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Alia khan1

  1. 1. Alia Khan ALIA KHAN Ph - 404-820-5567 - E-mail: aliakhan@bellsouth.net / khanalia2009@gmail.com Summary: Over 17 years of experience in RF/Engineering and Administration roles which include Network Operations, Wireless Engineering Design, System Development, Managing Wireless Communications, Administering Telecom Procedures and managing technical issues and Customer Support. Her last 4 years of experience has included managing Network Deployments, Project Managing Role. Education/Certifications: M.S. in Business Administration in Network and Telecommunication - Keller Graduate School of Management, Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Business Information’s Systems Management - DeVry University, Atlanta, GA  Project Management Certification, University of Irvine, California  Introduction to LTE  1X EV-DO RF Design Engineering and Call Processing Alcatel Lucent License Cl8306  Asset Introduction to RF Planning of 3G-UMTS and WCDMA  Ericsson WCDMA Radio functionality and configurations  Ericsson RNC Tech (I and II)  Alcatel RSP 7670  WCDMA RAN Configuration LZU1086120 R3 Technical Skills: MS: MS-Office, MS Project, MS Access, Outlook Computer Language: SQL, HTML, XML, Java, Oracle, VB.TEM. Tools: Site Handler ,Remedy, Clear Quest, Prospect, CNN Optimization, Win 2010, Adobe, ALEX, Win Foil, OMT, TEMS and OSS. CNA, Pro Com, Map Info, ATOLL, frequency Analyzer, Actix and windcacher post processing software Experience: Nokia, Irving, TX (Contractor) Nov 2014 – Jan 2016 Project Manager  Responsible for managing a team of 40 individuals both in USA and India; responsible for handling Central, South and West Region all SCF creation requests (L1900, L700. U2100 and Modernization) Attended NI Market Project Meetings, on a weekly basis.  Market Communication (NI PM, RF Lead)-Communicate target delivery dates for each site in the schedule (Use target delivery date for batches).  Immediately communicate when site can’t be schedule because of issues like CIQ missing or not approved site configuration (when in doubt about site configuration issues follow escalation plan).Communicate when sites are delayed due to any issue that can’t be resolved within the day. Version Control File (to be used by Market RF, SDC, Scheduling team)  Market Leads Roster Configuration table, Deliverables per config CIQ requirements Macro support, Port matrix issues, Site trackers -> WO creation, communication with SDC, Site integration tracker -> Communication with NI PM’s.  Verified that sites in WO have the correct CIQ paths for the relevant configuration. Use site configuration cheat sheet Recommend to color in green each checked cell that has relevant CIQ path or that should be empty and in red each cell that has relevant CIQ path missing. WO must be made for sites with green CIQ cells only If Site configuration is not in the approved configuration list, ask RF lead for Port Matrix and RFDS.SDC Communication.  Schedule work in batches each batch should contain ~ 40 sites. WO sent to SDC must clearly specify target delivery date for each batch. Batch WO should be sent at least 3-4 days prior to target integration date. Ensured Batch delivery target date should be day before target integration date.  Make sure Data fill scheduling process to work, it is of utmost importance updated Market Tracker’s in share point with the required CIQ information (Site configuration, IPM paths) etc. The SCF scheduling team relies on that information to issue the work orders to the data fill teams (SDC Chennai, India and Irving). Ericsson, Plano, TX (Contractor) Jan 2014 –Sep 2014 Implementation Manager  Managed all aspects of Telecom Equipment deployment from Customer relationship, project plan of record, project schedule, cost, inventory, and identifying scope creep to the Ericsson CPM.  ASP process adherence, compliance and deliverables. Responsible to Coordinate Equipment deployment with Service Providers and any other disciplines that interface with the Customer Network facilities, central office or Cell site properties and access. Direct or complete market level Equipment deployment activities including:
  2. 2.  Site Survey BOM required Coordination of. Dimensioning Engineering documentation. Implementation engineering documentation.  Integration Engineering and Data Translation documentation CIQ information: ATND, STND, RND TND .Coordination and submittal of MOP.  Network equipment deployment problem solving encountered by the Service Providers.  Ensured that the agreed implementation schedules and guidelines are followed and enforced.  Attend internal coordination and progress meeting, providing updates as needed.  Ensured that quality of the Service Providers work .order Q track request for LKF and Scripts from ATNE.  Coordinates activities and ensure that all disciplines directly involved in the project are in line with the Project goals and objectives. Alcatel-Lucent, Dublin, Ohio (Contractor) May 2012 – December 2013 RITC PM /Engineer  Key Responsibilities included, working in the operations control center, supporting deployment and Integration until customer turn over. Used tools like to create work order scripts for Sprint WMS and WIPS integrate e Node B.  Performed a carrier add to an existing customer (Sprint) site, and troubleshoot RSSI and VSWR issues.  Deployed LTE technologies for customers. Provided technical support to ALU cell site for hardware and software issues. Worked on the latest radio technology for Remote Radio Heads (RRH).  Configured and troubleshoot ALU WCDMA, CDMA/EVDO and LTE Network Elements.  Provided strong troubleshooting support for the transport network (Alcatel 7750 and 7705 routers.) Ericsson, Plano, TX (Contractor) October 2011 - April 2012 PM Coordinator NIC  Assisted NDI Core Services in Node B Integrations. Worked in NIC loading TCM provided Scripts on the RNC/RXI/RBS RAN Nodes, worked with the Field Engineers to Integrate the RBS and Troubleshooting Transport and Connectivity Problems. End to End call testing of UMTS RAN and LTE RAN elements such as eNodeB, MME, and SGW.  Experienced with Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent equipment.  Helped Escalate Integration issues within FLS and SLS and generated Daily NIC Activity Reports.  Coordinated the Daily Activities within the NIC. Assisted in Trouble Shooting Problem Sites. Escalated issues via CSR to FLS (First Line Support). Node B Integration. Updated Clear Quest/Site Handler site status and time log. Verified Node B added to OSS.RF Tuning Support with market RF/UTRAN Engineers. NSN, Atlanta, GA (Contractor) June 2010 – March 2011 Project RF Engineering  Managed complex and multifaceted wireless telecommunications network upgrade projects. Assisted in the Development/Implementation of new cell site design and configured modifications. This included RF propagation modeling, assisting acquisition and project management efforts, determining antenna configurations and voice/data capacity dimensioning, frequency planning and system integration.  Prepared/ reviewed capacity reports and forecasts for short and long term site/system requirements and implemented capacity/re-use changes to meet interference rejection and Grade of Service guidelines. Used tool like Geoplan, GeoAnalyser to calculate gaps and overlaps and access cannibalization.  UMTS 4C, 850 carve trial on 2G - Lead for Siemens.  Worked as Project Manager. The project goal was to test the effect of having fewer spectrums in 850 on 2G as a result of allotting 4C to UMTS. It involved determining the most efficient way to push traffic from 850 layers to 1900 layer for dual band markets.  Responsibilities involved were Selection of trial markets, formulation of test plan and assess timelines for trial implementation, Coordination with market regarding test plan and ongoing activities, Provisioning of market guidelines on parameter implementation and change execution, Prepared drive test route including Post processing drive test data, Performed shakedown and Testing between RNC’s handoff. AT&T Mobility, Atlanta, GA August 2008 – April 2010 Senior Translations Engineer 3G NSB  Worked on UMTS Packet Core and Switches Network architecture.  Hands on ATM, IP and Transport connectivity such as T1, DS3, OC3, OC12 and OC48. Able to interpreted Ericsson TND, Nortel CIQ, Engineering Design Package (EDP) from ATT for MSN (Tellabs and ALU boxes) and DACS (Tellabs).  3G Universal Mobile Telecommunications system prepared scripts for the Node B (unlock ports, modify/Create IMA Groups, modify/create CVs) ATM Environment, vast experience with 3GT1 adds and IMA Splits pre checks and Node B rebalancing, and hands on experience on Iu-PS and Iu-CS RNC Rhome; submitted RFP/RFQ.  Demonstrated expert level knowledge of commissioning and integration IuB, IuCS, IuPS and IuR UMTS transport network between various wireless and wire line nodes • Working knowledge on transport design and integration of the Alcatel 7670 RSP-ESE / Tellabs 8600/8860 and DACS products.
  3. 3.  Proficient in creating scripts based on ALU/Tellabs/Cisco MSN products for various rehome / rebalance/reconfiguration and template change activities for wireless networks. Understanding of UMTS layer 2 switching concepts and layer 3 IP routing protocols.  Demonstrated highly technical activities with emphasis on specialized large-scale Node-B, RNC and MSN Data Translation projects Focused on both IP and ATM transport to support AT&T wireless infrastructure. This includes; Ethernet to Cell (Gig-E) conversions, CISCO SIAD configuration, IUB over ATM growth, MSN rehome and Rebalances, new site builds.  Used Remedy tool to analyze and other support staff create, modify, manage, and update these tickets, including all relevant information from start to finish. focuses on tickets related to two types of requests or “incidents”: service restoration requests (for reinstatement or repair of an existing service) and service requests (for installation or implementation of a new service). Cingular Wireless / AT&T Mobility, Atlanta,, GA April 2001 – July 2008 Senior Network Engineer IV  As acting Manager Network Engineer IV, resolved customer trouble reports related to call-routing translations in the Nortel and Ericsson GSM MSC’s. Integrate engineered changes to the AT&T Mobility 2G or 3G live Ericsson Networks with an emphasis on ensuring internal and external customer satisfaction, including the coordination, implementation and verification of BTS, BSC, Node-B, RNC and RXI rehomes, definitions, augments and deletions.  Performed Data Translation engineering tasks to handle DT works associated with national network projects for 2G, 2.5 & 3G cell sites for new builds, re-homes/reparenting, retunes, expansions, modifications to support E911 routes for traffic erlangs/latency and roaming requirement editions made in Ericsson, Siemens and Nortel systems (MSC/BSC/BTS and RNC Nodes).Used Remedy Tool to create tickets, view assigned work and work info, work history.  Defined E-911 cell parameters for new cell deployments, phase changes, and new PSAPS. Engineer and implement special projects within the network and within the scope of the Mobility RAN DT team. Interface with regional and market personnel to coordinate changes, document testing, and communicate objectives.