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[Webinar] Setting the Stage for Mobile Business, with Chris Silva and Charlene Li

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With 50% of the mobile phone users in the US carrying a smartphone, tablets selling out as soon as they're launched, and the measure of apps downloaded numbering in the billions, it's time to start harnessing these devices to empower employees and drive business value. There are myriad examples of how business are improving efficiency and employee productivity with mobile, and who better to empower these players than their line of business management? The possibility exists today, but the critical first step still belongs to IT. In order to unleash mobile, IT organization must create a foundation for mobile, a control plane that underlies mobile business tools, that extends beyond simple MDM. This control layer contains both leadership and technology elements, from policies and a set of roles and responsibilities to mobile security and management tools. Only when this control plane is in place can the business start rolling out solutions for information consumption, creation and collaboration. This webinar will present the proper scope for mobility control, necessary elements of the technology and leadership to build a solid foundation for mobility.

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[Webinar] Setting the Stage for Mobile Business, with Chris Silva and Charlene Li

  1. 1 Building A Foundation For Mobile BusinessAltimeter Group WebinarMarch 28, 2012#AGmobileCharlene Li Chris SilvaFounder, Analyst Industry Analyst, Mobile
  2. Workers Have Chosen Their Preferred Platform© 2012 Altimeter Group
  3. 3 Less than 5% of workers worldwide carry separate “work” and “personal” devices today.* *Data source iPass Workforce Mobility Study, Q3 2011© 2012 Altimeter Group
  4. 4 Over 50% of users are taking business data onto personal devices.* *Data source iPass Workforce Mobility Study, Q3 2011© 2012 Altimeter Group
  5. 5 In the US, nearly 70% of firms have no formal policy for this type of use.** *Data source iPass Workforce Mobility Study, Q3 2011 ** Data source: Citrix workforce study Nov, 2011© 2012 Altimeter Group
  6. 6 Soon All Workers Will Be Mobile Workers 46.3% of US Mobile Owners Had A Smartphone in Q4 In 2012, we will cross the 50% mark in 2011 percentage of mobile phone owners who have a smartphone. That means 1 in every 2 employees – and likely more - will be looking to be served on mobile. It’s time to act.© 2012 Altimeter Group
  7. 7 Platform Diversity Makes Control Parity Difficult Source: Nielsen© 2012 Altimeter Group
  8. Enterprise Mobility Depends On Solid Controls© 2012 Altimeter Group
  9. 9 Balancing Business And IT Imperatives Manage Risk Compliance Data Productivity Protection Executive Talent Security Pressure Acquisition Policy Competitive Contented Fair Use Advantage Users Business Benefits IT Concerns© 2012 Altimeter Group
  10. 10 Enterprise Mobility Takes Various Forms Corporate Field Complex Information Collaboration Computing Access Goal: Goal: Goal: Gathering, collection On the go access to Access to a full and collaboration of common information. computing experience, information gathered from anywhere. in the field.© 2012 Altimeter Group
  11. 11 Financial Services Co: 2010 Scenario “Big 5” accounting firm 100% BlackBerry providing company- owned devices to its 0% knowledge workers. iOS • Single server • Handles all sync and policy • Single point of control • App use not an issue • Little concern for non-email data.© 2012 Altimeter Group
  12. 12 Same Financial Services Co: 2012 Result Knowledge workers 95% overwhelmingly choose 5% iOS iOS devices, forcing BlackBerry the evolution of control. • No existing, single comprehensive management tool • Multiple points of entry to the device • Data in email, apps, file shares • High degree of personalization© 2012 Altimeter Group
  13. 13 The Mobile Control Plane Mobile Business Case Governance Technology Workforce Control Plane© 2012 Altimeter Group
  14. 14 Mobility Begins With A Business Driver Mobile Business Case Governance Technology Workforce • What is the pain to be addressed? • Which users exist in the org? • Who are the best to take mobile? • What does success look like?© 2012 Altimeter Group
  15. 15 Governance Precedes Technology Mobile Business Case Governance Technology Workforce • Establish ownership in IT and in business • Draft policies with HR, IT and business • Understand metrics for success in mobile • Target high priority groups for mobile© 2012 Altimeter Group
  16. 16 Critical Governance Components Of Control Control Governance Policy Ownership  Personnel policy  Device ownership  Fair use policy  Service ownership  Device remediation policy  Data access  Data classification policy© 2012 Altimeter Group
  17. 17 Technology Closes The Control Process Mobile Business Case Governance Technology Workforce • Create an MDM backbone • Unite access and enforcement • Determine user use-case, metrics for continuation of subsidy • Determine security parameters© 2012 Altimeter Group
  18. 18 Critical Technology Components Of Control Control Technology Mobile Device Management Identity & Access Management  Data security and encryption  AAA-tie in  Encryption  Role and user policies  Device and app provisioning  Data loss prevention  Management and remediation, Data Synchronization Service Management  Information delivery  Uptime and usage metrics  Attachment and directory data  Telecom expense management  Usage policy enforcement  Quality of service monitoring  Basic device remediation© 2012 Altimeter Group
  19. 19 With A Solid Platform In Place, The Business Can Take The Lead Mobile Business Case Governance Technology Workforce • Refine mobile roles • Gather role-specific requirements, match with tools • Allow LOB to lead tool selection • Continual training, measurement and education© 2012 Altimeter Group
  20. 20 Control Is The Foundation Of Mobile Business Corporate Field Complex Information Collaboration Computing Access Need: Need: Need: Content Collaboration Consumption Mobile Control Plane Technology Governance Mobile Device Service Policy Ownership Management Management Data Identity & Access Synchronization Management© 2012 Altimeter Group
  21. 21Q&A To submit a question enter it into the “question” box in your GoToWebinar control panel Chris Silva Charlene Li Industry Analyst, Mobile Founder, Principal Analyst csilva@altimetergroup.com charlene@altimetergroup.com Makemobilework.com Charleneli.com Twitter: @802dotchris Twitter: @charleneli
  22. 22ABOUT USAltimeter Group is a research-based advisory firm that helpscompanies and industries leverage disruption to their advantage.Visit us at http://www.altimetergroup.com or contactinfo@altimetergroup.com. THANK YOU