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For  the  release  of  Hidden  in  Plain  Sight,  we  encourage  conversation  about  the  impact  of  
student  homelessn...
Sharable  Graphics  
Download  our  gallery  of  shareable  images:  http://bit.ly/HomelessStudentGraphics ...
67%  of  homeless  students  were  uncomfortable  sharing  their  situation.  
http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStuden...
54%  of  homeless  students  say  concrete  &  emotional  supports  are  equally  important  
86%  of  homeless  students  want  someone  to  talk  to.  http://bit.ly/HomelessReport    
#UnseenStudents  #CaringAdults...
Homeless  students  are  present  in  our  communities  and  need  our  help.  Pledge  to  do  
more:  http://bit.ly/unsee...
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Hidden In Plain Sight Partner and Community Digital Toolkit

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Join the conversation about what needs to happen to improve the education and the futures of homeless students, use the hashtag #UnseenStudents and download the partner and community social media guide.

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Hidden In Plain Sight Partner and Community Digital Toolkit

  1. 1.    
  2. 2. For  the  release  of  Hidden  in  Plain  Sight,  we  encourage  conversation  about  the  impact  of   student  homelessness  in  our  nation’s  schools  and  what  schools,  communities  and  caring   adults  can  do  to  provide  supports  for  these  students.       You  can  find  the  report  at  http://www.GradNation.org/Homeless.     Please  join  the  conversation  by  using  the  hashtags  #UnseenStudents,   #EndYouthHomelessness  &  #GradNation     NEWSLETTER  BLURB     Hidden  In  Plain  Sight:  Homeless  Students  in  America’s  Public  Schools   Forty-­two  percent  of  formerly  homeless  youth  surveyed  for  a  new  report  say  they   dropped  out  of  school  at  least  once.  Fifty  percent  say  they  slept  in  a  car,  abandoned   building  or  other  public  place.  And  61  percent  say  they  were  uncomfortable  talking  about   their  housing  situation  with  people  at  their  school.  A  new  study  written  by  Civic   Enterprises  and  released  by  the  GradNation  campaign  examines  the  growing  problem  of   student  homelessness  by  asking  the  young  people  who  have  experienced  it  and  the   school  employees  assigned  to  help  them.  Find  out  more  about  the  problem  and   recommended  solutions  at  GradNation.org/homeless.       REPORT  PROMOTION     Facebook/LinkedIn:     Download  Hidden  In  Plain  Sight,  a  new  report  written  by  Civic  Enterprises  &  Hart   Research  Associates  that  examines  the  growing  problem  of  student  homelessness  in   our  nation’s  public  schools.  http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents   #EndYouthHomelessness     Homelessness  impacts  a  student’s  ability  to  stay  in  school.  Learn  more  about  the  impact   of  homelessness  and  the  supports  that  homeless  students  need  in  the  report,  Hidden  in   Plain  Sight  from  Civic  Enterprises  &  Hart  Research  Associates.   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #EndYouthHomelessness                  
  3. 3. Sharable  Graphics             Download  our  gallery  of  shareable  images:  http://bit.ly/HomelessStudentGraphics     94%  of  homeless  students  don’t  have  a  consistent  place  to  call  home.   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents     50%  of  homeless  students  slept  in  a  car  or  public  place.  http://bit.ly/HomelessReport     #UnseenStudents  #HomelessYouth  
  4. 4. 67%  of  homeless  students  were  uncomfortable  sharing  their  situation.   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents     How  can  #CaringAdults  make  #HomelessYouth  feel  seen,  heard  &  supported?   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #EndYouthHomelessness     Homeless  students  can  graduate  High  School  prepared  w/  the  right  supports.   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #GradNation     Homeless  students  need  concrete  &  emotional  support  to  succeed  in  school.   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #EndYouthHomelessness     86%  of  homeless  students  want  someone  to  talk  to.  http://bit.ly/HomelessReport     #UnseenStudents  #CaringAdults  #EndYouthHomelessness     Twitter  -­  Key  Findings:       JUST  RELEASED:  Download  Hidden  in  Plain  Sight  via  @CivicEnterprise  @HartSurveys   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #HomelessYouth       Hidden  in  Plain  Sight:  Homeless  Students  in  America's  Public  Schools  |   @CivicEnterprise  @HartSurveys  http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents     #ESSA  will  require  districts/states  to  report  grad  rates  for  homeless  students.   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #GradNation     78%  of  homeless  students  surveyed  experienced  homelessness  more  than  once.   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #HomelessYouth     47%  of  homeless  students  surveyed  were  homeless  both  w/  a  parent  or  guardian  &   alone.  http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents     94%  of  homeless  students  don’t  have  a  consistent  place  to  call  home.   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #EndYouthHomelessness     50%  of  homeless  students  slept  in  a  car,  park  or  other  public  place.   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #EndYouthHomelessness     42%  of  homeless  students  surveyed  said  that  they  dropped  out  of  school  at  least  once.   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #GradNation     67%  of  homeless  students  were  uncomfortable  talking  w/  people  about  their  housing   situation.  http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents    
  5. 5. 54%  of  homeless  students  say  concrete  &  emotional  supports  are  equally  important   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #HomelessYouth     61%  of  homeless  students  were  never  connected  to  a  community  org  while  homeless   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #HomelessYouth     Twitter  -­  Key  Facts:       Only  5  states  currently  report  High  School  #gradrates  for  homeless  students.   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #GradNation     5  states  -­  CO,  KS,  VA,  WA  &  WY  report  High  School  #gradrates  for  homeless  students.   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #GradNation     Homelessness  is  detrimental  to  a  student's  ability  to  stay  in  school.   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #GradNation     Homeless  students  were  87%  more  likely  to  drop  out  of  school.  h/t  @Center4Promise   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #GradNation     Twitter  -­  Impact:     Homelessness  takes  a  significant  toll  on  young  people's  lives,  health,  relationships  &   education.  http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents     Learn  more  about  the  impact  of  homelessness  on  students.  http://bit.ly/HomelessReport   #UnseenStudents  #EndYouthHomelessness     82%  of  homeless  students  said  homelessness  had  a  big  impact  on  their  life.   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #EndYouthHomelessness     60%  of  homeless  students  found  it  difficult  to  stay  in  school  while  being  homeless.   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #EndYouthHomelessness       Twitter  -­  Supports  and  Services:     Learn  more  about  supports  that  homeless  students  need.  http://bit.ly/HomelessReport   #UnseenStudents  #EndYouthHomelessness     58%  of  homeless  students  believe  their  school  should  have  done  more  to  help  them.   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #HomelessYouth    
  6. 6. 86%  of  homeless  students  want  someone  to  talk  to.  http://bit.ly/HomelessReport     #UnseenStudents  #CaringAdults     As  student  homelessness  has  increased,  liaisons  feel  unprepared.   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #CaringAdults     Learn  about  the  challenges  schools  face  to  help  tackle  student  homelessness.   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #CaringAdults     Liaison  challenges  include:  funding,  time,  awareness  &  safe  spaces.   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #HomelessYouth       Twitter  -­  Cause  for  Optimism:     88%  of  liaisons  believe  homeless  students  can  graduate  HS  prepared  w/  right  supports.   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #CaringAdults     73%  of  homeless  students  are  motivated  to  complete  high  school  school  or  start  a   career.  http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #GradNation     Twitter  -­  Recommendations:     What  can  your  community  do  to  help  homeless  students?  http://bit.ly/HomelessReport   #UnseenStudents  #EndYouthHomelessness     Homeless  students  are  present  in  our  communities  and  they  need  our  help.  Learn  more:   http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents  #CaringAdults     Learn  why  we  can't  allow  homeless  students  to  be  Hidden  in  Plain  Sight.   @CivicEnterprise  http://bit.ly/HomelessReport  #UnseenStudents       Twitter  –  Pledge  to  #EndYouthHomelessness       I  pledge  to  take  action  that  will  help  students  experiencing  homelessness  cope  and   thrive  http://bit.ly/unseenstudentspledge  #UnseenStudents  #GradNation     I  pledge  to  [INSERT  Individual  Pledge]  to  help  #UnseenStudents  succeed  in  school  &   beyond.  [INSERT  Governor  Twitter  handle]  what  do  you  pledge?   http://bit.ly/unseenstudentspledge     Homeless  students  need  concrete  &  emotional  support  to  succeed  in  school.   http://bit.ly/unseenstudentspledge  Pledge  to  do  your  part  #UnseenStudents      
  7. 7. Homeless  students  are  present  in  our  communities  and  need  our  help.  Pledge  to  do   more:  http://bit.ly/unseenstudentspledge  #UnseenStudents     Tell  your  governor:  pledge  to  take  action  to  help  students  experiencing  homelessness   http://bit.ly/unseenstudentspledge  #UnseenStudents     Tell  your  governor:  take  the  pledge  to  create  a  web  of  support  for  #homelessyouth     http://bit.ly/unseenstudentspledge  #gradnation     .[INSERT  Governor  Twitter  handle]  take  the  pledge  and  create  a  web  of  support  to  help   homeless  students  #UnseenStudents  http://bit.ly/unseenstudentspledge         Take  the  pledge  to  create  a  web  of  support  to  help  homeless  students  cope  and  thrive   http://bit.ly/unseenstudentspledge  #UnseenStudents     Homeless  students  need  #CaringAdults  in  their  life.  Take  the  pledge  to  create  a  web  of   support  for  http://bit.ly/unseenstudentspledge    #UnseenStudents     Pledge  to  take  action  to  help  homeless  students  graduate  HS  prepared:   http://bit.ly/unseenstudentspledge  #UnseenStudents  #GradNation     We  can’t  allow  #HomelessYouth  to  be  Hidden  in  Plain  Sight.  Pledge  to  take  action:   http://bit.ly/unseenstudentspledge  #UnseenStudents       The  time  for  action  to  help  homeless  students  is  now.  Pledge  to  do  your  part:   http://bit.ly/unseenstudentspledge  #UnseenStudents  #GradNation     For  us  to  have  a  #GradNation,  we  must  do  more  to  support  homeless  students.  Sign  the   pledge:  http://bit.ly/unseenstudentspledge  #UnseenStudents     I  pledge  to  do  what  I  can  to  help  homeless  students  succeed.  Will  you?   http://bit.ly/unseenstudentspledge  #UnseenStudents  #GradNation