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How We Helped a Robotics Company Come-Up with an App Concept For Their Amazing Product (UX)

Designing mobile apps is always a challenge, however designing an app for a robotics company was even more challenging. See how we created a solution that helped our client improve its product and raise capital.

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How We Helped a Robotics Company Come-Up with an App Concept For Their Amazing Product (UX)

  1. 1. How We Helped “Fellow” Come-Up with an App Concept For Their Hardware Product Daniel Cohen Rotem Shaanan Alon Osman
  2. 2. Our job was to design a prototype for a mobile app that will help Fellow’s future users connect better with the companies' first product – a robotic travelers trolley. OUR MISSION:
  3. 3. Watch Fellow In Action !
  4. 4. We Started by Defining 3 Main Business Goals For The App:
  5. 5. Support The Creation of a Sustainable Data Base Where are we all going again? #1
  6. 6. Create a Need For Frequent Use of The Product Mmm, so this is how a habit forming product looks like.. #2
  7. 7. New Best Friend WOFF! ! I Love you ! #3
  8. 8. We preformed a user persona research in which we came up with 3 potential users
  9. 9. Has his own start-up that’s been running for 4 years now. He gets to the office in Palo Alto every day by train. Likes to have all the new cool gadgets, and buys every new technology item that goes out. Works as a successful lawyer, During his job hours he travels around a lot, meets companies and offers them to IPO. He is a very busy men. When not in a meeting, he deals with phone calls, mails and messages. Lives with her parents and sisters in the north side of Tel – Aviv. She comes from a wealthy family. She’s daddy's girl. Loves all of Apple’s products, and owns the newest iPhone. Ted Bloomberg George Baker Noga Blum Age 32 Occupation: Start-Up CEO Location: San Francisco Single Age: 40 Occupation: Lawyer Location: New York Married + Children Age: 16 Occupation: Student Location: Tel-Aviv Single
  10. 10. We decided to focus on one persona only. Ted seems to be the perfect early adaptor for a product such as Fellow
  11. 11. s We held a few discussions, in order to better understand Ted’s needs, passions and Frustrations Power
  12. 12. After defining our business goals and personas, we were ready to start designing the app’s interface
  13. 13. Sign-Up Sync Home Screen Travel DiaryPacking Friends Friends List MessagesPacking Lists Trip Plans We Created a Flow Chart
  14. 14. Then, We Started Sketching
  15. 15. And Sketching…
  16. 16. And Sketching…
  17. 17. Following are The Wireframes We Created for Fellow’s Mobile App:
  18. 18. Sign-Up Page: Sign-Up Via FB, or Email Account
  19. 19. Syncing Page: The User is Required To Sync the App With Fellow’s Trolley, Using a Special ID Number he or she Receive
  20. 20. Home Page: On/off button for Fellow’s following function A personal approach to the user
  21. 21. When following function is activated this sign appears on the notification bar Button changes form when Fellow’s following function is activated
  22. 22. Hamburger Menu: 1. Fellow’s travelers trolley battery status. 2. Constant report on trolley’s weight status. 3. Offline Q&A. 4. Fellow’s settings. 5. Log Out/Change user
  23. 23. Users can switch the following function on/off at any time via android’s notification menu
  24. 24. We included 3 extra features in the app, as presented on the menu bar
  25. 25. Travel Diary: This feature enables the user to track and share his Fellow’s travelers trolley location. Locations History - The app records the cities in which the user has previously visited
  26. 26. Packing Lists: the user is able to create a list of the items he wishes to carry for his travel - name it and record it.
  27. 27. The user is able to create a new list easily, save it and share it with anyone he chooses.
  28. 28. Trip Plan: The user can conveniently plan his future trip.
  29. 29. All trip plans are recorded. The user can easily match a “packing list” for his trip.
  30. 30. s Friends page: One goal Fellow has in mind is community building. Add friends button
  31. 31. Messages Section: User’s private inbox - here he or she can send and receive messages from other users.
  32. 32. We rap it all up using “Invision”. Now we are ready to test our basic prototype with real users 