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Eucalyptus - An Overview of On-premise IaaS and AWS

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Presentation from AWS Worldwide Public Sector team's conference Building and Securing Applications in the Cloud (http://aws.amazon.com/campaigns/building-securing-applications-cloud/).

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Eucalyptus - An Overview of On-premise IaaS and AWS

  1. 1. An Overview of On-premise Eucalyptus IaaS and AWS© 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  2. 2. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Eucalyptus2 © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  3. 3. AWS – Eucalyptus Partnership3 © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  4. 4. Eucalyptus Benefits Flexibility Automation Speed Trust Resource Self-Service Self-Service Dynamic Chargeback Resource Resource Resource and Configuration Provisioning Management Reporting On-premise Infrastructure as a Service4 © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  5. 5. Eucalyptus IaaS Solution An enterprise open source, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) software platform Web services API to enable self-serviceable infrastructure Virtual ResourcesCompute, network, storage and identity resources are accessible as services Virtual resource management orchestrates resource placement, handles security & traffic isolation, identity and storagePhysical resource management tools interface with hypervisor, storage, and network infrastructure 5 © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  6. 6. Eucalyptus Usage6 © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  7. 7. AWS and/or Eucalyptus Customers7 © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  8. 8. Workload Migration between On-Premise IT and AWS• Multi-vendor virtualization • Layer over multi-vendor complexity • Low cost• Multi-vendor storage • Separate application logic from • Agility and instant elasticity• Data center networking infrastructure • Open and flexible• Infrastructure meshed applications • Create LDAP/AD to IAM bridge • Secure 8 © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  9. 9. Customer BenefitsFlexibility:• Customers have the added flexibility to more freely move workloads between their existing IT environments and the AWS cloud.• Customers can run applications in their existing datacenters that are compatible with popular Amazon Web Services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).Use of Common Toolsets:• Customers can take advantage of a common set of API’s that work across both AWS and Eucalyptus.• Customers can use scripts and other management tools across both platforms without having to rewrite or maintain environment specific versions.• Customers can leverage their existing skills and knowledge of the AWS platform by using the same, familiar AWS SDKs and command line tools in their existing data centers.9 © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  10. 10. Customer Success Story “As a user of both Amazon Web Services and Eucalyptus, this partnership willprovide us with even greater flexibility and scalability for our cloud deployments.” “We believe the ability to seamlessly move mission-critical applications and workloads between Amazon EC2 and the Eucalyptus on-premise Infrastructure as a Service platform will significantly transform our operations and provide a business advantage in the competitive hospitality industry.” Scott Johnson VP of Enterprise Engineering InterContinental Hotel Group10 © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  11. 11. Q&A11 © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  12. 12. For more information, please download • http://www.dlt.com/sites/default/files/eucalyptus-months-to- minutes-white-paper.pdf • http://www.dlt.com/library/whitepaper/cloud-computing-for- govies-ebook?source=cloud_technology_page12 © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  13. 13. Thank you. Shashi Mysore sales@eucalyptus.com© 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.