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  1. 1. Shayla was born here in Minnesota and is an only child. She’s very close to her cousins and extended family, most of which live in the Twin Cities area. She considers herself a “Jane of all Trades” (Master of None) indi- vidual. She sews, quilts, knits and makes some of her own beaded jew- elry. She also enjoys watching movies, such as period and science fiction films and really dislikes “Real- ity” TV shows. Shayla is an animal lover and has two cats. Shalya’s two year career with Merrill has consisted of working at Gray, Plant, Mooty. Shayla Dawson : Document Service Representative/Mail Room Cassie was born and raised in East Bethel, MN and now lives in Min- neapolis. She has worked for Merrill Corporation since April 2006 at Gray, Plant, Mooty. Although she is fairly new to Merrill, she is as comfortable in her position as if she has been there for years. In 2004, Cassie grad- uated from McNally Smith College of Music with and A.A.S. Degree in Mu- sic Business. She feels this experi- ence will be a very influential stepping stone in pursuit of her music business career. Cassie’s organizational and administrative experience at Merrill has helped her realize the significance of both and economic and per- sonal relationship with any client, especially important for keeping an in- terest in the company while meeting employee deadlines. While she’s not working, Cassie enjoys camping, snowboarding, spending time with her family and friends, and watching professional baseball. Go Twins! Cassie McLean : Document Service Representative Sherry was born in Marion, Ohio and raised here in Minnesota. Sherry has worked at Gray Plant for 10 years now. Sherry joined Merrill Corporation in August of 1997. Sherry loves work- ing at Gray Plant and enjoys the peo- ple and the environment. While not working, Sherry spends her time with her friends and family. She enjoys reading books, listening to music, and just plane relaxing. Sherry Shapiro : DSC Site Manager Though Ivy’s birthplace is St. Paul Minnesota, she grew up in the small town of Gurley, Alabama. After her high school graduation she decided she’d had enough of sweet tea and country music and made the move back to Minnesota. Living in Richfield, she takes the bus to and from work, doing her part to help the environ- ment. Ivy has been a Merrill em- ployee since March 2006, working in the Copy Center from 10:30am to 7:00pm. Ivy Gervais : Document Service Representative Laurie was born in St. Paul, MN and has lived in Minnesota since. She has worked for Merrill since De- cember 1997, during which time she has held several different positions. Currently, Laurie works as the Sec- ond Shift Lead. Laurie has been rec- ognized for her excellent Customer Service skills and is considered an ef- ficient and trusted Merrill employee. Laurie’s favorite escape from work is in Sturgis, SD, where she attends the annual motorcycle rally every year in August. Motorcycling is her favorite hobby. She loves rock music, her two cats, and of course her fiancé Addam. Laurie Zick : Document Service Representative Josh was born in Baldwin, WI and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota where he still lives. Josh has been with Merrill for five years and at Gray Plant Mooty for four. He is recognized as hard working, friendly, and for his sense of humor. In his free time, Josh enjoys watching movies and reading. Joshua Zalusky : Document Service Representative G R A Y • P L A N T • M O O T Y M E R R I L L C O R P O R A T I O N GPM_bio_proj 8/31/06 10:09 AM Page 1