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Testing Applications with AWS Device Farm

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by Rohan Deshpande, Sr. Software Development Engineer, AWS Mobile

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Testing Applications with AWS Device Farm

  1. 1. © 2017, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Rohan Deshpande Sr. Software Engineer, AWS Mobile August 1, 2017 High-Quality Mobile Apps using AWS Device Farm
  2. 2. Mobile UI Testing for Quality  Ad-hoc Developer UI Testing  Remote access to real devices  Routine UI Testing  Nightly UI testing to find regressions  Multiple standard Devices  Pre-Production UI Testing  Test on a broad range of devices prior to release
  3. 3. CC BY 2.0: https://www.flickr.com/photos/adactio/14202296106
  4. 4. Remote access Gesture, swipe, and interact with devices in real time, directly from your web browser AWS Device Farm – test on real devices Automated testing Test your app in parallel against a large collection of physical devices in the AWS Cloud
  5. 5. Select a device View historical sessionsInteract with the device Remote Access
  6. 6. Instrumentation UI Automation UI Automator Your App Improve the quality of your apps by testing against real devices in the AWS Cloud Automated Testing (native, hybrid, web) XCTest XCTest UI
  7. 7. AWS Device Farm • Android and iOS (native, hybrid, web) • Scale: Over 350 unique device and OS combinations • Pay for what you use • Integration: Jenkins, Android Studio, SDKs, CLI • Reports: Results, screenshots, logs, performance, video • Flexibility: Support for many popular frameworks • Security: Full HW and SW isolation
  8. 8. Trusted by 1000s of developers
  9. 9. AWS Device Farm Demo Sample Apps available on https://github.com/awslabs
  10. 10. The Mobile App virtuous cycle with AWS
  11. 11. Questions? aws-devicefarm-support@amazon.com Get started at aws.amazon.com/device-farm