BRAND CHALLENGES SAFETY: The biggest barrier: Mediker perceived as too strong: “if product ‘kills’ lice, is it safe for my daughter to use?” BRAND VALUE PROPOSITION: At Rs 5 for Trial Sachet, Brand is 5 times costlier to normal shampoo; Moms hence resort to the painful, inexpensive lice comb. Marico Nihar
  11. 11. Marico Nihar: Execution WHAT WE DID Shifted the lens from lice negative (painless lice removal) to life positive, by asking the question, “What happens when my daughter does not have lice?” The concept: “Things come easily to smart kids, and they are not left scratching their heads.” The Concept was arrived at a Mom–Kid–Lice Problem sweet spot: Moms • Desire daughters’ success; Mom enables success, and removes any disablers such as lice; Kids • Success today, unlike few years back, is not just equal to “good in studies”; kids want to be smart all-rounder, who use their unique skills – be it dance, music, dramatics, etc; Connec t • Lice cause physical irritation, leading to lack of concentration on studies/ other activities, becoming a barrier to succeed. CELEBRATING SMARTNESS •Mediker would celebrate smartness of kids, in the process humanising the Brand. •The Hindi articulation of the Concept was “Pyaar se suljhaye, sar na khujlaye”. •Rural audience led to a media challenge; hence, to celebrate smartness, an Eco-system was created around Radio to engineer conversations at 3 levels. •The integrated Campaign has 4 pillars: Radio, Mobile Phones + Toll Free Number, School Programme, PR
  12. 12. Marico Nihar: Planning HEART OF THE CAMPAIGN Mediker, in partnership with All India Radio and SHARP (School Health Annual Report Programme), a renowned NGO, created the “Smart Kalakaar Ki Khoj Mission” for kids. Kids could come live on All India Radio, as the RJ of a Show for 1 Week • We tied up with 22 stations, creating a 15 minute Advertiser Funded Programme, airing 3 times a week on AIR. • Kids could call a toll-free number & share how they found a smart solution to an everyday problem of theirs: Example: smartly buying a gift for their sibling at the last minute • The selected girl would become a kid RJ on this show for one week & be broadcast across all 3 states • The programme aired – and continues to air every week – since February 2012 • CONVERSATIONS AND WORD OF MOUTH - The programme needed to create conversations around the unspoken, embarrassing problem of lice removal. Word of Mouth would humanise the Brand, and bring it closer to Moms. It was critical to build and sustain the conversations all-year round
  13. 13. MEASURABLE RESULTS CREATING CONVERSATIONS Brand received over 5 Lac calls in a year: an AIR Record. Average call duration on toll-free number was 64 seconds: a reflection of high engagement levels. Over 65 Rural Girls have gone live till date as RJs. Programme crosses 175 episodes, sustaining the conversations. 55% of mothers, who participated, spoke about Mediker’s initiative & lice problem to friend /relative. (Source: Independent Research) BUSINESS: BUILDING TRIALS Since campaign, Mediker Trial Sachet has grown 68% in region vs targeted 25%. (Source: Industry Standard Retail Audit) 80% of Moms who participated in the campaign or spoke about it to someone tried Mediker for the first time, building trials. (Source: Independent Research) BUILD EQUITY Audience perception on Safety moved up significantly as a ‘Brand safe to use’ from 33% to 78% (between overall State average vs audience which listened to Campaign). Trust scores moved up from 36% to 77%. Recommendation scores from 38% to 85%. (Source: Independent Research) Marico Nihar: Results
  14. 14. MEASURABLE RESULTS (Contd) • 100% of the Coverage centred around Kid RJ, reinforcing that the PR Model has found resonance and inspiration with the Media Celebration of the Kid • Over 80% of coverage included the Toll Free Number, inspiring more kids to participate. Calls have tended to increase in weeks immediately after PR Events. • Over 75% of the coverage prominently mentioned AIR Programming Inspiring slots, compelling more moms to listen. Participation • The PR Model has been repeatable: successfully executed in all 3 States – multiple number of times. Repeatability • The Model is scalable – Media’s interest in the Campaign has continued unabated, reflected in the consistent and repeated coverage across markets. • Presence of large, key publications have ensured reaching out to our right TG. • Consistent coverage in all key markets including Patna, Muzaffarpur, Bhopal, Varanasi and is still an ongoing activity. • Received PR Value of over Rs 1.39 Crores between Feb 2012 – March 2013 Scalability Marico Nihar: Results
  15. 15. UJJAIN 441465 BHOPAL The numeric under each city is the PR VALUE achieved GWALIOR 463110 REWA 4819575 JABALPUR 463110 INDORE 311520 4258008 Buzz across Madhya Pradesh More than 60 clips across key publications in Madhya Pradesh SATNA 1737890 Total print media evaluation of more than Rs. 1. 30 cr Marico Nihar: Results
  16. 16. Marico Nihar Buzz across Bihar The numeric under each city is the PR VALUE achieved MUZAFFARPUR 1358400 Total print media evaluation of around Rs. 20 lacs PATNA 505800 More than 22 clips across key publications in Uttar Pradesh
  17. 17. An Integrated campaign to create brand evangelists : Re-launching one of the world’s largest casual dining brands in India Private & Confidential
  18. 18. Pizza Express The situation •PizzaExpress, the famous casual dining brand from the UK, was slated to enter India for the second time. Its first restaurant located in Mumbai was scheduled to open in the latter part of 2012. •To break through the clutter and any preconceived notions, the launch needed to be both impactful and well designed in terms of brand positioning. The task was not to launch a restaurant but to build a brand in the country Challenges •There are fixed pages slated for restaurant launches; seldom has restaurants get good media coverage until a celebrity is involved. •PizzaExpress had opened earlier in India devoid of any favourable response – thus the advisory was tasked with avoiding any reference to that stint. •The restaurant faced stiff competition from many existing pizza chains which advocated the tag line authentic Italian. Thus a campaign was required to break the clutter The Goal Setting the context for the brand in the country Build excitement around launch Target 80% outreach in desired media universe Generate close to 500,000 impressions on social media within the relevant audience Insights we worked with A typical customer of PizzaExpress lives or works in South Mumbai, is affluent, well traveled, well read and open to new experiences. The PR team studied launch campaigns of similarly positioned restaurants to create a campaign which was more effective. THE LAUNCH AND SUSTENANCE CAMPAIGN OF 3 COMPETITORS WAS STUDIED IN DEPTH to understand what keeps them in the news, negative coverage, etc.
  19. 19. 19 Pizza Express: Strategy Strategy The tagline of PizzaExpress is ‘Pizza in Style’ and the campaign was centered around communicating the launch of the brand in India in a stylish and unique way. The advisory suggested a 360-degree approach using multiple points, platforms and media to ensure a memorable launch targeted at writers, journalists, bloggers, and the potential audience for the restaurant. •GENERATE CURIOSITY – Building anticipation and excitement about the launch of the brand •ENGAGE – Understanding consumer preferences, answering questions, setting the right context • EXPERIENCE – Offering first hand experiences of PizzaExpress to journalists, bloggers, celebrities and other influencers to generate positive word of mouth •The Advisory strategically shifted the focus from the brand ‘re-entering’ India to avoid questions about the previous failed venture •It instead focused on highlighting the JV between Gondola Group and Gourmet Investments, a commendable combination of expertise that has brought PizzaExpress into India
  20. 20. 20 Pizza Express: Execution and Results •Social media was activated on certain stages where possible in order to keep the conversations going. For instance: Live tweeting was encouraged through the use of hashtags as depicted above. Additionally, a re-tweet and win contest was also activated wherein the person who tweeted the given image the maximum number of times won an exclusive voucher to dine at PizzaExpress. •Further, prior to the launch it was advised that Mr.Neil Wickers, MD of PizzaExpress and Mr.Ramit Mittal, Director of Gourmet Investments should interact with the business media to create visibility for PizzaExpress in the corporate space; Communicate the positioning of the brand as a casual dining restaurant serving authentic Italian pizzas •Post the buzz created and launch of PizzaExpress, invitations were extended to prominent bloggers and writers to review the restaurant. An outlined procedure was devised to handle negative and planned reviews on websites and social media platforms. Over INR 50,00,000 worth coverage in ad value for the entire launch campaign Over 3,000 Facebook fans and 380,000 twitter accounts were reached within a month of the launch PizzaExpress tweets appeared in over 500,000 timelines The space for restaurant launches in India is limited to 10-20 coverage clips across different media. The PizzaExpress launch garnered close to 50 clips due to the interesting variety of activities in the launch campaign The day of the launch and the following weekend witnessed over 700 covers at PizzaExpress which is hugely successful for any restaurant in Mumbai (without any advertising support) The brand entrenched in the Mumbai restaurant market as a premium pizza dining place; Strong association with ‘Authentic’, the most prominent keyword for the brand. Within a few days of its launch, Pizza Express was the most talked about restaurant in town, and known to be a stylish place to be seen at
  21. 21. Creating a National CSR program by working with partners Scaling Coca Cola Support My School campaign from a ‘CSR good-to-do’ to a ‘must-do’ national agenda Private & Confidential
  22. 22. Background • Furthering Coke’s corporate agenda in tandem with its brand proposition of promoting an “active and healthy lifestyle,” we had to devise a campaign that would help showcase the company’s significant contribution to the society and people of the country. • In India, where primary education is a priority but where one in two children dropout of school in 8th grade due to poor financial support systems and substandard school infrastructure, a program that addresses these conditions seemed useful. • Hence was born the Coke SMS campaign, that brought together large corporate, NGOs, media, and other stakeholders to participate to address key issues of lack of sanitation and drinking water. • The culmination of this was to be the main fundraising activity for the season – the Support My School Telethon in association with NDTV, India’s largest news channel, to raise funds and target business houses, engaging the campaign ambassador, world’s Best Batsman Sachin Tendulkar. • In 2011 Coke Raised USD 1.25 mn and assisted 100 schools and approximately 60,000 children • At these schools, improvements included: Access to Water, Rain Water Harvesting, Separate Toilets for Boys & Girls, Tree Plantation & Horticulture, Promoting Active Sports, and Installation of Libraries and Teacher Training programmes. insights from an independent research: Since the first phase of the SMS initiative worked with schools in small clusters, there were no completed schools to showcase in other regions such as Punjab, West Bengal, Karnataka, etc. With many schools still in the work-in- progress stage, there was little impact data to create success stories Therefore, the campaign could not be scaled to a national level This was Season 2 of the Coke Support My School campaign. The program needed to be raised to the next level. There was an additional target of revamping 250 schools. Clearly there was a need for more corporate as well as community level participation, apart from the engagement of international players Coca Cola Support My School
  23. 23. Goal & Campaign Bring in more partners to the program Attract funding/ Adoption of schools Create goodwill in the local communities to ensure support for completed schools Build salience for the campaign among influencers in local and national government THE BIG IDEA: THE CAMPAIGN From being a ‘CSR-good-to-do’ for corporate, the campaign had to be made a ‘must-do’ national agenda. Therefore, the advisory had to explore communication efforts that made the Coke Support My School a national agenda. PLANNING: •The campaign had to get the people to see the value of the program and the importance of basic infrastructure in schools. Only then could local appreciation could have convert into a national effort •A ground-up approach to target local communities, partners and influencers in a phased manner Community level: Highlight catalysts of change and beneficiaries at the local level to showcase impact of the campaign in reducing drop-out rate and increasing admissions; leverage media around school visits by celebrities and dignitaries; Media FAM visits to schools National level: Stories around the campaign in national media targeting Partners, Influencers, Ambassadors to associate with SMS
  24. 24. • Showcasing the completed schools to local/ regional media to build awareness and credibility for the project. Further, the media was encouraged to interact with the principal and students for a first hand reportage of the impact on their lives and the softer stories of community involvement. • Over the course of the last year, PR plans have been executed over 25 school dedications and visits across 8 states, which translated into engagement with key media from top publications and electronic channels in each region • School visits by dignitaries and celebrities from diverse fields including cinema, sports and politics not only brought additional media attention but also generated excitement in the communities School Dedications/ Visits • Follow-up stories on the implementation of the program and utilization of funds showcased the relevance and impact of the project. Campaign ambassador Sachin Tendulkar was leveraged to mark the national celebration of completion of 100 schools in phase 1. National and regional media were activated to cover this high decibel event in Mumbai. Building National Relevance • 12-hour live television event to raise funds for the second leg of the initiative saw participation from eminent celebrities and garnered support from corporate houses, NGOs, students and individuals. Multi-pronged media activations were executed through the day corresponding with the line-up of celebrities and activities on the show. National and regional media across multiple locations covered the on-ground leg of the telethon as well as the celebrity support in the television studios. • Media activated through the day across 17 media centers where simultaneous activities took place as part of the SMS telethon, such as celebrity visits, competitions for school children, etc. • 21 customized press releases with region-specific content in relevant languages for each region were shared with media, including pre and post event releases Milestone event - Support My School Telethon Execution Execution The different segments to the communication approach were often simultaneously activated, encompassing the below activities
  25. 25. Results Campaign outcomes/ monitoring an evaluation The Telethon successfully raised over USD 2.6 million – the single largest amount raised during a live telethon anywhere in the country. The funds raised would support the revitalization of 272 schools in the second leg of the campaign, surpassing the target of 250 schools Total earned media achieved for Coca-Cola Support My School was over USD 7.4 million Coverage spread across 20 regions and 110 publications including Mainlines, Financials and Regional publications Partnerships • There have also been a surge in enquiries from corporate houses wanting to partner with the campaign, including a strong partnership with Bharti Walmart (the JV between India’s leading business group Bharti Enterprises and Walmart) to garner support through their network of 210 stores •Many more partners have come on board from different fields including student body AIESEC whose volunteers will work on ground and through social media to reach out to spread the message. Youth ambassadors from India’s top universities in the field of IT, communications and management, have also extended their support. • The campaign has roped in 13 NGOs till now, including World Vision and Plan India, that work towards improving the lives of India’s underprivileged children, which have come in as Implementing Partners for Season 2 • In addition to the continued support from campaign ambassador Sachin Tendulkar, the campaign has received support from icons amongst Bollywood stars such as Anil Kapoor, Dia Mirza, Kajol; other cricketers such as Saba Karim; Robert Swan (environmental leader and polar explorer), and many others Influence The campaign has succeeded in several regions to initiate local change. Jhundpur School, located in a town in North India where 41 children, taught in 3 classrooms, without a library in the school, had a pass percentage of 100. Revitalized under the campaign, the school went on to receive recognition for ‘Best Middle School’ in the District
  26. 26. Private & Confidential Creating and amplifying digital buzz around a celebrity brand ambassador to create word of mouth
  27. 27. Parachute Advanced Background A TVC featuring Parachute Advansed brand ambassador Deepika Padukone was to be released by Parachute. Objective The advisory was brought on board to: •Build excitement for the launch of the vide •Engage with a target audience of young, urban women looking for effective hair care solutions Approach Keeping in mind the young, urban, upwardly mobile demographic •YouTube dissemination of an abridged version of the ad (not featuring the product) as a “mystery video” •Content dissemination through target media (blogs, entertainment portals) •The official press release was linked back to the Youtube Video contributing to the total no. of video views •Twitter and Facebook conversations sparked off through pseudo-profiles, re-posting the video and interacting with Deepika Padukone’s Twitter profile •Extensive Search Engine Optimisation undertaken for keywords ‘Parachute Advansed’ on ‘World’s Best hair’
  28. 28. Parachute Advanced: Execution and Results Views: 1,075,461 and still counting Execution •Edited Video was uploaded on Youtube to create more excitement before the actual TVC •Shared the video amongst the relevant audience across Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other sites to achieve multiplier effect •Relevant Youtube tags and titles were used with keywords to achieve top desired search results. Eg. Deepika Padukone and Bollywood •Keywords tagged were mostly targeted for Indian viewers which resulted in maximum hits from India Results Video received more than 2000 views in a day after it was uploaded
  29. 29. Social Media Response Online Media Coverage Parachute Advanced: Media Response and Coverage
  30. 30. Thank You www.perfectrelations.com This document is confidential and may also be legally privileged. The recipient shall treat and safeguard the information provided as private and confidential and take all reasonable steps necessary to maintain the confidentiality and security of the same at all times. The information and/or perspectives shared in this document are the copyright of Perfect Relations and cannot be shared either externally or internally, other than to the recipients marked, without prior permission/notification and payment