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The growth labs

Businesses strive for growth. Yet get caught in doing the same thing, thus preventing them from unlocking their true potential. The Growth Labs enables companies to unlock their true business potential across verticals - Sales, Branding, Profit, Supply Chain, HR, Technology and Investments.

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The growth labs

  1. 1. There was never a better time for companies to think big. t h e g r o w t h l a b s m a k e b u s i n e s s g r e a t
  2. 2. Microsoft, Apple, Naukri.com, Airtel, Flipkart, PayTM, MakeMyTrip, Micromax, etc. also started small …. …but grew big by constantly reinventing themselves.
  3. 3. You cannot grow big by doing more of the same thing. We help you explore new strategies, and achieve significant organizational maturity on processes, people and technology.
  4. 4. To grow multi-fold, companies need to keep evolving. New ideas & innovation. People. Processes. Technology. Capital. Brand.
  5. 5. We are a consortium of ex-CXOs and industry leaders who bring over 250 years of learning from the largest corporations to your business. The Growth Labs assists companies accelerate their pace of growth and improve profitability t h e g r o w t h l a b s
  6. 6. The TGL team engages with the founders / promoters to understand the opportunities and challenges, based on which we make sharp, detailed recommendations along with an actionable roadmap for implementation. ​ Relevant experts from the TGL panel, as well as senior industry professionals from the TGL network then work closely with the company to help implement the recommendations. Our model of engagement is designed to help companies scale.
  7. 7. We don’t just advice you. Our panel of experts assist strategy and implementation. Step1: The TGL team will carry out detailed analysis of the business and prepare a strategy document along with a plan for implementation. ​ Step 2 Relevant experts from the TGL panel, as well as senior industry professionals from the TGL network then work closely with the company to help implement the recommendations. t h e g r o w t h l a b s
  8. 8. Choose your lab. Plan your growth. Sales Labs Brand Labs Future Labs Leadership Labs Investment Labs Profit Labs t h e g r o w t h l a b s
  9. 9. Sales Labs Getting high sales growth is on everyone’s mind. But how do you get it? We develop sales enhancement strategy with a comprehensive go-to-market plan including sales process optimization, sales metrics, channel partnerships and enterprise business development. More sales of course means more profits. Brands can build substantial assets for business. But building a brand is tough. We help businesses build brands with comprehensive marketing & communications plan, and help you execute all elements - brand identity, design, advertising, PR, MR, BTL, retail, digital and social. Building a brand accelerates scale up, and improves your profitability. Brand Labs Scale up t h e g r o w t h l a b s
  10. 10. Future Labs Managing the future can be tricky. Especially with rapid transformation in technologies and market dynamics. We help businesses gear up for future opportunities, and mitigate threats through visioning, long-term business strategy covering new business models, new market opportunities and product innovations. Thus paving a path for sustained profit growth. Changing business dynamics demand constant upgradation of leadership abilities. Our programs for leadership assessment, development, learning and motivation create super-charged CXOs. Great leaders drive impact on the triple bottom lines - balance sheet, environment and society. Leadership Labs Get ready for the future t h e g r o w t h l a b s
  11. 11. Investment Labs Even the smartest plans won't work without adequate capital for growth. We help companies assess their readiness for funding, and help them raise capital - debt or equity, as relevant ​ The right funding partners can be a huge asset in accelerating growth and profitability Every business has hidden costs which is suppressing their profitability. Reducing these costs is the fastest way to profits. We help cut the flab in the entire Supply chain, across Procurement costs, Manufacturing inefficiencies, Inventory Management & Logistics. Our intervention can help companies reduce 10-30% of hidden costs, and improve profitability. Profit Labs Make more money t h e g r o w t h l a b s
  12. 12. Panel of Experts Sunder Rajan Ex-CEO Sona Koyo Steering Systems Thomas Abraham Ex-MD Wolters Kulwer and SAGE Kanwal Kishore Ex-director (supply chain) Wrigley’s Our team and panel members have a collective experience of over 250 years in leading corporations across industries, including setting up new business divisions and scaling them ground up. t h e g r o w t h l a b s
  13. 13. Panel of Experts Sambit Chakraborty Strategy, Sales and Supply Chain expert Subinder Khurana Past President MarketRx Nitin Jain Ex-CFO HDFC Bank Vivek Rathi Ex-Wrigley’s leadership team Nilanjana Paul Executive Coach to CXOs Mohit Chobey Ex-head of Sales at Lemon Tree and Dist. at Bharti Axa t h e g r o w t h l a b s
  14. 14. Managing Partners The team that will anchor the engagement Alok Agrawal Prajakt Raut Senior Management professional. Brand, marketing and media specialist with over 25 years experience in building international brands in India market. Past Group COO Network 18, CEO Zee TV and leadership positions at Cheil Worldwide, Bates, Grey. Founder - Applyifi.com - a platform that helps businesses get investment-ready. Business mentor. EX-head of operations of Indian Angel Network and Asia Director TiE. Author: Starting Up & Fund Raising. t h e g r o w t h l a b s
  15. 15. Our team’s experience spans across multiple industries
  16. 16. Lets get together to grow your business. w w w. t h e g ro w t h l a b s . i n alok@thegrowthlabs.in prajakt@thegrowthlabs.in t h e g r o w t h l a b s m a k e b u s i n e s s g r e a t