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Microservice, Micro Deployments and DevOps

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Micro Services provide a means to build more flexible infrastructures that can maintained by large and distributed teams. Micro Deployments allow us to constantly evolve our applications step by step in small increments constantly. These paradigms helps us to achieve more agility. At the same time the force us to rethink how we run our DevOps processes. This talk covers the key requirements for DevOps follow the Site Reliability Engineering approach

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Microservice, Micro Deployments and DevOps

  1. 1. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 Microservices, Micro Deployments and DevOps Alois Reitbauer @aloisreitbauer alois.reitbauer@ruxit.com
  2. 2. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 sorry for the buzzword headline ;- )
  3. 3. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 Vision and Goal … is to run web-scale infrastructures with less than a single full-time resource.
  4. 4. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 Micro Services
  5. 5. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 Micro Deployments
  6. 6. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 Site Reliability Engineering for the
  7. 7. ruxit theme 2014.05.15The four questions of Reliability Engineering Is my application healthy? How well are my deployments working? Is my architecture save to modify? How resilient is my architecture to change?
  8. 8. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 Step 0 Understand and know your system.
  9. 9. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 Question: How many of you can get a complete view of their production system in less then two hours?
  10. 10. ruxit theme 2014.05.15A lot of data is needed to make this work Application Monitoring System Monitoring Architecture Diagrams Puppet/Chef Scripts AWS management console Config Files
  11. 11. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 In most cases this is totally hand crafted
  12. 12. ruxit theme 2014.05.15The model
  13. 13. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 Question #1 Is my system healthy?
  14. 14. ruxit theme 2014.05.15Is my system healthy? Health is defined at three different levels: Infrastructure Applications Services Business Services
  15. 15. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 Fight your
  16. 16. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 General Rule: Start with user visibile problems first and then work your way back
  17. 17. ruxit theme 2014.05.15
  18. 18. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 Question #2 How stable are my deployments?
  19. 19. ruxit theme 2014.05.15
  20. 20. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 When you ship fast, you must be able to relate functional and performance problems to deployments
  21. 21. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 requires baselining
  22. 22. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 Question #3 How save is it to modify my system?
  23. 23. ruxit theme 2014.05.15Three Types of Dependencies in a System Incoming dependencies Outgoing dependencies External dependencies (not controlled by you)
  24. 24. ruxit theme 2014.05.15Gatekeeper - Many outgoing dependencies Likely not very “micro” Complex application logic Very deployment sensitive
  25. 25. ruxit theme 2014.05.15Single Point of Failure Central application services Very fragile to scaling User facing impact
  26. 26. ruxit theme 2014.05.15Hub – Incoming and outgoing dependencies The worst thing to happen “Legacy” migration Highest deployment risk
  27. 27. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 Question #4 How resilient is my infrastructure to changed usage patterns?
  28. 28. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 Metric Granularity
  29. 29. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 Wrap up
  30. 30. ruxit theme 2014.05.15
  31. 31. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 Work with us … Try ruxit and submit your feedback alois.reitbauer@ruxit.com