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Tips on how to design your PowerPoint slides to make it simply amazing

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A great PowerPoint might not automatically make you an excellent presenter, but a bad slide can cause your presentation to hurt badly. Here are some tips that you can use to improve your slides and complement your presentation. For more information, please visit www.afidealab.com

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Tips on how to design your PowerPoint slides to make it simply amazing

  1. 1. 7Amazing tips to make your slides
  2. 2. 1Keep it Simple
  3. 3. Slides are not the star of the show You Are !
  4. 4. So don’t flood the slides with texts and bullet points
  5. 5. Will you be interested to read this ? • Humans can’t read and listen at the same time.Trust me, we can’t multi-task as much as we think we could. By putting too many texts in your slides, you are risking the chance of your audience reading directly off the slides instead of listening to you. • Visual content reaches an individual’s brain in a faster and more understandable way than textual information. • Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text.*.That explains why we need to focus and often need to re-read the same sentence over and over again to understand what it means. No !* Source : http://www.business2community.com/digital-marketing/visual-marketing-pictures-worth-60000- words-01126256#jihtA9VfG1h03SYM.97
  6. 6. The less clutter, the more powerful your visual message will become.
  7. 7. One Big Message per slide
  8. 8. 2Choose your fonts wisely
  9. 9. Know the difference Serif Font Vs Sans-Serif Font
  10. 10. Serif Fonts are easier to read in printed words
  11. 11. Sans-serif fonts are better on Web and PowerPoint presentations
  12. 12. Try to avoid default fonts – e.g. Arial .They are too common. And no Comic San please !
  13. 13. Mix and Match fonts but don’t use more than three font types Gill Sans Aharoni Brush Script
  14. 14. 3Use Images to captivate audience
  15. 15. WOO them with superb images
  16. 16. Use high-quality graphics. Never stretch a small, low- resolution photo to make it fit your layout Example à
  17. 17. No !
  18. 18. Avoid using clip arts They look unprofessional unless you are selling to children ! Example à
  19. 19. Yuck !
  20. 20. If the image is secondary in importance, then decrease the opacity and add a Gaussian blur. Example à
  21. 21. Top Five bakery recipes to whet your appetite
  22. 22. If the image is primary and you want the audience to notice it, then the image should be evident with little or no text Example à
  23. 23. Bulldog gone missing
  24. 24. 4Infographics are fun and engaging
  25. 25. Example à Boring graphs and charts
  26. 26. Connected Device Population 10B 7.3B % of Productivity increase when using mobile device % of executives who make decision at home % of executives who check emails in the middle of the night % of executives who uses personal mobile device for work Infographics that tell a story
  27. 27. 11.8 12.3 2014 2015 Gross Revenue Net Income Expenses Infographics that tell a story
  28. 28. 5Icons can be an alternative to words
  29. 29. Icons are a great way to communicate without words
  30. 30. Use icons to make bullet points more meaningful • Edit• Hand phones• News • Services• Security• Wifi
  31. 31. 6Use Colors wisely
  32. 32. Colors evoke feelings
  33. 33. Choose a color scheme and use it Consistently across your slides
  34. 34. Know the difference between warm and cool colors
  35. 35. Cool colors work best as background
  36. 36. Warm colors work best for objects in the foreground
  37. 37. Contrast is important
  38. 38. 7Storyline is critical
  39. 39. PowerPoint is not just about visuals
  40. 40. It has to tell a story
  41. 41. It needs to be structured and logical to intrigue the brains of your audience
  43. 43. Break a leg !
  44. 44. For more information, visit us at www.afidealab.com