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Celgene - Curing Analytic Woes - Inspire 2017

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A global biopharmaceutical company, Celgene Corporation focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialization of products for severe immune and inflammatory conditions. For the Inflammation and Immunology (I&I) division of Celgene, Alteryx has become the critical third leg of a three-legged stool upholding the organization's lean data analytics infrastructure. The stool includes an Amazon Redshift database, which contains big data, processed with ongoing business rules; Tableau, which serves as the primary tool to analyze our data and distribute data and insights within the organization; and Alteryx, which makes the infrastructure nimble. / In this session, you'll hear how Celgene uses Alteryx to bridge Redshift and Tableau by blending "small data" in Excel with the larger Redshift database; automating various weekly and monthly reporting in Excel, Tableau, and PowerPoint; and experimenting with major business rule changes before implementing in Redshift or elsewhere. What's more, you'll see specific examples of how Celgene utilizes this nimble infrastructure to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver analytics to senior executives and other stakeholders within the company. To watch a recording of this session from Inspire 2017, visit www.alteryx.com/inspire-2017-tracks

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Celgene - Curing Analytic Woes - Inspire 2017

  1. 1. CURING ANALYTICWOES Presented by Madhan Gounder, Celgene Corporation June 6, 2017
  2. 2. AGENDA • History • Data Diary • Estimating Patients • SP Data Integration
  4. 4. To watch a recording of this session from Inspire 2017, visit alteryx.com/inspire-2017-tracks
  5. 5. HISTORY How we arrived at a three-legged stool
  6. 6. IT COSTS$2.6BTO BRING A DRUGTO MARKET • Recouping the investment requires achieving peak market share as soon as possible • Using data effectively is one of the ways we can accelerate a brand’s trajectory • Having a nimble data infrastructure can aid in the tactical use of information to drive revenue
  7. 7. • Celgene develops drugs in hematology, oncology, inflammation and immunology • Market cap: ~$90B • Employees: 7,000+ • #4 Forbes America’s Best Midsize Employers MY JOURNEY BEGAN 3.5YEARS AGO • Otezla is a drug currently approved to treat psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis • The first drug launched by the I&I division • No real analytics infrastructure prior to launch
  8. 8. Analytic data comes at varying timings and various sources • Syndicated Data • Sales Data • Master Data DATA COMES FROM AVARIETY OF SOURCES
  9. 9. • Selected DataKitchen as our partner • DataKitchen built our database on AWS • Tableau soon followed as a means to connect to and work with the data WE MOVEDTO OWN OUR DATA
  10. 10. TABLEAU ALONE PROVED INSUFFICIENT • Live database connection proves too slow • Data blending with “small data” in Excel breaks the process • Stakeholders are often looking for an Excel or PowerPoint document— Tableau is still not widely accepted
  11. 11. TECHNICALTOOLS OVERVIEW Data Data Data Data Lake SQL SQL SQL DM Data DW DM Data Sources Data in raw format Data transforms Data ready for each need Data as insight
  12. 12. THE ANALYTICSTEAM HAS MULTIPLE DELIVERABLES The AnalyticsTeam supports: • Ongoing, production reports and deliverables: Weekly KPI Dashboards • Ad Hoc answers to business leader questions • Advanced analytics and statistical models Ad Hoc Advanced Analytics & Statistics
  13. 13. Data Engineer Data Analyst Insights via Charts, Graphs, Dashboards, Models Organized & quality checked data set Data Scientist ROLESAND DELIVERABLES Customers
  14. 14. • An Analytics team of only 3 people in the first year and four in the second supported the entire home office of ~20 people and sales force of 200+ people through the launch of a billion dollar brand • We have now grown to a team of 8 as key partners to our stakeholders in the strategic and tactical use of data to drive business OURTEAM HAS PROVEN ITSVALUE • Benefits of Alteryx • The three-legged stool: AWS-Tableau-Alteryx • Ease of onboarding and communication across a growing team • Lessons: • Create a culture of iterative improvement around data • Free yourself from dependence on IT— but take ownership of your data
  15. 15. DATA DIARY How we went from 30 hours to 30 minutes
  16. 16. DASHBOARDSARE GREAT, BUTWHAT IFYOU JUST NEED A SPECIFIC NUMBER QUICK? • In early 2015, senior executives were feeling dashboard fatigue • For unanticipated questions, a reference table—cheat sheet—of key metrics and numbers was desired • Our analyst set about assembling a spreadsheet that contained all the numbers drawn from: • Redshift database • Numerous spreadsheets • Weekly time to complete: ~30 hours
  17. 17. • Revenue metrics: units sold, demand, gross revenue, etc. • Prescription metrics: filled prescriptions, claims, samples, etc. • Prescriber metrics: monthly prescribers, new prescribers, etc. • Senior executives and others can quickly look up specific numbers • Imposes process discipline on our team OUR “DATA DIARY” IS A REPOSITORY OF KEY FACTS
  18. 18. • Without Alteryx: 30 hours of analyst effort • With Alteryx: 30 minutes WE DELIVERED FOR STAKEHOLDERS—EFFICIENTLY • Benefits of Alteryx • Receive data on other people’s terms— manage company politics • Easily transition process to others on the team • Lessons • Complexity can be broken into pieces • Complex does not equal time consuming
  19. 19. ESTIMATING PATIENTS How we efficiently collaborated with a consulting partner
  20. 20. PATIENT EXPOSURE MUST BE REPORTEDTOTHE FDA • Our Drug Safety team approached the US Analytics team for assistance in the US component of their patient estimate • We knew we had the data to help, but we did not have the manpower and expertise at that moment • Without our infrastructure in place, we may have had to outsource a black box solution from a consulting partner • We still reached out to a consulting partner, but dispensed with the black box
  21. 21. • As a condition of receiving the project, we asked that our consulting partner adopt Alteryx and build a patient estimate work flow in it • The partner’s analyst was up and running with Alteryx in less than a day • At the end of the project we received not only a patient estimate but also an Alteryx workflow and PowerPoint methodology deck WE REQUIRED OUR PARTNERTO USE ALTERYX
  22. 22. • We deeply appreciate and rely on the work of our consulting partners—but black box solutions are problematic • The ability to turn data on and off with appropriate permissions speeds collaboration and improves data security and quality WE COLLABORATEWITHOUT LOSING CONTROL • Benefits of Alteryx • Ownership remains in our team • Flexibility to collaborate quickly • Communication across collaborators • Lessons • We can insist on a common language with our partners • There need not be a tradeoff between expertise and ownership
  23. 23. SP DATA INTEGRATION How we optimized through iteration and experimentation
  24. 24. COMPLEX DATA INTEGRATION CAN BE DAUNTING • Most Otezla is distributed through a handful of key specialty pharmacies (SP) • To better assist our patients in accessing medicine, we need to better understand where they are in the process • Patient information remains de-identified to Celgene • Good SP data allows a range of partners to collaborate and speed patient access to medicine: field reimbursement specialists, doctor office staff, call center representatives, pharmacists, etc.
  25. 25. • Working with a consulting partner, we acquire data from each key SP • Working with DataKitchen, we integrate the data into one large dataset • We built a series of dashboards targeted at different collaborators to aid in their efficient use of data for decision making • Alteryx played a key role in iterative experimentation with the data WE LEVERAGED SP DATATACTICALLY
  26. 26. • It was unclear how the SP dataset should look at the outset • Working with our collaborators, we evolved the data, business rules, and dashboards to meet the needs of all stakeholders • The end result is uniquely suited to the needs of Otezla and continues to evolve OPTIMAL SP DATA INTEGRATIONWAS DISCOVERED • Benefits of Alteryx • Experimentation with business rules before implementation in AWS • Lessons • Good data infrastructure enables rapid iteration with minimal upfront planning
  27. 27. CONCLUSION How Alteryx empowered the Celgene I&I Analytics team
  28. 28. • The three-legged stool: AWS-Tableau-Alteryx • A tool that enables capable people to get work done—not coders or specialists • A way to create work that is also self- documenting, easing teamwork and collaboration • It allows us to own our data and live a culture of iterative improvement ALTERYX HAS EMPOWERED OURTEAM • Our Data Diary shows how Alteryx can be leveraged to manage through company politics & processes • Our Patient Estimate shows how Alteryx enables collaboration with partners—without dependence on them • Our SP Integration shows how Alteryx can help discover the right solution through iteration rather than planning
  29. 29. THANK YOU Please complete a feedback survey mgounder@celgene.com Madhan Gounder
  30. 30. #inspire16 alteryx.com/trial Ready to bring these incredible and tangible benefits to your organization? Download a FREETrial of Alteryx and start making your data work for you, instead of you working for your data