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OpenCms Days 2016: Next generation content repository

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All OpenCms versions so far have relied on a relational SQL database as the backbone of the content repository. However, new requirements are emerging, such as distributed repositories with automatic installation in the cloud, which are difficult to meet using the existing database infrastructure.

Alkacon has been investigating the possibility to switch to a new repository technology for future OpenCms versions that come after 10.5 for about a year now. The new repository should be based on state-of-the-art open source components and provide much better cloud and clustering support. In recent months, Alkacon has started with the implementation of this next generation repository. First results are in, and they look promising.

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OpenCms Days 2016: Next generation content repository

  1. 1. Alexander Kandzior and Stephan Hüwe, Alkacon Software Showcase Track Next generation content repository 26.09.2016
  2. 2. JAR Separation of App and Data NOW 2
  3. 3. JAR Separation of App and Data GOAL 3
  4. 4. Scaling in the cloud
  5. 5. Efficient Permission settings 5
  6. 6. Reconsider Database requirement 6
  7. 7. Infinispan / ModeShape evaluated Release Notes for ModeShape 5.0.0 Final ModeShape 5 no longer uses Infinispan and provides instead its own persistence stores.
  8. 8. JCR Shootout Apache Jackrabbit Oak
  9. 9. And the winner is… 9
  10. 10. Integrating OpenCms with Oak
  11. 11. ● Already done: ● Store resources in repository with properties ● Online / Offline parts and publish functions ● User / Group management ● Version history ● Permission management ● Challenge: ● Stay near to OpenCms API Integrating OpenCms with Oak
  12. 12. ● Live Demo OpenCms on Oak Demo DEMO Demo Demo デモ OpenCms on Oak
  13. 13. Oak Persistent Stores MongoDBFile System MySQL MongoDB Replica Set
  14. 14. ● OpenCms “Classic“ Repository ● Based on RDBC ● MySQL (most often) + all others with JPA ● OpenCms “Next Generation” (NG) Repository ● Based on Oak / JCR 2.0 ● Using what Oak offers us as persistent store Next Generation OpenCms
  15. 15. What about performance?
  16. 16. ● Experimental Setup: ● Variables: Performance Tests small medium large Folderstructure depth of 8 Average File Size: 1 MB Binary data Read by path Read by id Check if exist by path Check if exist by id Check permission ~kB ~MB ~ 100 MB Repository Size: up to 25 GB Repository Type: NG: MongoDB, File System, MySQL Classic: MySQL Accessed by: User, Admin
  17. 17. Performance Test Results
  18. 18. Performance Test Results
  19. 19. Performance Test Results
  20. 20. Performance Test Results
  21. 21. Performance Test Results Admin User
  22. 22. Performance Test Results
  23. 23. Scaling NG in the cloud
  24. 24. ● OpenCms NG Docker Container: 1 Tomcat Instance + 1 MongoDB Scaling NG with docker MongoDB Replica Set • Offers scalability • Fast reaction on high traffic possible
  25. 25. Demonstration setup MongoDB Replica Set Localhost 8081 27001 8082 27002 8083 27003 8084 27004 Tomcat MongoDB
  26. 26. ● Live Demo OpenCms NG Cloud Setup Demo DEMO Demo Demo デモ OpenCms NG Cloud
  27. 27. ● Basic OpenCms functionalities in place ● Store / read / edit resources ● Publish items and on- and offline projects ● User and permission handling ● Version history ● Cluster set-up with docker makes it scalable ● Performance so far very good Summary
  28. 28. ● The NG repository will be made available as part of a new “OpenCms NG” version ● Two OpenCms versions available in parallel: ● OpenCms “Next Generation” ● OpenCms “Classic” ● The workplace / GUI will be (mostly) the same NG Repository Roadmap
  29. 29. ● OpenCms 11 “Classic” will contain an Interface for API methods in OpenCms NG ● Other methods will be deprecated in 11 ● Expected: Q4 of 2017 ● OpenCms NG target release is 1st half of 2018 NG Repository Roadmap
  30. 30. ● Any Questions? Any Questions? Fragen? QUESTIONS ? Questiones? ¿Preguntas?質問
  31. 31. Alexander Kandzior Stephan Hüwe Alkacon Software GmbH http://www.alkacon.com http://www.opencms.org Thank you very much for your attention!