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Update by Debbie Gilmore, Executive Director of The Arrowsmith Program

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During Expo Day selected Summit Sponsors and Partners showcased their most promising brain health & wellness initiatives and solutions.

Debbie Gilmore, Executive Director of The Arrowsmith Program, will discuss plans to better equip 100+ schools helping students with special needs.

Slidedeck supporting presentation and discussion during the 2019 SharpBrains Virtual Summit: The Future of Brain Health (March 7-9th). Learn more at:

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Update by Debbie Gilmore, Executive Director of The Arrowsmith Program

  1. 1. Strengthening Learning Capacities® ENHANCING THE LEARNER’S CAPACITY TO LEARN Debbie Gilmore Executive Director Arrowsmith Program
  2. 2. Strengthening Learning Capacities® THE FUTURE OF BRAIN HEALTH WHAT DOESTHISMEAN TO US?
  3. 3. Strengthening Learning Capacities® OUR VISION Transforming lives worldwide by improving cognitive capacities
  4. 4. Strengthening Learning Capacities® A WORLD WHERE: • everyone has the capacity and ability to think causally • there are many fewer cognitive issues, leading to much fewer behavioral issues • everyone makes better decisions • everyone is more compassionate
  5. 5. Strengthening Learning Capacities® A WORLD WHERE: “every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.” World Health Organization’s Definition of Mental Health October 2011
  6. 6. Strengthening Learning Capacities® A SCHOOL WHERE: • cognitive enhancement is a focus • targeted cognitive exercises can be used in the classroom to enhance the learning of all students
  7. 7. Strengthening Learning Capacities® A SCHOOL WHERE: • students change their cognitive capacities AND • learn the content and skills of academic curriculum
  8. 8. Strengthening Learning Capacities® COGNITIVE ENHANCEMENT
  9. 9. Strengthening Learning Capacities® COGNITIVE ENHANCEMENT through a CAPACITY BASED PROGRAM Strengthen specific cognitive functions in neural networks Change cognitive capacity of learner to learn THE LEARNER CAN BE MODIFIED
  10. 10. Strengthening Learning Capacities® COGNITIVE FUNCTION Very Severe Average Superior Cognitive functions are the characteristic function or job of a region of the brain or network of regions CONTINUUM OF FUNCTION
  11. 11. Strengthening Learning Capacities® EXAMPLESOF COGNITIVE FUNCTIONS • capacity to read non-verbal cues necessary for navigating social interactions • visual memory functions necessary to learn reading and spelling patterns • executive functions necessary for thinking, planning and problem solving • capacity for grasping relationships • auditory memory functions involved in retaining information • capacity for quantification required for time scheduling and budgeting • ability to learn motor patterns necessary for writing • capacity to recognize faces • spatial reasoning
  12. 12. Strengthening Learning Capacities® ENHANCING FUNCTION FOR ALL • Whole Cohort Model • Symbol RelationsCognitive Enhancement Program
  13. 13. Strengthening Learning Capacities® SYMBOL RELATIONS Cognitive function responsible for understanding the relationship among two or more concepts “I just don’t get it.”
  14. 14. Strengthening Learning Capacities® RESEARCH FINDINGS Dr. Greg Rose Director, Center for Integrated Research in Cognitive and Neural Science Department of Anatomy and Psychology Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois SharpBrains Virtual Summit Presentation May 7 2019
  15. 15. Strengthening Learning Capacities® COGNITIVE INTENSIVE PROGRAM SUMMER 2018 WOODCOCK JOHNSON COGNITIVE ABILITIESAND ACHIEVEMENT TESTS Dr. Gregory Rose and Dr. Audreyana Jagger-Rickels, Southern IllinoisUniversity 450.0 460.0 470.0 480.0 490.0 500.0 510.0 520.0 530.0 WScore W Score: CIP 2018 Start End * *** Overall p < 0.005; *p < 0.05 for individual tests Arrowsmith Program 6 Week Cognitive Intensive Program
  16. 16. Strengthening Learning Capacities® OUTCOMESOF A COGNITIVE ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM Universidad Camilo Jose Cela, Madrid Spain Dr. Laura Herrero Perez and Dr. Miguel Angel Perez Nieto Population: Elementary school students not identified as learning disabled Program: Symbol Relations (reasoning) cognitive program 40 minutes per day, five days per week over 3 months Significant positive improvements in: • Visual-spatial ability • Attention • Planning abilities
  17. 17. Strengthening Learning Capacities® STUDENT OUTCOMES
  18. 18. Strengthening Learning Capacities® WHAT ISTHE ARROWSMITH PROGRAM? Facilitator-led program that targets, stimulates and strengthens specific cognitive functions Facilitator has specialized training by Arrowsmith Program 19 cognitive functions enhanced by the Arrowsmith Program are those involved in reading, writing, auditory memory, non-verbal learning, reasoning, executive functioning, numeracy, visual memory and spatial awareness Built on the principles of neuroplasticity Software tracks all learner activity in the cognitive exercise in real time using a sophisticated tablet software Learner engagement and progress is presented graphically to the facilitator and tracked against benchmarks developed over 40 years Worldwide database for tracking learner data at all sites
  19. 19. Strengthening Learning Capacities®