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Update by Dr. Hagit Alon, VP Scientific Affairs of Joy Ventures

During Expo Day selected Summit Sponsors and Partners showcased their most promising brain health & wellness initiatives and solutions.

8.30am. Dr. Hagit Alon, VP Scientific Affairs of Joy Ventures, will present their “Neuro-Wellness” philosophy and approach to invest in scientific research and in entrepreneurs.

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Update by Dr. Hagit Alon, VP Scientific Affairs of Joy Ventures

  1. 1. Introducing Joy Ventures
  2. 2. While we can’t always change the surroundings that cause us stress, we can create products that both help us cope with it, and further weave moments of joy into our daily lives. At Joy Ventures, we build and support companies developing tech-based consumer products that help people lead happier lives.
  3. 3. A holistic and strategic approach to innovation Connecting Minds IdeationAdvancing Research Investment & Incubation Joy Innovation Hub Pillars A holistic and strategic approach to innovation Joy Innovation Hub Pillars
  4. 4. Welcome to Joy Ventures Connecting minds We foster a community of researchers, technologists, designers and entrepreneurs to focus on the emotional wellbeing challenge. We raise awareness to the potential for consumer products that bring joy, and share knowledge, inspiring collaboration and activity in the field. • Community events • Thought leadership
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. Welcome to Joy Ventures Ideation We run programs and activities dedicated to sparking ideas that have the potential to evolve into Joy-relevant consumers products. • Venture Builder – JoyMakers • Ideation with Academia - JoyStudio
  7. 7. Welcome to Joy Ventures JoyMakers Venture Builder
  8. 8. Welcome to Joy Ventures Joy Studio
  9. 9. Welcome to Joy Ventures Investment & Incubation We invest in passionate entrepreneurs with innovative product ideas, and provide them with customized tools, guidance and funding throughout their product development journey.
  10. 10. Welcome to Joy Ventures
  11. 11. Welcome to Joy Ventures Advancing Research We fund neurowellness-centered research that strives to elucidate mechanisms of resilience, mood and emotion regulation and impact the emotional wellbeing of healthy individuals. • $1M in annual grants • Post-doc program • Academic courses
  12. 12. Welcome to Joy Ventures Funded Research: Example I
  13. 13. www.joyventures.com